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What my family means to me.

My kids mean the world to me.


It’s saddening to see how people fall victim to dengue fever unexpectedly.

If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone of us including our loved ones.

Dengue fever can lead to death. Even if it doesn’t, one does not have it easy when he or she contracts dengue fever. Do read up on my first blog post on Dengue Fever by clicking HERE if you have missed it.

It’s also worrying to know that dengue cases have increased from 11,298 in 2015 to more than 13,000 in 2016 and two-third of the cases occur between the ages 15-45 years old in Singapore. This means, I’m one of the potential candidates for dengue! Dengue can be contracted up to 4 times as the 4 sero-types of dengue (DENV-1 to 4) co-circulate in Singapore all year round.


I often imagine how it would be like if any of my loved ones, including myself, were to get dengue fever. With four kids in tow and a baby to handle, dengue fever could actually cause havoc to my daily routine with my family. I don’t think I’d be able to cope – it would be an extremely tiring process. And when that happens, that would also mean that my husband would need to take time off from work to help me with the kids.

Just imagine the many things you would not able to do as a family and for your family if you were to get dengue fever!

  1. Who would take care of the kids?
  2. Who would settle their meals?
  3. Who would help the kids with their school work?

Family time means everything to me. Nobody can and should take that away from us.

With just a few simple changes to your everyday life, you can help protect your family and yourself from dengue.

How so?

Step 1: Follow the 5-step mozzie wipeout


  • Turn over all water storage containers.
  • Change water in vases / bowls on alternate days.
  • Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days.
  • Loosen soil from potted plants
  • Clear blockages and put Bti insecticides in roof gutters monthly.


Step 2: Protect yourselves from applying insect repellent

Dengue fever is passed on to humans through the bites of an infected female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which mainly acquires the virus while feeding on the blood of an infected person.

We can avoid being bitten by applying insect repellant regularly.


Dengue cannot be stopped or controlled if it’s only you taking action for your family and yourself.

Let’s all play our part in preventing dengue so that it does not disrupt our lives. Share your dengue story or how would your lives get disrupted if you get dengue using the hashtag #BeAWallAgainstDengue




Share me your dengue fever experience by clicking HERE! The best comment will receive a little token of appreciation!


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