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You’re On Trial.


I am sure you must have read all my WowART blog posts this far. I am sure you must have also noticed me WOW-ing about them 24/7.

But what to do? They are really that good, and my Nadyas super enjoy their WowART art classes.

So why not share the goodness with my blog readers?

After all, most of you are just like me too; parents/mummies with small kids. We are forever thinking of enrolling our kids in this class or that class, but sometimes, we do not even know whether this class or that class is worth it, beneficial to the kids, or most importantly, is something that the kids will look forward to attending every single week without a single whine or complain. (Wah. Such a long sentence there.)

And that is why we need trial lessons sometimes, just to reassure ourselves.  

Well, you will be pleased to know that WowART will be offering trial art lessons for only my blog readers at a special price of…

$20 ONLY! 

The original trial lesson is $38, so yup, you SAVE $18 just by being my blog reader! How awesome can life be if you read the right blog at the right timing, right? 😀

So what do you need to do now?


Just tell me in 1000 words why you love my blog that much.

You need to call or email WowART for advanced booking and quote the promo code WOW&ETRANGLE.


The fun and cool people at WowART will then share the studio schedules for you to enquire about availability. The trial lessons will take place during their actual weekly lessons. Don’t worry, they have lessons from Wednesdays to Sundays at several timings!

You can choose from these following programs:

1. Art Play – 2.5 to 4 yrs old, (max 8 students per class)

2. Art Alive – 5 to 6 years old, (max 12 students per class)

3. Art Kidz – 7 and above, (max 12 students per class)

Each class is about 1 hr 15 mins long, just for your information. Totally worth the $20 that you will be paying. In fact, even if it’s at the original price of $38, it is still worth it. If your little one has that strong passion for art, don’t let his/her talent remain undiscovered.

Look at Mysha and Myreen, for instance. You may think that they were just drawing or doodling.

But look at the end products which they came up with!

You can’t help but to go “WOW!” right? 😀

Okay let’s go! Don’t waste time. Call WowART now at 63522221 or email them at to book a trial art lesson for your kid!

Honestly, if you ask me, you do not need the trial lesson in order to find out how awesome WowART is for your kid(s) or how much they will actually enjoy it. Why, you can just sign them up immediately for the weekly art class! I confirm plus chop that it will be worth your money. You can click on THIS WOW POST or THAT WOW POST to read about the Nadyas’ experiences so far with WowART.

But then again, since the trial lesson is now going only at $20 especially for all my blog readers, why not right? And the best thing is, should you decide to sign your child up for the weekly art class after attending the trial lesson, WowART will not even charge you for that trial lesson! Want to know why? The trial lesson will be considered as the first of 12 lessons (terms and condition applies)!


So visit WowART at their FB page HERE & give them a good LIKE now for being so generous to my blog readers!

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