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Talk For Fun?

Sharleez, Mysha & Myreen truly enjoy watching videos of them in action. They think it’s pretty awesome + unbelievable + magical that they can actually see themselves dancing, moving or singing in my handphone/laptop. R E A L L Y. Want to know how I get them up immediately for school? By playing their swimming video! Every single one of them would wake up without a single whine! Want to know how I cheer them up? By playing their dancing video. The crying would pause abruptly and stop almost immediately. Want to know how I keep them occupied while we are waiting somewhere for something or someone? By playing their singing video. They would start to sing along and forget about everything else! I am such an awesome mummy, no BIG FAT thanks to technology. 😀

 I have been thinking a lot about it. It’s really a good thing that they enjoy recording themselves, and it’s definitely not a bad idea at all for me to capture their growing up moments and store them in my handphone/computer. So I thought, why not continue to let them do what they enjoy doing BUT expose them indirectly to something else along the way? Something more beneficial while retaining the fun & the naturality of it all, I mean.  Something like the language aspects of Speech and Drama, maybe? The key word is of course, to do it indirectly.

After all, Speech and Drama is not about teaching them “What is Drama”, but rather using it to develop the language aspects. In simpler words, I just want them to ‘syok sendiri.’ That’s what kids do best, right? And one way of doing so is to let them have their own…… TALK SHOW! You know how most talk show hosts will go on and on talking without giving the chance for their guests or anyone else to talk? Or how they interrupt their guests with lame or corny jokes? Or how the audience is always forced to give a round of applause for anything and everything the talk show hosts do or say? Urghh. But you do also know how well most talk show hosts speak, right? Or how confident they always look.  And most importantly, how they are never afraid of expressing their thoughts or opinion(s). Wow.

So which aspects of a talk show do you think I want my girls to learn?

Yup, yup.

And I have to admit, I  am pretty serious about the whole idea of them having their own talk show. How serious? Well… together with the girls, I spent quite some time coming up with a name for their talkshow, designed the backdrop for their talkshow, sent the backdrop for printing, and err… I even bought wireless microphones for them! Could not find them at Funan Centre or Adelphi so I forced Tatek to bring us to Sim Lim on the same day. My purpose of going all the way (besides making full use of my driver, Tatek) is to just let them feel that they are indeed TV presenters in their own right and world, with their own talk show, mic and all. And the topic for every episode is really up to the talk show host for that particular episode. It can be about anything at all. If Sharleez wants to share her favourite recipe, so be it. If  Myreen wants teach everyone how to dance to a Britney Spears song, so be it. If Mysha wants to talk about her Beauty and The Beast on repeat mode, so be it too. Anything goes. Everything goes. No rules at all.

Wait. Maybe there’s just one rule – THEY NEED TO HAVE FUN.

Want to know the name of the talk show?

Drum roll, please!

It is called…..TALK FOR FUN.

Hwa hwa. WHAT?! Were you expecting something more chim?

So yeah anyway, we already did the first episode. I am going to try to make it a point to feature only one Nadya per episode so that she can really syok sendiri, not syok together

And to all the mummies and daddies reading my blog, feel free to view the video together with your kids! Please do not judge the Nadyas, okay! They are doing it just for the fun, and nothing else. 😀

Episode 1: Sharleez & Rainbow Bread!


Did you see how the backdrop was pathetically taped to the wall?

Did you, did you?! AWWW SHUCKS!

Oh well, I am so sure you can *finally* sense how SERIOUS I am about this entire thing. :/

I really am, hokaaaaaaayyyyy.

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