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You drive me crazy.

Shafiq’s birthday was on the 14th April 2011. Yet another good year for this young chap, alhamdullilah. It seems like he has a goal for every birthday. Last year, he attained his driving license on his 19th birthday. This year, it was him graduating from Aerospace Engineering, and doing exceptionally well for his studies. As a big sister, I cannot help but to beam with my girlish pride. That’s all I can do besides always hoping for the best for this brother of mine.

Initially I was a bit sceptical and rather uncomfortable about making Shafiq’s academic achievement known because Shafiq has never liked all the unnecessary attention. Also, I thought it would be a major turn off for others reading it.

But then, I thought again. If sharing his academic achievement serves as motivation to the rest of the students out there, then why not? After all, having a good education is of utmost importance in this country we are living in. If you have it good, SHARE. Just do not be too big-headed, that’s all.

So yes, for his birthday this year, he went to school in the afternoon and came back with his exam transcripts. Ili went inside my room and was like, “Kakak just look at these!” Let’s just say I saw stars. And if that was not enough, I also saw the Lee Kuan Yew award for Outstanding Academic Achievement which Shafiq received. I went “WHAT?!!! DID YOU DO MAKE THIS UP, YOU FREAK?”             

Yes, we were all so proud of his at that moment of time. I was close to tears, in fact. How could someone as frivolous and carefree as Shafiq do this well in school? Frankly speaking, I have never seen him study so hard.  I have never seen him rush for his assignments. I have never seen him busy with projects. So it made me wonder how did he actually do it all this while?

And then it dawned on me – he works hard…but PLAYS HARDER.

Good for him! You know, I think it is really important for you students to strike an excellent balance between your studies and your social life. Learn to manage effectively so that you do not feel like you are being forced to study or perform in school. But in order to maintain the balance, you need to be more disciplined than you have ever been. Prioritise time, and have a large support network of friends and family, for a start. And most importantly, do not procrastinate. It is perfectly okay to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, but never ever let that affect your studies. I remember going out on study dates with Tatek when we were both in school last time. When either of us had exams or major assignments coming up, we had that common understanding we had to date less, and focus more. It can get pretty difficult if your partner is not able to compromise or sacrifice. What good then is the relationship? Correct or not? 🙂

So anyway, since everyone was pretty much in a very happy mood on Shafiq’s birthday, we decided to have a THEME for the celebration. It was yet another absurd theme that we came up with but who cares? If you have already noticed by now, every theme party that we have is not about us still looking good. It is about looking ludicrous and making each other laugh till we cannot laugh anymore. That’s the main objective of all our theme parties. Judge us all you want because we do not care. Hehehe.

So what was the theme for Shafiq’s birthday party?


Yeah, we all had to be crazy, mad, insane, and siaotingtong people.  In short, ORANG GILA.

Very challenging especially for me because as you can see, I am a totally sane person on normal days. :p

So are you ready for this? Let’s do it!

Here is Lan Guni. This grumply man here likes to collect all kinds of plastic bags. Can someone tell him he wore his spectacles upside down?


Here is Mas Hutan. That’s her baby there. SSSSHHHHH, she is putting the baby to sleep!


Here is Yat Diver. He likes the colour pink and he wants to teach you swimming. He might have been a gangster before turning crazy.


Here is Lulu Tanjong Rambutan. She has a great fashion sense, can’t you already see it by now?! Love the mole!


Here is Fiq Spears. Ooops he did it again! Love that blonde hair though it looks really familiar.


Here is Yan Kaki. He smells his own toes during his free time. Either they smell that good, or he likes anything smelly.


And these three little girls here insisted that they were just as crazy. Sure!










And this is a perfectly crazy family.



This was what all of us, the crazy people had for the celebration. We were crazy enough to give Mak a break from cooking yesterday!


Hehehe. Cast your votes now for your favourite ORANG GILA, and keep them confidential.


Baby Brother Shafiq, Happy Turning 20! No longer a teenager, so time to PLAY HARD, AND WORK HARDER.


We are so proud of you, if you do not already know by now.


And pls prepare 20 tickets for your Graduation Ceremony. Yes, the whole platoon wants to come and support you!

Meanwhile, here is a short advert for Shafiq! For those of you primary & secondary school students looking for Maths tuition, look no further because Shafiq is finally ready to resume giving home tuition! He is a MATHS GENIUS, I tell you! Email him at to enquire more!

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