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That Raya fever.

I am having a fever. RAYA fever.

I have to admit, I am especially excited and totally energized for Hari Raya this year, and it is all because the Nadyas are bigger and therefore more able to appreciate Hari Raya. So much preparation has been made for them, from shopping for their baju kurung hunt, matching shoes and accessories..


To Raya goodies shopping…


To the fixing of Raya lights by yours truly.


We could not decide on the colour so we ended up with 3 colours this year !  At this point of time, I have to add this in – IT IS SO MUCH FUN TO HAVE  DAUGHTERS! 😀

My girls, they call this beautiful festive celebration HAPPY RAYA. This Happy Raya thingy first started with Sharleez. Don’t ask me why they call it Happy Raya. Okay okay, maybe you can ask me. I think it is mainly because they see the entire yearly celebration as a really happy one so err… HAPPY Raya? And since it is a yearly affair, I also think they associate it with Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, Happy Raya. Get it?  Makes sense?

We made quite a few trips to Geylang to search for their baju kurung but honestly, there was nothing nice. Even if there was something reasonably nice, almost every shop that we went to was selling the same thing! So yeah, did not manage to get them anything from Geylang Bazaar this year. But on the more positive side, at least I was inspired from all my Geylang Bazaar trips to design even more for Studiofrost come Hari Raya next year. And yes, I am talking about designs for both mummy and daughter. I am already so psyched just thinking about next year’s Hari Raya! So you wait one more year okay, insya’allah.

I dont know about you, but there is this certain pulling factor about Geylang Bazaar that makes me want to keep on going there every single year, even if it means I would end up getting sweaty, cranky, tired and bored after barely 10 minutes. And then the push factor would come in – I would want to push myself out of the crowd and leave the place A S A P.  This happens all the time. Tatek does not even understand why I bother to make several Geylang trips each year when I would always end up not getting anything at all except for maybe, 200 grams of dendeng. My girls too did not quite enjoy the Geylang trips but I totally understand. Kids do not get along well with heat, humidity, and crowd.

During one of our Geylang Bazaar trips, Sharleez asked, “Mummy why are we here again?  Is it for Happy Raya?”

Me: “Yes, we are looking for things that we might need for Happy Raya.”

Sharleez: “Ohhhh Mummy. But you never buy anything.”

Me: “Ya laaaaa. So we will just window shop ok?”

Sharleez: “Where is the window shop, Mummy?”

And her question was followed by a rather big sigh. Very the mak nenek but yeah, I know why she was that frustrated. The girls would get so tired after walking barely 1 km there. Then they would start to ask for drinks, food, and then..”MUMMY I’M SO TIRED. CAN YOU CARRY ME?” Wah that killer question. Never ever five me that killer question, Nadyas. I would catch the grenade for you really I would, but ermmm.. carry you? Let me think about it a bit more okay? Meanwhile, keep walking!

But at least, the girls in particular Sharleez, did notice certain practices that were not exactly practised by some Muslims during our Geylang trips. For instance, we were at Pasar Geylang Serai queuing up for food that day when she noticed a group of Malay family drinking Bandung and eating banana fritters. That was about 4.30 pm. She kept on observing them for a few minutes before turning to me to ask, ” Mummy how come they are not fasting like you?”

Me: “I am not so sure. Maybe they are not feeling well.”

Sharleez:”Oh I see. But they are big people. They must hide when they want to eat right?”

Me:”Ya, I think they should have done that too.”

Sharleez: “God is looking at them, you know?”

Me: …………..

So yeah, I am glad that at least she was able differentiate the right from wrong, and understand somehow the limits and prohibitions during the fasting month. And ironically, she observed them at Geylang Serai. Of all places! Even I do not understand either why these people need to make it public if they are not fasting. I get super uncomfortable (and hungry tooo) just by looking at them. I want to know what exactly they are thinking. Sure, who am I to judge because ultimately, it is between them and Allah, right? But come oooooon, they should know better, seriously. We should have a Fasting Police or something in Singapore too. Eat in public during Fasting month? FINE! Eat in public during Fasting month &  cause others around them to feel uncomfortable? FINE PLUS DEMERIT POINTS. Or something like that.

Hehehe. Too many random thoughts this morning. But really, the month of Ramadhan is such a beautiful period. Isn’t it so amazing how we can actually withstand the mid day heat, our thirst and hunger pangs for 30 days? For my non-Muslim readers, fasting is not merely physical. It is more of the total commitment of the person’s body and soul, and allows us time to practice self-restraint, cleanse our body and soul from impurities, and refocus ourselves on the worship of our god, Allah.

So when do we actually get to eat each day? It’s when we hear the Malay chant Azan at Maghrib time, which is about 7.15 pm in the evening. That particular Azan is really important because without it, we can never break our fast and eat, you know? So it is really nice to know that there are so many restaurants in Singapore playing the Azan during the fasting month. Thank you for that!

Every religion is unique in its own way, and I  feel that tolerance is just an empty virtue if we do not even understand what we are tolerating.  So each of us should really take the time to inform and educate one another, instead of judging or condemning. And if we know nuts about the practices particular religion and the reasons, we should either keep mum, or find out more.

After all,

“Empty vessels make the loudest sound. So they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers.”

With that, I wish all of my beloved Muslim readers a Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir & batin.  May this Raya be a blessed one for you and your family. 🙂

HAPPY RAYA too, from the Nadyas!


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