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Zoo: The ABC’s

The zoo… is such a wonderful place to go to at least twice a year, especially if you have young kids. However, just like my husband, some parents with very young kids are a bit cynical about zoo trips due to the unpredictable weather and fear that kids would get cranky, in particular. I have to convince him all the time but the good thing about my husband is, it is just so easy to convince him.  It’s either I am so convincing he is so easily convinced, or both. Haha! But seriously, I just love zoo trips so much – the zoo is such a great idea for day trips, and if well prepared, parents can make these outings very enjoyable and chock-full of memories. Be positive, and anything is possible!

So how do we make the otherwise impossible to enjoy zoo trips possible? Here are some tips for you, parents!


If the weather behaves, start the day as early as possible. It is always best to reach the zoo in the morning when the little ones are still fresh and raring to go! At least you would have gone to most of the animals encounters before afternoon reaches, the sun comes out and the kids get sleepy. What you can do then is to have a break and your lunch at any of the auditorium there while your kids get their afternoon nap. Once they wake up, it’s time for their lunch before you can proceed. And parents please bring along the kids’ strollers to the zoo because the strollers can really do wonders! The strollers will give you place to put your bags, snacks and camera! Besides, let’s face it, we adults get tired after walking a bit, what more the little ones? I have tried renting the red wagons at the zoo before and boy did I regret it. The wagons may look cute and all, but trust me, they are difficult to control and manoeuvre, especially at bends and slopes. And if it’s any consolation, the wagons are quite costly to rent too.



 Pack appropriately for the zoo. Don’t be so kiasu and bring everything but yet, don’t forget to bring the essentials like sunblock, mosquito patch, raincoat, spare clothes for the little ones and yes, plenty of diapers and titbits for them as well! Kids just love to snack throughout the day, don’t they? Well, even if they don’t, I enjoy snacking. :p


  • FOOD:

Bring lunch from home. The cafeterias at the zoos can be really expensive, and the lines can get very long. So let’s not waste your time and money, and really, bring lunch from home. Let each child of yours suggest at least one food to bring to avoid moments like “I do not want this!!” at the zoo. Bring healthy snacks for your child like sandwiches, fruits or hotdog buns. Do not bring food that will melt easily or get messy.

When you are the zoo, do not forget to check out the new Animal Friends’ Show at the Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre! The entire auditorium has been revamped and made so colourful, just like a candyland! The show was really entertaining, what with dancers to start off the show and the bubbles blowing at the end of the show. My girls really had so much fun throughout the show, especially because of the dogs that performed, and the chemistry between the trainer presenters and the animals.





And if the weather is alright, why not bring the kids to the pool area in Rainforest Kidzworld? I am pretty sure they will have a good time splashing at the animal themed wonderland, just like how my girls enjoyed themselves.





But parents, if your little ones are still wearing diapers, I urge you please to bring along disposable swim diapers for them. I think it is quite unpleasant to let them put on their normal diapers while in the water, and it is even more unpleasant when the diapers bloat up! When the diapers bloat up, they will get really heavy and restrict the kids’ movements. Most kids will end up waddling because it is just so difficult for them to move. Moral of the story is, if the diapers are not made for swimming, eliminate.

We certainly had fun at the zoo this time round because the Nadyas were better able to appreciate the different animals there, and they were definitely more tolerant. So instead of the usual short zoo trips, we stayed at the zoo from 9.30 am to almost 5 pm! It’s amazing how much difference a good weather, good planning, and three forbearing girls can do to an otherwise short zoo trip!

We did not take many pictures this time round because I did not want to spend a lot of time on the photo taking part and miss out on all the fun with the girls.

Capture only the moments that make memories.  


Till the next zoo trip. 


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