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The Perfect Mummy.

You know how sometimes you cannot help but to feel that you are not a good enough mother?

Don’t worry, I feel like that sometimes too and yes, the feeling is not very nice, right?


My twins are currently still not well – Myreen is having full-blown stomach flu with all the vomiting, very loose bowels plus a very high fever while Mysha is having a high fever. So I have to be constantly monitoring these two. Myreen especially needs all the attention because she has to make that trip to the toilet every now and then. Potty training is on halt as a result because my poor girl just cannot control her loose bowels.

So the night before, it was all up to me to manage my time to ensure that I could attend to my twins AND Studiofrost. Right after I put the girls to bed, despite my already heavy eyes, I decided to start writing on the envelopes for half of Studiofrost’s paid orders. Oh yes, 400 envelopes so far to write your pretty names and addresses on by Wednesday so that we can send them out to Singpost on Thursday! Yay! And you know why I decided to work instead of sleep despite a very long day? Because I thought I needed to multitask – I could monitor Myreen while getting some work done at the same time so that you know, if she were to vomit or do some business in her pull-up, I would be able to attend to her there and then. She did not do either of those luckily but instead, her fever decided to peak at 39.2 degree celsius. Again, luckily I was still awake so I immediately woke her up to feed her medicine before sponging her.

I thought to myself while sponging Myreen, “How is it that I am able to do all these for my girls ever so readily without waking the very tired Tatek up  from his sleep?”

How is it that most mothers can sacrifice so much for their kids?

And then, this quote came to mind right away.

There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one”

I believe I am doing my best for my girls already, and I should be damn proud of that. 🙂

Cheers to mummyhood!

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