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Troubled Waters?

I figured my girls needed to be confident individuals.

And so I enrolled them in swimming lessons.  Glad I made that choice. That has got to be one of the best choices that I have made so far as a mother. They have been learning swimming for almost 7 months now, and I have only one thing to say- NO PRESSURE.

Here’s the story.

The first several lessons were pretty tough for the twins especially. Mysha and Myreen took several months to get used to the baby pool. They did not even want to put their face near the water. They took turns to cry each time it was swimming lesson. They hesitated when they were asked to go into the baby pool. And that went on and on for quite a number of lessons. Initially, Tatek was so worried plus slightly agitated.  He wanted to just “throw” them into the deep pool. He was like, “Until when do they want to stay at the side of the baby pool?”  I saw his frustration and I understand but honestly, even if it were to take the girls forever, I do not mind.

Here’s what I think. It is very important to get kids to love the pool before they can really start to swim. Sure, we do have  expectations as parents but should we let our expectations interfere with our kids’ progress? For every swimming lesson, I prefer to take it slow and just let the girls have real fun. If they do not have fun, it’s going to be hard or even impossible for them to learn how to swim. If their visit to the pool is a great experience,  they will be more than happy to come back again, and learn more. KIDS LEARN THROUGH PLAY. Repeat this “mantra” eighty-five times. 😀


I am super glad that their swimming instructor Mr Syed is more than willing to follow the girls’ pace. During the first few lessons, he did not get the twins into the water by forcing . He got them in by playing and interacting a lot with them. He got them in by being a friend to them. So for the first few weeks, he would just sit down with the girls, blow bubbles, and sing nursery rhymes with them. Myreen especially enjoyed the singing session because well, Myreen loves singing! So her voice would always be the loudest. 1 hour of swimming lesson and all they did was sing?  Waste of time and money, you think?


As of today, Mysha and Myreen look forward to every swimming lesson!  They are already brave enough to venture into the deep pool and go underwater. They no longer just hang around at the baby pool but instead, participate in waterplay. There IS progress, and progress is good. I know they will only get better.

This is a video of Myreen in action. 🙂



And because Mr Syed  is already like a family friend, his ever so sweet and adorable daughter drops by to have a swim and play with the girls too sometimes. The girls adore her to bits! I adore her too. Do you know who his daughter is? Click HERE.  Hehehe.



Sharleez on the other hand, has been doing really well in swimming. This girl here enjoys the water and swimming so much! She has already completed the Stage 1 of Swim Safer programme, in fact! 🙂


To quote what her swimming instructor said, “Sharleez sets high goals for herself. She is a self-motivated girl.”


But hey, she has her bad days too.

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