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Under The Weather.

The past few weeks have been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride for the soul.

Yes, I am talking about my Nadyas who have been taking turns to fall sick. The extra challenge? It was not the normal flu bug attacking them this time round. And I failed to notice it initially when Mysha took longer to recover from her bad cough and fever. Her fever made a disappearance act until we reached Port Dickson, in fact.

Look at Mysha here! She did not even look sick.

Errmm. Mysha was wearing the yellow dress in this picture, if you are still trying to figure it out.

Ho ho ho!

Just look at my poor Mysha the moment we were in Malaysia.

In fact, all three girls were not as enthusiastic this time round. They must be so tired from all the traveling and waiting in the car. After all, it was their first road trip! They were actually expecting a plane ride, if truth be told. Sorry to disappoint, Nadyas. Hehehe!

You know, usually, a viral fever will take a maximum of five to seven days to clear. But not in Mysha’s case. Even after a week, her fever was still on and off. And it was exceptionally high at night when she was asleep or coughing badly. Without fail, her nightly temperature would be at least 39 degree celsius. But because I fed her Ibuprofen, her temperature would be back to normal the next day. And then the cycle repeated again at night.

That was when I knew something was not right.

I remember telling Tatek this.

“I doubt it is just viral fever this time round. It is taking more than a week and I think her fever has something to do with that bad cough of hers.”

Thank goodness though I brought along the thermometer and all the medications needed, so we constantly monitored her progress. She was not as chirpy or jovial, and was always sleeping. But we took it that it was because of the medication she was under. But during our second night in Malaysia, I noticed her shivering under the blanket in the middle of the night. Note that I had already sponged her prior to that. I touched her forehead and goodness, her body was exceptionally hot! Thinking that the aircon was too cold for her, I took her out to the living area, and got Tatek to continue sponging her while I continued to monitor the other two girls.

Minutes later, Tatek rushed into the room and asked me for help.

I panicked, of course.

I went out to the living area and saw Mysha shivering again, gritting her teeth and her lips were close to blue. Only Allah could describe how I felt when I saw that because it that was how it was like for Sharleez minutes before she suffered from fits a few years back.

“No! Not in Malaysia please, Mysha!” I cried inside of me.

Daddy suggested bringing her to the shower to give her a cold bath. But I knew we should not do that because I have been doing a lot of reading about fits ever since Sharleez suffered from one.

Fits occur when there is a sudden rise/drop in temperature.

So if fever is very high, please do not bathe the child in icy cold water. Bearing that in mind, I knew we just had to keep sponging her with normal tap water. And Tatek and I did just that. We sponged and sponged her, and minutes later, she stopped shivering. But that did not mean we could stop panicking.

We brought her to the nearby 24 hours clinic in KL and the doctor advised us to get her blood test done.

“No! Not in Malaysia please!” I cried silently once again.

So I prayed hard that she would be alright, and that we would bring her to KKH the moment we were back in Singapore.

And we did just that. Mysha had an X-Ray and a blood test done. True enough, it was not just a viral fever that she had. It was pneumonia.

Pneumonia refers to an infection of the lungs, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and/or fungi. Kids with pneumonia caused by bacteria usually becomes sick very quickly, and will have a sudden onset of a high fever.

Paracetamol alone is not enough to fight Pneumonia. Antibiotics is.

So it was antibiotics to the rescue!

I monitored her closely for the past few days and nights to ensure that her fever was gone for good. My maternal instincts told me to wake up every night to check on her. The doctor in fact told me that if Mysha was still no better by Thursday, we had to admit her to the hospital.

Today, Mysha is much better and almost back to her usual self.

Hooray! Alhamdullilah.

But Myreen is still recovering from her fever.

So yeah, that’s how it is like when you have children.

That got me thinking. The upside of being a SAHM or WAHM is that no matter what my family needs, I am always available to take care of them. If any of my girls is up with night terrors, I do not have to worry about being too groggy or too sleepy for work the next day, and I can easily find a few minutes (or hours, if I am lucky) for a power nap to pick up steam for the remaining part of the day.

So I am very thankful for that. <3

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