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Thank god for my twosies.

My twosies will be turning 3 in two months time. Once again everybody, “Oh how time flies!”


I am talking about the same pair of fraternal twins that I gave birth  to on 23 September 2008. 






Do you still remember me tweeting about my contractions and dilation? Hehehe. My twin pregnancy minus the first trimester was quite a breeze, believe it or not. Of course the first trimester was a challenge – the morning sickness, nausea, lack of appetite & vomiting. I guess I was more or less used to it because I experienced the exact same thing during my first pregnancy with Sharleez. Part and parcel of all my pregnancies, I guess?  


Nobody ever believed me when I said my twin pregnancy was so much easier than my singleton pregnancy.

“How can? You have 2 babies!”

“Don’t lie. Must be difficult for you to be pregnant with twins!”

“Prepared for C-Sect? Surely cannot give birth naturally one if pregnant with twins!”

Contrary to popular belief, here is an awesome summary of my twin pregnancy:

  • I was pregnant with Mysha and Myreen for 38 weeks and 6 days.
  • They were not born premature but full term.
  • They were each 3 kg heavy when they were born.
  • I was just as active during my twin pregnancy & kept wanting to go out.
  • I did not gain a lot of weight. Whatever weight I gained was mostly due to the twins.
  • I did not enjoy taking naps.
  • I did not waddle.
  • My tummy was not wide but long. So if you were to look at me from the back, I did not look pregnant at all.
  • I gave birth to Mysha and Myreen naturally & easily.
  • I recovered faster & easier.

Of course, the first few months after they were out were very challenging for both my husband and I.  I swear I swore then never to get pregnant again.

True to popular belief (mostly), here is a not so awesome summary of the 1st few months with the twins:

  • I did not sleep well for at least 6 months. Tatek did not sleep well either, for 6 months too.
  • Mysha and Myreen took turns to wake up. They are fraternal twins, so they do not really do things at the same time. This is definitely worse than them waking up the same time. So by the time I was done feeding one, the other one would wake up for her feeding. It went on and on and on. So how to sleep like that?
  • Mysha and Myreen took turns to sleep with my mum each night for the first 6 months, especially when Tatek was working. Myreen however, was so much easier to fall asleep at night, so she ended up sleeping more with my mum. As a result, Myreen is very attached to my mum until now.
  • I managed to breastfeed Mysha and Myreen only for about 10 months because I decided to raise the white flag. I could not take it because it is a known fact that breastfed babies feed more often. So I was like spending my time in the room on the bed feeding them.  I could not do anything much. Breastfed one, then the other. I was basically just doing this on repeat mode. The final straw was when both of them decided to cry for milk at the same time. I was without a maid at that point of time, and everyone was not home. Tried cradle position- didn’t work. Tried the double football position – twins didn’t want to cooperate. I was to blame too because I was panicking. I gave up when both of them kept on crying..and I ended up crying too.  Believe me, it was not easy and I still regret raising the flag that early. I feel like I was not being fair to them both. I managed to fully breastfeed Sharleez for 2 years. But 10 months only for Mysha & Myreen.  🙁  So yeah, still a bit guilt-ridden until now. Breastfeeding them was such an emotional journey.

So many times, I have been asked whether I would like to try for another baby. My answers were never the same.

When asked this question a few days/months after Mysha and Myreen were born, my answer was “No way! Never! Enough already. Want me to faint is it?”

When asked this question a year after Mysha and Myreen were born, my answer was “What?! So tired you know take care of twins?.”

When asked this question two years after Mysha and Myreen were born, my answer was “I don’t know. What if it’s another set of twins?”

And when asked this question now, my answer is “Maybe. See how. Not a definite yes but not a definite no either.”

But really, Mysha and Myreen have definitely taught me so much. One thing for sure, it is not easy being a mother to a pair of twins. Even though they are of the same age and gender, they are different in every way possible. It’s like having two separate children at the same developmental stage. Most of the time they end up wanting and liking different things.  And come on, their personalities are way different too.

Mysha is such an independent toddler. I see her doing most things on her own, and it is really hard to see her complain or whine on normal days. During playtime, she is the one who is always more willing to share or give up her toy to Myreen. She understands the need for cooperative play. While she is the more quieter and reserved twin, she is also the one who adapts faster to a new person or environment.


Myreen on the other hand, is still a baby. During playtime, she expects to have everything her way and most of the time, she will end up snatching Mysha’s or Sharleez’s toy. Quite a funny sight because she can really snatch things fast. Despite her being the more outspoken, jovial, bubbly and friendly twin, she is also the one who takes longer to get used to strangers or a new environment.


Don’t you just wonder how I juggle sometimes? Hehehe.

To be fair, I know it is not going to be easy for both Mysha and Myreen too, growing up as twins. I mean, from the moment they were born, people already started to compare and stereotype them – Who is the eldest? Who is the quietest? Who is prettier? Who has more hair? Who is taller? Who is more intelligent? Who is the strongest? Who is friendlier? When people keep asking these questions in the presence of them both, in a way or another, it will also affect the way they see themselves. It’s like they are constantly being compared and judged.


They are growing up faster than I thought. So true, so so very true. Right now, it is really nice to see them both making choices which are not dependent on each other’s choice(s). I am trying my best now to try to dress them up differently since they are already able to make choices. For a start, colour of hairbands for each person or shoes is different, based on her own colour choice. And very soon, I am going to start dressing them up differently too, again based on their choices. It sure kills the joy of seeing them together with their big sister Sharleez dressed up alike, but it is about time they achieve a sense of their individuality. Should they decide that they all want the same dress for a particular outing, then by all means they are allowed to do so. It’s based on choices they make, after all.


And I am already feeling the jitters. What jitters? Jitters of Mysha and Myreen taking the all important exams at the same time. Think end of year exams, PSLE, GCE ‘O’, and the list goes on. How am I going to handle them, I am still not quite sure myself. But can you already feel the pressure I am in?

But despite everything, I just have to thank Allah for Mysha and Myreen. What was initially thought to be double the trouble is truthfully double the joy.


I know I am really blessed and lucky.

Love you both…and your big sister too!



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