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The Big Announcement

Let me catch a minute here to breathe and disclose the venue for Studioperfect Weddings Launch & Studiofrost BIG SALE 2010.

Studioperfect Weddings is like our newborn and we are very much excited about it. To those of you getting engaged or married, do drop by for a visit and view the packages we have in store for you.  Honestly, our packages are too hard to resist! From simply engagement/bridal makeup services to engagement packages to complete bridal packages, we have them all! During the launch, we will also showcase our pretty, pretty models in the bridal outfits, and they will be there throughout to look pretty, and take pictures with you too if you want! What’s more, if you book us on the same day, which is 2 May 2010, you will receive a surprise gift! So exciting right? We know! Luxe Nuptials, a dais/decor company, will also be there to showcase their portfolio! You will love them because they are such nice people, and you will definitely love their work or art!


But wait, I am not done yet. Once you are done viewing our bridal showcase and the attractive packages, it is time to shop because Studiofrost BIG SALE 2010 is just a step away! This has got to be the biggest sale ever! We have decided to let go most of the items for less than $20! Sale items will start at $10 onwards! We have everything from maxi dresses to dresses to tops to jackets to jumpers to baby clothes to some of our exclusively made items as well!  Besides the entire Studiofrost family, our in-house model Sofia Dendroff will be there too! To those of you who are too curious about her, finally it is time to meet her in person and shake hands. ;p



So we will see you all there?

Remember to bring only CASH okay as we do not accept other modes of payment. 🙂

How to get to Aloha Loyang Resorts? Click HERE to find out!

For those of you who will be taking public transport, below is the free shuttle bus service schedule!


And to those of you who prefer to navigate your way there, here’s the map!



Do also help us to spread the word around. We want to see a massive crowd on that day! Help us make our dream come true.

We thank you all in advance for your continuous support!

Insya’allah Studioperfect Weddings Launch & Studiofrost BIG SALE 2010 will be a success.


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