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The Angbao Tree + Results


I am taking over my mummy’s blog for a while today because #IThinkShakeelTypes too and not just #IThinkShakeelTalks Besides, my mummy needs a little break because she has been complaining about not getting enough rest. So I let her rest for a while but I will not give her titties a break no matter what! Ok a bit too much information there.

How’s my CNY outfit and hair? Nice?

I really love Chinese New Year because there are lots of sweet oranges everywhere. If you don’t already know, I love oranges so much! Whenever my mummy takes me to the supermarket, I will be sure to grab an orange or two and carry it/them around with me until my mummy is done with her grocery shopping! Let’s just say oranges are my stress balls – I squeeze the juice out of them.



Am I sitting #likeaboss here?

Well, I am the boss! I can just mess everything and anything up and get away with it like all the time!

And are you at my mummy’s blog to find out the winner for the recent Icon Home Challenge?

I will announce that in a jiffy, so do not be so mean and scroll down immediately before reading what I have to type out first with my tiny fat fingers.

ICON INTERIOR DESIGN will be having their CNY FAIR 2018 and they want to celebrate it with you!

Event: CNY Fair 2018.

Date: 15 to 18 Feb.

Time: 10am to 9pm

Venue: 441 Mac Pherson Rd Singapore 368152

Why must you aunties and uncles book an appointment with them during their CNY Fair?

I think it has something to do with saving lots of money. I heard that renovating a house is very expensive – way more expensive than my baby shark pajamas! (And I still do not understand why my mummy has to complain so much about me owning so many baby shark pajamas! I want to own all the colours of the pyjamas, is that so wrong?)

How much money will you get to save by signing up a renovation package with Icon Interior Design during their CNY Fair 2018? I cannot even count using all my fingers and toes because you will save a lot!

And there are altogether 4 reasons why you must sign up with them during their CNY Fair 2018!



BTO Lowest package starts from $6588 inclusive of 20ft kitchen cabinet.


Mention Etrangle (or Shakeel Adly or Baby Shark!) to get $200 off your total renovation & receive a FREE 24 PC WMF Cutlery set!


Pluck out an Ang Bao from the Ang Bao Tree at Icon Interior Design for your sure win Lucky Draw Prize!

Do you want to know what are the different prizes hanging around and waiting for you at the Ang Bao Tree?

Let me list them down for you!

1. $500 TEKA Voucher

2.$300 Air-con Voucher

3.Branded Hood & Hob

4.Blum Starter Kit

5.TEKA Microwave Oven

6.Karcher Vacuum Cleaner

7.Branded 32″ TV

8.Frontline Washing Machine

9.Philips Air-fryer

10.NesCafe Coffee Machine

11.$388 Cash Rebates

12.3pc WMF Pots Set

13.100 sets of Baby Shark PJs!!!!

Can I please have number 13?100 sets of Baby Shark PJs?!!! 

Okay fine, I made that up actually. There is no number 13.

But yes aunties and uncles, you will 100% win either one of the above-mentioned prizes! Except for number 13.

I imagine the angbao tree to look something like this.



1st 3 customers to sign up for a renovation package during the CNY Fair 2018 will enjoy FREE PAINTING FOR YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE if you choose the following concept for your house:

♦ Scandinavian.

♦ Industrial.

♦ English modern

 ♦ Modern French.

♦ Bohemian

So there you have it – 4 reasons why you must sign up with Icon Interior Design during their CNY Fair 2018!

You will really save a lot of money, aunties and uncles, as you can read and see.

Ok hold on a sec…




Errrr…my mummy just told me to move aside because she wants to take over for the rest of the blog post! She said I was blabbering too much. Bye bye aunties and uncles, till the next #IThinkShakeelTypes because I want to be a blogger too!




Everyone it’s me Diah and I am back! Enough of the baby shark talk, Shakeel!

Let’s announce the winners now shall we for Icon Home Challenge?




88 Dawson 1 550px

88 Dawson 2 550px

88 Dawson 3 550px

88 Dawson 5 550px

88 Dawson 6a 550px


And just like that, you have gotten for yourself beautiful photos of your house –  they will really come in handy when you intend to market your house in future, trust me!



Congrats also to the House Number 2- PUNGGOL FIELD!


267A Punggol Field 1 550px

267A Punggol Field 3 550px

267A Punggol Field 4 550px

267A Punggol Field 5 550px

You have won $1000, and that’s really not too bad!

Now go put the money to good use, you guys! (Like treating me to dinner, for instance lol) The good people from Icon Interior Design will be contacting you to give you details about the prize presentation!

So you see, it PAYS to renovate with Icon Interior Design – both literally and figuratively.

Buying a home is a huge investment and many new owners do not have the means to jump straight into major renovations. At Icon Interior Design, they truly understand this and will try their very best to match their design with your budget!

And with competitions like Icon Home Challenge, you can be sure that Icon Interior Design aims to provide the best after-sales service to their customers!

So for you homeowners who have just gotten the keys to your new house or are intending to source for a renovation company, be sure to not miss the CNY Fair 2018 by Icon Interior Design! No harm calling them up for an appointment and have them work out your quotation for you for free, right? At least you will be able to compare with the other quotations that you have (if need be) or at the very least, you will know whether your budget is enough. Even if it is not, the interior designers at Icon Interior Designer will be more than willing to work out a quotation that is solely based on your budget. I will not lie and tell you that your renovation will be smooth sailing (although mine was pretty much smooth sailing!). However, rest assured that because I have been promoting them, they will do whatever it takes to live up my expectations and everyone else’s as well. You want reliable, I give you reliable.


First step is to call them up at 82127652 to book an appointment with an ID!

Second step is to mention my name or busybody Shakeel lol to enjoy all the perks mentioned in this post. 


Planning and imagining your dream home with your interior designer should be fun, so do not turn it into a stressful period! Do not try to rush the process, and end up regretting it later. Take your time, and most importantly, spend within your budget!

All the best!

And Happy New Year to my Chinese readers and everyone celebrating! 

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