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What’s for Dinner?

Just the evening before, we had a dinner gathering at my place for some of our close family friends who are very dear to us. My Mak calls them her “anak-anak angkat.” 🙂

Whenever there’s a dinner gathering at my place, it can only mean three things – lots of feasting, bonding & laughter! As usual, Mak had started cooking hours before, as early as 2 pm! Not a surprise though that she was able to come up with so many dishes, especially since the dishes were all for people close to her heart.

Yeah, of course I DIDN’T HELP OUT with the cooking because you know how much of an amateur in cooking I still am, right? Furthermore, yesterday’s menu was Nasi Kuning!


So chim!  So complicated! Give me plain rice, fried egg, carbonara pasta or fishball soup, and I can prepare them all with my eyes closed. Other than that, it’s all yours, Mak! But hey, at least I have jotted down most of Mak’s recipes. And, and, and…at least I know how to sauté garlic! I bet some of you can’t saute garlic even! 😀 Most importantly, at least, I am honest about what I can and cannot do. Self-comforting words to soothe myself – this works all the time! Hehehe.

 So who are Mak’s “anak-anak angkat?”

They are Sharinna, Sabariyah and Nona Kirana!


Three very different individuals but yet, they are people who we truthfully like, admire and respect. So yesterday’s gathering was only apt and much needed. And I had so much fun catching up with all of them. Sharinna loves to talk. Sabariyah is a good listener. Nona likes to ask. So it was really a nice combi. We talked about practically everything under the sun under the ceiling fan – from Nona’s pregnancy to Ili’s dark secret at night as far as bras are concerned (hahahahaha!) to Mak’s tips on breastfeeding and maintaining an awesome figure to even some really juicy stories!

Look at Nurul and me in the picture below. Same facial expression, both with food in the mouth. Talk also must still eat. Very nice.


The men were at the other corner talking about well, the usual stuff like soccer, fishing, Rosyam Nor, (?!!!!) Tan Cheng Bock, and errmmm…Tony Tan!


There’s Shafy looking straight at the camera. Tell me Shafy, whose corner would you rather be at? The Ladies’  corner or the Men’s’ corner? Or would you rather be in the Nadyas’ room with all the kids, Barbie and Ken? Hehehe. I am super glad the kids enjoyed themselves too yesterday, and played among themselves in the room. It was nice to see my girls catching up with Haris, Sharafyna, Shafyia and Shafy, and of course Shan Ehan! Hahaha Shan was practically crawling the entire house in excitement! It was just too bad I forgot to take pictures of the kiddos in action! Sorry la but I was too busy talking  with my ladies.


So if I have not said it enough, I am going to say it one more time – t’was fun yesterday.  Thanks Nona, Sharinna & Sabariyah for the company and laughter. And thanks also to Hisham and Shahid for your presence! Since you guys were at the Men’s corner, we did not exactly get to talk or laugh as much with you both. And I know you did not get to laugh as much too with topics of conversations being as “interesting” as Rosyam Nor and Tony Tan.  Like seriously, guys? So next time, please join the awesome powsome Ladies’ Corner.  



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