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My Twin Towers.

So my twins, Mysha and Myreen are just two months shy of turning two. What are the chances of them turning into the terrible two upon reaching their terrible twos, you think? ;p

I am just so proud of these two girls – I cannot say this enough. While they look so alike in the eyes of strangers, they are just so different to me, from head to toes. Sometimes, I am pretty amazed myself when I see the vast differences between them both. How great is Allah, to present me with two babies who grew inside the same tummy, but yet are so different completely?  


She is a charmer, and from the looks of it, a heartbreaker too in years to come. Practically everyone who sees her will be charmed by her sweetness and her pleasant face. Her quiet and relaxed nature makes her too good to be a one year toddler at times. Mysha has a mature persona. She takes her time doing anything and everything at all. And just like me, she knows how to enjoy and appreciate her food. She can go on for hours eating, without even feeling the need to stop.  You can take anything from Mysha, but never her food. A hungry Mysha makes an angry Mysha, I tell you. Mysha is also the more independent one among my three girls – she prefers playing solo. She does not see it as a major problem if she has to play alone. She does not demand companionship. But if the companionship is there, she is not one to complain. She is an easily contented little girl. One thing about Mysha however that is so strong and a bit difficult to tackle sometimes is her stubbornness. She wants everything to go her way. And nowadays, she has been wanting to eat and drink on her own. Although I would strongly encourage her to start to be independent, sometimes it is almost impossible to let her hold a can of drink without any assistance! Mysha does not get it of course, and she would rather not drink at all, than to have someone hold the can for her.






This one here is the light of the house. She is the one I will always start to miss first when I am not at home.  Myreen is just so full of life, her eyes practically sparkle! She does not like to sit still, and neither does she enjoy playing alone. Her playing buddy at home is her Kakak Sharleez. She follows Sharleez around the house, and these two can just lie down together, cover themselves with a blanket, hug each other, and be quiet. Myreen knows how to make everyone laugh too- with the silly words she makes up almost all the time! One look at Myreen and you would think that she is the stubborn one but in reality, she is just a very obedient child of mine. At least this girl here knows we mean business when we give her a stern ‘NO’ lookm unlike our stubborn queen, Mysha. And Myreen, being the youngest among the three girls, is indeed the baby of the family. She just likes to be pampered!




So you see, my twins are really different. Why, they are two different individuals!

But why dress them up alike then, you ask me? My answer is simple – my taste in clothes has to be consistent for all my three girls. If I like a particular dress, I will buy the same dress in threes. Be fair as a mother, and give all of my girls only the best, and not the second or third best. Fair enough an explanation?


Besides, I like the fact that when my three girls are dressed up alike, strangers get so bedazzled!

“Triplets ahhhh?”

“Wah, sam pao tai ah?”

“Twins or triplets?”

The different reaction I get from every stranger who meets my girls is just so…priceless!

But seriously, them triplets? Give yourself a little bit of face, at least.

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