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Don’t we all get super entranced and ecstatic the moment we get the keys to our new house? In fact, some of us will start sourcing for home renovation ideas and the renovation company even before we get our keys.

Amidst the excitement, I think we should also be well informed about the whole home renovation process to avoid disappointment at the later part of the renovation, especially if it is our first time renovating our house. This is also to safeguard both our interests as homeowners and that of the interior design/renovation company.

So in this post this time which is brought to you by Icon Interior Design, I am going to share with you the…



: A discussion is arranged with the client to understand our client’s design style, use of space & budget

My input:

You should really make it known to the interior designer handling your project what your budget is at this point. At Icon Interior Design, they are very realistic in the sense that they will inform you if the budget that you have set aside is enough for the type of renovation or design style that you are looking at for your house. There is really no point in hiding or being shy about how much you can fork out because ultimately, you will still need to pay. Correct? This is also the part where you should make it known if you will be going for a bank loan or not. The interior designer will then assist to do the calculations of the monthly installment for you based on the loan amount that you intend to take up.


: We research and brainstorm ideas, layouts & mood boards based on the client’s brief and given budget

My input:

It will be really helpful if you could show the interior designer pictures of home inspiration ideas that you would like to achieve for your house since Icon Interior is strong and versatile different concepts & designs. Do note that while they will try their very best to propose what you like, the end result will still depend on your budget, and the type of materials you choose (based on the budget set aside) for your house. If they are unable to find the materials exactly like the ones in the pictures shown to them, they will let you know before suggesting similar alternatives.


: We discuss with our clients about with the proposed layouts and some concept photos before proceeding to 3D



My input:

Make it known to your interior designer the theme and colours that you would like for your house. If you are confused as to what you really want, then discuss with the interior designer and get him/her to assist you based on your personal preferences. There are instances where the homeowners ended up having different kinds of themes or choosing the wrong furniture because they did not consult the interior designer beforehand.

Trust me, I have seen many cases where the renovation was nicely done but the wrong choice of furnishings spoil the entire look.


: Design illustrations are created to demonstrate the space and concept in a life like visual presentation.


And the 3D drawings by Icon Interior Design are always so nicely done.

Just seeeeeeeeeee!







Wait till you see the actual house! 

My input:

The 3D drawing will give you a rough idea of how your house will look like. Should you require some changes to certain parts of the house, do make it known to the interior designer.


: Colour and material selection are discussed over detailed carpentry elevations to make sure that everyone has the same vision for the end results of the renovation.



My Input:

This is when the interior designer will accompany you for your material selection. Tile selection for your bathrooms and floorings will take quite a while because believe me, you will be spoilt for choices once you arrive at the tile showroom. Besides selection of tiles, you will also need to choose the materials for your carpentry. So please make it a point to set aside one free day to do the selection with your interior designer. You will need at least 4 to 5 hours for this.


: After site measurement is done, the designer will propose carpentry and other work details for confirmation.


My Input:

Personally, I feel that elevation discussions are really useful. Yup tried and tested. Want to know why? During my renovation process with Icon Interior Design, I realized that it was only through the elevation process was my designer able to find out about my family’s lifestyle and exactly I would like to go about utilizing the internal compartments of the cabinets.

A good point to note is that since the dimensions are based on the site, the elevations are drawn in real life measurements. This allowed me to have a better sense of the actual space compared to the 3D.


: urbanKITCHEN by Blum is a new kitchen concept that integrates Blum’s heavy duty mechanism systems with high quality materials, to provide perfect motion for your drawers, shelves and kitchen storage. Icon Interior Design is one of Blum’s few partners that are urbanKITCHEN certified to provide you with a detailed lifestyle planning for your urbanKITCHEN needs.

If you choose to fit your kitchen with Blum’s urban KITCHEN, this is when we will plan in detail how the various compartments can be utilized to their maximum potential.



My Input:

I am using urbanKITCHEN for my kitchen, and can I just say it is god sent? I have mentioned this in my previous posts but I am going to reiterate on the fact that urbanKITCHEN makes even the smallest kitchen have a lot of storage and moving space!

The utensils, cutlery and basically everything in my kitchen are so well organized now. My helper does not have an excuse to now say “I don’t know where to keep this and that!”

You have got to find more about urbanKITCHEN by Blum to get what I really mean. Do feel free to ask your designer to elaborate more on urbanKITCHEN and even demonstrate to you the effectiveness of having one in your very own kitchen.


: Before the renovation process begins, a schedule is set so that designer and client can be on the same page when it comes to the timeline for the renovation to commence and to completion.


My Input:

This is where sometimes problems can arise since most homeowners are usually very concerned about the deadlines. See, whatever that has been discussed with your interior designer during the planning process is based on what you have both agreed on. However, if changes are to be made during the renovation process (like change of materials or unavailability of certain materials, for instance), then that will slower down the renovation process. Its inevitable.

Despite having said so, the designers at Icon Interior Design will always do their best to expedite everything and complete the renovation on time.


: Designers will manage and coordinate the site and to ensure that everything is on schedule and done according to the design.





My Input:

So you have seen the 3D design and wants some changes to be made. Understandable, because I was like that too! When I was renovating my house, I also requested for changes to be made to certain parts. Blame it on my fickle mindedness. HEHE. However, as homeowners we need to also understand that revising the 3D design will need some more time. And that additional time required will definitely extend your deadline. Zzzzz.

Once you are happy with the revised design, they will then need to arrange for the workers to come in since we will be talking about new working dates now.

The equation goes something like this:

Revising the 3D design = More time required = Revised schedule = Extended deadline


: Completing the renovation and handing over the house to the client.










My Input:

This is usually the much-awaited part. Handing over the house to the client also means that the client will usually check the house for defects or rectifications. If there are rectifications to be done, DO NOT PANIC.

This is where the warranty part will come in.

At Icon Interior Design, you are given 3 years warranty. What does this mean? This means that should there be any defect, which is caused by the renovation, Icon Interior Design will cover it for you and get it rectified even after renovation is over and done with. But of course, they will only cover you for a period of 3 years, okay? Don’t call them like 10 years later and demand that they rectify the defects for you. 😛

To sum it up, every home renovation process can actually be a pleasant one. It is achievable. Sure, it can give you stress and panic attacks along the way when you think that things are not going as planned. That is normal. There will also be times when you will just feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, especially when deadline is extended due to unforeseen circumstances, which cannot be helped. Trust me, the interior designer’s ultimate goal is to complete every renovation as fast as he/she possibly can, within the deadline agreed upon. Taking his/her sweet time to finish the project without any valid reason also means that it takes up more of their time and resources, which can be spent on gaining new projects instead. Does it benefit anyone in the end? You do the math.

This is the reason why it is important to build a good rapport with your interior designer. VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT. Get to know him/her well. Understand his/her working style right from the start. And lastly, trust that he is doing his best for your home. He may falter and not deliver according to your expectations at times – just address your concerns to him and work together towards meeting the deadline at the same time.

Just like founder of Ford Motors, Henry Ford says,

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Every successful renovation is a result of a great partnership between home owner and designer.

Hope this post is comprehensive enough for you.


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Do not forget to bring your floor plan too when you come down for your appointment!

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