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Advertisement: The one & only

Confession time.

I have always been inspired by this lady ever since the first time I saw her makeup on TV.  There is just something about her that makes me go “Waahhh” each time I see her- the way she presents her masterpieces, the way she works, her overall personality, and her strong determination that makes her on top in the Malay bridal industry. I have told Nurul time and time again how I admire this lady and how much I look up to her. She makes us believe that anything is possible with hard work. I am already a believer even though I am still new in the makeup industry. And I strongly believe that everyone needs an inspiration. Nurul and I are still new. Studioperfect is still new. But with this lady’s strong support, we hope to get somewhere near her someday. No, we will never be on top of her. We do not want to be on top of her. That place is specially reserved for her, and she deserves it in every single way.

Just who am I talking about?

Fatimah Mohsin, that’s who.

Forget errrmm, Backstreet Boys for the time being. SHE is my idol for now.

For those of you who are planning for your big day, you HAVE to check out her booth at Singapore Expo Hall 6B from today 8 April till Sun, 11 April from 10 am to 10 pm.


Her booth won ‘The Best Decorated Booth’ during the last bridal fair at the expo because it was impossibly breathtakingly beautiful. Dying to know how her booth looks like this time round? Eager to find out more about the bridal packages her company offers? Planning for an over the top wedding dais for your wedding?

Maybe something like this?


Toooo nice, right?

You know what to do. Time to visit the Bridal Fair, that’s what!

Don’t worry about losing your way there because her booth is right opposite the entrance. And I heard it is the one and only cream and champagne coloured booth! Now I am curious already.

So I’ll see you there if I see you! 🙂

 P.S: (Kak) Fatimah, you are simply awe-inspiring!


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