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Wishing Wand!

One of the major must haves for every event nowadays will be a photobooth.

If you do/did not have a photobooth for your event, then you are not cool!

And I am not even kidding. Did you see me laugh? I did not have one for my wedding, because photobooth was not even around back then. Gosh I feel so old.

Photobooths are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and even corporate events. Basically, the whole idea is about letting loose and allowing the photo booth to capture candid and beautiful moments!

Now, how do you decide on the photobooth company? 

Well, let me help you decide by recommending to you Wishing Wand!



(Honestly, the name itself is already a winner.)

I simply love the vibrant colours of the prints, backdrops and props used, and even the colorful expressions on the guests’ faces!

And that is not all.


If you choose Wishing Wand as your number one choice for the photo booth at your event, you will get to enjoy the following:

  1. FREE unlimited pics for guests (we don’t practice charging guests at events. If there’s 4 in a pic we’ll print for all 4!)
  2. Neat and presentable setup (fully covered backdrop and carpeted)
  3. New backdrop designs for you to choose from.
  4. Quality images for guests to take home.



Oh did you know that when Wishing Wand first started this photobooth business in 2011, they did not have anyone to copy or refer to, so their packages are developed as they go by and it is really based on their past experiences in the trade? In other words, they are as original as they can get, and they sure are experts already as to what fits or suits an event best.

Not trying to rush you but I was told that Wishing Wand is left with only a few pocket dates for 2014. Contact them like immediately to check availability. You all must learn to do things fast, you know? 😀

And also, if you are planning for an event in 2015, then I suggest you book them now as well too as their dates are filling up very fast!

Add them up in FB: Wishing Wand Official

Instagram: @wishingwand

Cotnact: 9733 4802


Rest assured that Wishing Wand’s utmost priority is to making your guests happy by creating an appropriate setup/ambience to suit your event 🙂


And dear Wishing Wand, do not worry. When I visit your booth, I will make sure that I get to bring home at least 406073886 prints for myself and my girls!

Just you wait! 


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