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Our BIG Day.

It may be almost three decades ago now, but I can still recall being a nervous freak on the first day of school every time. Im sure you can relate to this too, right?

It’s a cliché, but parents really did make less of a fuss in those days., didn’t they? They were just so cool about almost everything, including our first day in school! How can? How come? I cannot remember any photographs or videos of frantic me being taken or sentimental parents bemoaning the speed with which we were growing up – we were simply deposited at the door of the school and left to get on with it. We were expected to do what was expected of us in school. Period.
Goodness, it seems a far cry from the so-called modern approach in which mummies eagerly participate in every aspect of their kids’ first day of school, often staying with them all the way into their new classrooms. Oh yes, I am guilty of doing that! Although I knew that Sharleez would do just fine and that I was not really needed to stay with her all the way on the first day, I felt the urge to just STAY. After all, it was an emotional day for us! Okay fine, it was an emotional day for ME.  Come on, it was my first born ‘s first day in school!  Excited and nervous all at the same time, you know? Sharleez’s first day of school was her first real step beyond the family home and away from the protective arms of her parents.
 But at the end of the day, I am really proud that Sharleez did well on her first day of school. How come I knew? Because I was there to witness and assure myself!  No wailing. No holding on to Mummy. No fear. Just enthusiasm. Lots of it, to boot. 
I strongly believe that parents play a very important role in helping their children cope with the transition to school life. As for me, I got Sharleez involved in the preparations for school. I alllowed her to choose the things she would need for school like the schoolbag, water bottle, the sandals that she would like to wear for school, and even the hair style that she would like for school every day!  Thank goodness Sharleez is pretty decisive so far when it comes to the hair style for the day! Pheeeeeeewwww.

Sharleez looks forward to school everyday, and I know it is also because she has a teacher as lovely as Teacher Huda! In fact, the entire school environment is just so conducive and welcoming!

I might have made the wrong choice before but this time round, I am sure I have chosen the perfect playgroup for Sharleez.

Now go enjoy school to the fullest, Sharleez baby! 🙂

(Damn, I miss being a playgroup teacher!)




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