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What rules?

“Rules are meant to be broken.”

If I had to do it all over again as a parent, there would be many things that I would not mind doing with my girls. Sometimes, breaking the rules sounds like the best thing to do. I mean it would be nice if parenting came with a set of rules which would automatically produce nice, loving, obedient, intelligent and in short, perfect kids.


Unfortunately, the gig isn’t always that simple. Sure thing, there are those golden rules that are meant to be passed down from one generation to the other. These rules supposedly will produce good parents and good children.


But the fact is, that is not always the case. 

Okay so as you might have already known by now, I am quite the disciplinarian at home with my girls. I strongly believe kids need to abide by a set of rules. Far from squelching the spirit, rules are really essential for kids to flourish. But unlike Tatek, I am not that consistent or that faithful to the agreed set of rules at home. I do break the rules sometimes, especially when I am alone with my girls. Whoops?

Okay maybe consistent is not the word. Maybe I am just a bit more flexible. I tend to study the situation first before deciding whether or not to stick to the rules or to just break them. Sometimes they just need to have fun minus the rules. And that will really piss Tatek off at times. LOL.

But hey, what I am trying to say here is that sometimes you can break the rules and surprise surprise, the world will not stop turning!

Yesterday, for Tatek did something which pleasantly shocked the girls and I. Right after the girls’ Parent-Teacher Conference, we were driving past the beach when we saw the ice cream pushcart!

Tatek was like,

“Eh ice-cream la. The day is so hot, should we eat ice-cream?”

 My reply to him?

“Errrr. Okay, how to eat? Where to eat? So hot.”

He immediately parked the car and told us to get down.

“Come, let’s buy and eat ice-cream, girls!”

It all happened too suddenly. The expression on my girls’ face was priceless. I think my mouth formed the letter ‘O’ for a while there. We could not believe our luck. Firstly, my girls love ice-cream a lot (which kid doesnt?) and it’s not very often that they get to enjoy ice-cream. Secondly, because the weather was scorching hot yesterday, Tatek actually allowed us to enjoy their ice-cream in the car!

See, too hot until Myreen could not even open her eyes. LOL.


Now, this is something that we hardly get to do because Tatek just does not like the whole idea of eating inside the car. He is very particular about anyone messing up the car. He does not want to breed baby roaches in the car, he often says. FINE.

So imagine how the girls felt when he gave them the green light? I am so sure yesterday’s ice-cream experience was something that the girls would remember for a very long time. After all, kids remember better the fun and offbeat stuff that they get to do.


Want to know something really funny?

Tatek said this just as we all got in the car.

“Do not spill the ice-cream okay? If you do, I will take away your ice-cream.”

And guess who was the first to spill his ice-cream?



Shucks man! Pray tell me! No prize for correctly guessing this one.


(Hang loose, Tatek.)

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