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TGIF 2013 – Thank Goodness it’s Fibre Contest

Nowadays it is all about the speed.

You have no choice but to keep up with technology.

Technology needs to keep up with your needs as a user.

My family, we are heavy internet users. My source of income depends on the internet. Hubby’s source of entertainment depends on the internet. My girls’ school research (and occasional source of entertainment) depends on the internet too. My dad uses the Internet to read news and post updates in his Instagram on a daily basis. It’s almost like the entire household uses the internet every single minute of the day.

I wonder what we would be doing instead if the internet was not present.


Needless to say, patience is not a virtue as far as using the internet is concerned. How to be patient for instance when we are rushing for a deadline but the internet speed is just too slow or the downloading of files seems to take forever?

The only thing left to do would be to throw the computer out of the window.


So it is not a surprise that more than 1 in 3 households in Singapore are now using fibre services like OpenNet 

There are just so many benefits of Fibre broadband.


For someone who is working from home like me, you will get to enjoy:

  • Speedy download of huge work files. (So you save more time & get to be more productive as a result too.)
  • Stability in video conferencing with clients. (So that you appear professional, especially during first online meetings. You wouldn’t want the video to with your mouth wide open.)
  • Multi-tasking. (So that you can switch between websites, work documents or applications easily. This especially applies to me because I will usually open up many windows when I am at work from home.)



For those who enjoy playing games like my husband, you will get to enjoy:

  • Low latency. (So that there is no delay or waiting that increases real or perceived response time beyond the response time desired. This is especially useful if you love playing Fifa 2013, for instance.)
  • Seamless connection  (So that it is easier to send and receive information constantly without any interruption. This is crucial when you are playing games online. Right, Tatek?)

Believe me, once the husband is playing games, I am not even allowed to talk to him or walk in front of him. He is that focused, I kid you not.

He did not even realize I was taking this shot of him at the back in fact. But who cares, as long as I look good enough for the camera minus that pimple on the chin. LOL.



And for someone who needs the internet for education purposes like my girls, you will get to enjoy:

  • Speedy download of files (So that you do not waste time waiting, and you can even get to do extensive research with the time that you have. Time is precious when you are rushing for a project or school work.)
  • Ease of accessing reference materials (So that you will not spend half the day downloading materials.)
  • Increased internet connection stability (My girls lack the patience when it comes to using the internet because they expect to watch their Youtube videos almost immediately the moment they click PLAY.)


So you see, Fibre can be used for anyone young (like me) and old (like you). Ooops there was a typo there. It should be the other way round. 😀

Fibre is especially useful if you have multi-users at the same time like my family!

And Fibre can get you lucky too simply by participating in an online quiz.

How to? Click HERE!

Do not have a FB account? (Where have you been?)

Click HERE then to join the quiz!

Answer all questions correctly and you can stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of $17,000!


“A lot of things you want to do as part of daily life can now be done over the Internet.”

That said, you wouldn’t want to be living a very slow-paced life, would you? I mean, it is good to stop and pause to smell the flowers once in a while.

Let’s get real, we cannot possibly be smelling the flowers every single day.

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