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Hehehe. I know I owe you one blog entry once I get 400 LIKES for the previous blog entry. Don’t worry, a promise is a promise, and I have been itching really badly to blog too. Well, guess what? Sharleez has a new song! My girl has music in her head all the time, I think. She is forever humming to this and that all day long. And I like to think the lyrics she comes up with are not exactly puerile or kid stuff to begin with.

You think I died for a hundred years.


So if you are asking me where Sharleez gets all her inspiration from, the answer is… ME! I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA! No wait, I think she gets inspired by her wonderful guitar teacher Teacher Zahidah who writes her own songs too. Like teacher, like student. 🙂

Quite a number of you awesome people have been asking for more songs and videos from Sharleez so I thought it’s just as well I blog about this new song of hers too so that it stays in my blog forever. I such a sentimental fool. <3

Presenting to you Sharleez’s second single written and composed by her.


 ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Saying’

Songwriter: Sharleez Nadya

Things you said are just not right.

You think the words you said are so so right.

I like it more when you’re so happy

Oh no no… yeah.


So as usual, I acted the schmuck and asked Sharleez why the song?

“Mummy, this song is about a girl who thinks that the things her parents say sometimes are not right. Sometimes they can be wrong too but that does not matter at all. When they are happy as a family, they do not have to hurt each other with the things they say.”

I couldn’t agree more on that, Sharleez.

It’s true, words are often just…words.

Thank you Sharleez for this wonderful song, for a lesson learnt for me. Can you see the video shaking a bit there? Yup, that was a guilty mum in action. :S

I get it, we adults often think we are always right. Like just because we are much older, we are not necessarily wiser. Kids need the assurance that they can speak up to us whenever the need arises. They need to be convinced that they can always tell us anything without hesitance. Most of the time, young children fear getting reprimanded for poor choices since really, they are pleasers by nature. They hate to disappoint us adults. HATE.

There are parents out there who treat their children like perfectionists or worse still, robots. They often fail to consider their children’s feelings, and hate it most when the little ones make mistakes. As a result, they reprimand the children for even the simplest mistakes they make like accidentally spilling the drink or unknowingly wearing their shoes the wrong side.

I know, I am so guilty of such things sometimes too.

And I know I should put myself in my girls’ glittery shoes sometimes too.

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.”

Hmm. 450 LIKES possible for this post if you like Sharleez’s song and agree with what she thinks? The number of LIKES just keeps getting higher by the day, I doubt I can even achieve it this time round.

But maybe Sharleez can make it possible.


Make her a happy bunny! <3

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