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Theme: Themeless!

This entry is going to consist of two belated birthday updates. Again, I should have blogged about this weeks before. So since these two people are really important in my life, they deserve this one special entry, with my undivided and unbiased attention. How super thoughtful of me! ;p

Tatek’s Birthday Celebration:

For Tatek’s birthday celebration, all of us had a really hard time deciding on the theme. Everyone could not agree on one theme. We were still deciding on the theme throughout the entire dinner. We were still deciding on the theme during the  card reading session. We were still deciding during present opening time. And what do you know? We were still deciding on the theme after everything was over!! A few clashes here and there because everyone was pretty agitated that the rest did not want to agree on the same theme. Lol. They say great minds think alike – NOT IN OUR CASE.  We always beg to differ with each other all the time!

Why must we put ourselves through the torment each time there’s a birthday? Why force ourselves just for the sake of pleasing others? Sure, we LOVE ridiculous theme parties a lot. Sure, we love to look silly and laugh ourselves silly too. But it’s time for a break. We cannot possibly do this all the time and sleep in sweat a night before every birthday party for fear that we would not be funny enough during the theme party. Haha believe me, it’s true.

So we have decided.

We will have theme parties… AS AND WHEN WE LIKE IT.


And yes, I have just made the official announcement.

Sorry to disappoint all of you.

But hey, instead of a theme party we decided to have a closing ceremony to commemorate the theme parties we had done and the overall champion for the theme parties. No prize for correctly guessing who the overall champion was. Yes, it was Tatek! So yeah, everyone had to give him a token of appreciation. Somehow or rather, we can never do anything seriously. The token of appreciation got more and more ridiculous from the first person to the last.  Like they say, pure love produces pure nonsense. ;p

 May I now present all of you with our tokens of appreciation to Tatek?

Don’t worry, you can still VOTE! 🙂 What do you vote for?

The person with the most ridiculous token of appreciation!, what else?











 Vote now!

Even though the theme party will come and go from here on, the food spread will still stay! Good food is such a luxury, don’t waste it. Mak’s cooking, we cannot a live a day without. You know what’s so amazing about our Mak? She never fails to ensure that there’s something for everyone to eat. She always ensures that she cooks the favourite dish of every person in the family. It’s almost impossible for everyone to like the same dish so do you now understand why there are always so many dishes on the table each time? Because there are just so many favourite dishes.

Don’t believe me? Let me now prove it.

Fried prawns. Ian’s and Shafiq’s favourite.



Fried kailan – Nurul’s and my favourite!



Lemak Siput. Daddy’s and Nurul’s favourite!



Bawal Belado. My favourite!



Gong Gong. Daddy’s and Tatek’s favourite.



Ulam. Daddy’s favourite and nobody else’s. Lol.



Rendang Ayam. Tatek’s and everyone’s favourite! We love our chicken!





Happy Belated Birthday, my dearest Tatek! You know, the things we feel the deepest are the hardest to say sometimes. But just hope you know how much I errm, <3 you anyway.



For the last time, are you seriously 31 already?! ;p


Mak’s Birthday Celebration:

For Mak’s Birthday, the dilemma was no longer trying to come up with a theme party BUT where to eat. It was really difficult for us to try to talk Mak out of cooking on her own birthday. Mak insisted on cooking initially because she just likes the whole idea of everyone gathering together at home. All of us objected to that of course, because come on, it is ridiculous to have the birthday girl cook on her birthday for everyone else to eat. Everyone else should either cook for the birthday girl, or treat her. Without much hesitation, we all chose the latter. We dare not cook for the shifu. Hahaha!

So Swensen’s Airport it was.


Can you believe it? Until today, Mak is still grumbling about how much money we kiddos spent on her birthday?



My goodness Mak, it was only dinner. For YOUR birthday. Compared to the many times that you have cooked for us, and the endless sacrifices that you have made for uh, us again, the dinner was nothing, minute and insignificant. So please allow us to show our thanks to you when it is due Mak!

Happy Belated Birthday to the person I owe my life to. For the nine months (multiplied by 4!!!) that you suffered to bring us all into this world. For the years you fed us with your milk. For the sleepless nights you had holding us and keeping us warm. For teaching us how to walk and talk. For guiding us. For loving us unconditionally from the start right to the end.  For never judging us despite the many times we disappoint.

Sometimes we really take you for granted because you know why? Despite the adults that we are, we are still your children.

Here’s wishing you a long life, good health and happiness with us! Insya’allah.



” No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished? “

— Elbert Hubbard 


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