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That lace dress.

Remember this entry?

Well, I am going to feature some of you in my blog tonight because you ladies really rocked our lace maxis! Like what I have mentioned in my entries before, our lace maxis are suitable for all sizes, from short to tall, petite to the big & beautiful. Wearing the hijab? No problem, all you need is a long sleeved black inner lining dress which you can easily get from Geylang, Joo Chiat Complex or even Golden Landmark! Think the lace maxi is waaaay too long for you? Goodness my dear ladies, all you need to do is to alter a bit of the length and you are good to go! Pregnant but don’t know what to wear for that important wedding dinner? Our lace maxis will solve your problem no matter how small or big your tummy is.

So what’s holding you back, really? Are you still not convinced? Let me now present to you our very beautiful and definitely very contented buyers who wore our lace maxis for Hari Raya & emailed us!











Don’t each of them look drop dead gorgeous in their own unique way and style? I think so too.

Here are some of the emails we received from our buyers:

I’m Azrin. My sis snapped a pic of me,wearing Aleron on 2nd day of Raya. My husbd then, editted e pic.. 🙂 I’m 4 mths pregnant in this pic..Love how the dress fits me so nicely.. 🙂 ~Azrin


Heloo dear.. 🙂
Heard frm my fren that u lovelies wld like us (yr buyers) to send a pic with ur design outfit, rite??
So.. Here u go.. my pic attachment to u ( i noe i very tk tahu malu) hehe ;))
Anywayz, rcv lotzss of compliments frm family,relatives(although i’ve gained weight) & i promote studiofrost as well :)) And pls pls design MORE of these kind ya, dears!! I simply LOVE it!

Tankies lovelies! Selamat Hari Raya, gorgeous!! (-: Luv, Nany


Salam Kak Diah. Selamat Hari Raya!
Just to thank Studiofrost for having this lace dresses for raya. Thank god we bought from you guys as our baju raya was not ready! 🙁 How sad. However, we still enjoyed our raya. And those dresses really looks good on us. Thumbs up to Studiofrost for saving our day!
Hope Studiofrost will prosper in time to come.


Hi diah here is me n my twin in SF dresses for eid.


Hi Diah!
I wore the white lace dress during the 3rd day of hari raya as a matching outfit to my hubby’s white baju kurung. And I absolutely love it!! My hubby loves to see me in that dress (he thinks that the dress is gorgeous too) and I received lots of compliments on it. Thank you so much and I look forward to purchasing more beautiful dresses from you!! =)))


Hello is a photo of me wearing your Studiofrost’s exclusive designs.Im glad i had purchase it from u cos it is really comfortable for a pregnant lady like me :))
Anyway selamat hari raya to u and family!!


Hi dear,

I’ve just read your blog & i totally agree with all of the ladies.
I’ve bought one of your exclusive dress, Belina. & i swear its one of my best hari raya costume this year.
as for the fact that i’m a plus size, i tend to have difficulty finding the right dress tru online shopping.
but Belina totally fits me perfectly. I dont even feel suffocated wearing it.
The materials are veryvery comfortable indeed.
Infact i received alot of compliments & of cos, i recommended Studiofrost to them.

For sure this not gonna be my last purchase from Studiofrost.
Hope to see more new exclusive arrivals from Studiofrost soon!


Dear Kak Diah,
I have recently bought the black lace dress from Studiofrost and I love it. Wore it for raya recently and received many compliments about it.
However, I missed the other colours like purple, pink, red and white. If I could, I would have bought all the colours but of course during festive season, money can get very tight.
I would like to know though, if you will be having a pre-order for the other colours too? It’s almost the end of the year and lots of parties and company functions are coming up. I thought of purchasing it in another colour for my company’s D&D in November.
Do let me know, please. Hopefully the other colours will be re-stocked as well.


hello sis,
this is my sis, my mum & me in Aleron…
it suit all ages & all sizes…
even me the BIG size(in the middle) also can fit…
terima kasih sebab adakan baju yang sangat cantik & selesa.
sebagai “virgin online shopper”, saya tak menyesal memilih “studiofrost” sebagai tempat pertama untuk shopping…
harap “studiofrost” dapat adakan lebih banyak baju untuk orang yang “BIG” seperti saya…
can’t wait to continue shopping with “studiofrost”…


Greetings! I just wanna say thank you for the stunning dress. Love rocking your Aleron dress. (“,)


Awww. Thanks ladies!

The best thing about these lace maxis is, they can be worn for any special occasion – it is not just for Hari Raya. Let me repeat myself like a broken record – lace is everlasting, and you can never go wrong with it. Despite back ordering and restocking the black lace maxi dresses for 5 times already, we received email requests for the black lace maxis to make a comeback. So since you buyers have been behaving really well this year, we will accede to your requests. Hehe.

Aleron, the ever so popular black lace maxi is back by popular demand. Actual stocks will arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks, but you need to already order and make payment for it to secure a piece, or two, or more, for yourself and your loved ones!


Click HERE  to start shopping for Aleron! Limited pieces are available because our supplier is running out of black lace already! Sheesh.

Meanwhile, keep sending me your pictures in Studiofrost’s exclusive dresses to! It gives me such a great sense of pride to see our very happy buyers in Studiofrost’s exclusive designs.


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