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T.W.O be continued.

Remember this entry?

Well, we turned two. There were several setbacks during the party like how we could not start the party on time, how the balloons popped one after another, and how extremely late the pizza delivery man was, but because we are the incredible twos who turned two, the setbacks were nothing to us, reaaaaaally. There were NOT  nothing to Mummy, however. She was pretty riled that the pizza delivery man was STILL late despite her calling them waaaaaaaaay in advance to place an order and have it delivered at the stipulated time. But because she is Mummy (ehem..ehem..), she managed to get 20% off the total pizza bill.

However, we both were pretty affected by the very fact that we could not blow out the pathetic little candles despite us always claiming to be all so strong and mighty.


Pretty embarassing, we tell you. We could see that our birthday cakes were pretty soggy on the surface as a result. We wonder whyyyyyyy. ;p But hey, we eventually did manage to blow out the candles, with the help of Dada.

Come on people, it’s Dada! How can he NOT DO anything?


Big hugs & wet kisses,

Mysha N. & Myreen N.


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