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Under The Sea!

Yesterday, we were invited by Underwater World Singapore to say H E L L O to the new addition to the shark family!

Want to know what?

The Zebra Horn Sharks! * throws confetti*

So cute and pretty, I almost forgot they were sharks when I looked at them. I was so tempted to hold them with my bare hand. Do not be deceived by their size because their teeth can crush their hard-shelled prey like crabs!

Besides the Zebra Horn Sharks, the other marine life there awed us too! That’s the thing about places like Underwater World; no matter how many times you have been there, you will always come back and be amazed over and over again. And every visit is always a learning experience for the kids because there is definitely something new that they will discover.

Bet you do not know the name of some of these marine creatures!

Garden eels! They are tinier than your little finger!

Giant Spider Crab. They are really huge. Told Sharleez I would cook chili crab for her and she went “NOOOOOO!”

Rainbow Crab. It is so pretty and colourful, no wonder the name! But do you know that adult rainbow crabs are very aggressive to each other and will fight often to death if kept together? Don’t’ judge a crab by its pretty shell!

Weedy seadragon! It really looks like a combination of seaweed and dragon, doesn’t it? The weedy seadragon is closely related to the seahorse except that the male carries anything from 120 to 300 eggs on his tail for about 2 months before the eggs hatch.

Jellyfish! Do you know that jellyfish are 95% water, and some types, nearly 98%?

At 3 pm sharp, the girls were entertained by Denise from Bookaburra Books’ in a marine storytelling session. The Nadyas were so engaged and amazed by the stories throughout that their mouths dropped open without them realizing it. The storytelling session was followed by an art and craft lesson.

They made sharks out of clothes pegs!


How creative!

So do not forget to bring your kids to Underwater World this June holiday from 31 May to 24 June 2012 and enjoy their special weekend programme conducted by Bookaburra Books!

We truly enjoyed ourselves. Such a wonderful Sunday  it was. <3

Some tips for parents!

  • Bring lots of snacks for them because trust me, they will be always looking for food!
  • A bottle of mineral water will cost you $3 there, so you know what to do.
  • Bring lots of cash because there is no ATM machine at Underwater World.
  • Come like 15 minutes earlier for the Storytelling & Craft Making session because they will not allow you in once the quota is met.
  • Bring your camera along or you will end up using the iPhone instead like me! Hur hur.

Special thanks to Underwater World, Nina Yusman & Raudhah Azman for the invite, once again. 🙂


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