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Studioperfect Weddings Soft Launch

2 May 2010 was the soft launch of yet another baby of us, Studioperfect Weddings. Oh yes people, welcome us please because we have now ventured into the wedding industry! It took us quite a while to reach this stage because it takes a lot of effort and determination after all to move even a tiny step up the ladder. There were a lot of things that we needed to consider, plan, prepare and execute. Sometimes, both Nurul and I just felt like giving up because we were challenged many times by circumstances. But I am just so thankful that my parents were there throughout our rough times and even rendered their support when we needed it most. Only God knows how much they really believe in us and Studioperfect Weddings.

When we were planning for the soft launch, we initially thought of just doing a simple decor ourselves for the event. Honestly speaking, we did not think of collaboration because we are after all, still new in this. But Daddy was so worried that our style of decoration would fail to impress others. It was after all, the launch of Studioperfect Weddings he insisted. I suddenly thought of the word ‘collaboration’ and asked Nurul and Daddy whether we could actually collaborate with a decor company for the soft launch. Nurul and I immediately announced at Facebook, Multiply and Twitter and within minutes, (alhamdullilah!) we had a couple of decor companies emailing us to express their interests to collaborate with us for the soft launch. It was not easy initially to select the decor company most suited for our launch because the decor companies that emailed us were all pretty established ones.

How did we eventually decide, you ask?

 It was pretty easy to decide after we met up with a couple of the good people from the various decor companies actually. There was this one particular decor company that we really liked and in fact, still like. The person in charge was just so easy to work with, and what really stupefied us was her eagerness to listen to our needs and wants for the soft launch, and her determination to do only the best for the soft launch. And oh, she initially did not want a booth even for her decor company during the launch because she simply loves doing what she does. Of course we forced her to still have a booth for her company, and boy were we glad that we did- there were a lot of couples on that day who enquired about them.

How not to enquire when their work is this beautiful?






I swear I wished I could get married one more time there and then when I saw the setup for the event, I tell you. It was everything that we had imagined it to be, and more than what we expected it to be too. Lyana and the whole gang from Luxe Nuptials, thank you so very much for everything. The soft launch was definitely not the last collaboration with you guys- we want all our clients to know about Luxe Nuptials!


Click HERE to be directed to Luxe Nuptials’ website.


Besides Luxe Nuptials, we were very grateful to Ayu from Simply Cupcakes too for contributing her ever so lovely cupcakes for the soft launch. Ayu too did not want a booth during the launch and told to accept the cupcakes and see the contribution as her way of saying thank you for supporting Simply Cupcakes all along. We would have forced Ayu to take up a booth too on that day but due to some personal reasons better left unrevealed, we respected her decision to not have a booth to promote her wedding cakes services.




Prior to the launch, I have ordered cupcakes from Ayu several times for several occasions like Nurul and Ian’s engagement, and Mysha & Myreen’s 1st birthday party. Eh wait, i think my sister Ili has also ordered cupcakes from Ayu before. So you see, the reason why we keep ordering from Simply Cupcakes is because Ayu’s cupcakes are really the best so far that we have ever tasted. Besides the extremely neat and well decorated cupcakes, the frosting is not as hard like the typical icing frosting, and the cupcakes taste really good! I am not a sweet tooth for sure, so you can be sure that Simply Cupcakes have the right balance of sweetness. I am not exaggerating here when I say I will never trade Ayu’s cupcakes for any other cupcakes. You have got to try them to get what I mean. For a start, Omar can teach you how to eat a cupcake.


Click HERE to be directed to Simply Cupcakes.

With a beautiful setup already in place, all that was left of us to do was to usher the brides and groom in to their respective seats to beautify the place even more. I have to say a big thank you once again to all our models for that day because despite it being our very first time working with each and every one of them, they were so easy to work with and all of us clicked almost instantly with each other. There were no signs of tension or uneasiness at all! We could joke with them without having to fear whether or not they would be offended, and we could even tease each other. We did not even hear them whine despite having to sit still from 2 pm all the way till 9 pm! The smile on their faces did not wear – the smile on their faces was almost permanent! Thank you once again Melissa, Amira, Zarifah, Nurul Jannah, and of course Omar Cowley, for the professionalism and newly found friendship. We certainly hope that would not be the last time we work together. We received and are still receiving positive feedback from our clients and complete strangers who view the pictures taken during the soft launch, and it’s all thanks to you guys! Sure, Nurul and I dolled all of you up, but you guys worked it really well. So A BIG FAT THANK YOU. 🙂










Special thanks also to Cassim and Ali for assisting us with the Studiofrost Big Sale. We truly appreciate you both taking the time off your busy Sunday to be there for us. All I can say is, we can never go wrong with an intellect like Cassim around. Haha!


Poor Ali. All our models are sadly attached so he had to make do with Mysha, the grumpy bride. 


But even the grumpy bride wanted a change of outfit.


And what would we do without the strong support from the big Studiofrost familyas usual? My family will always help unconditionally each time we have an event, and it is so heartening to see how every one of them would really be there for us from the eve till the end of the event. If only we could give the world to them for helping us this much all along. If only we could let them know that they are truly appreciated for everything that they have done for Studiofrost and Studioperfect Weddings. Without them, I do not think it is possible for us to attain what we already have right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again to Mak and Daddy for always believing. Thank you to my husband for being my very strong pillar of support, and for having so much faith in me. Thank you Ian for always ensuring that there is law and order in the business, and for believing that Studioperfect Weddings can go far. Thank you Shafiq, Ili and Sofia for being there for us throughout the entire event. Sofia, thank you for taking charge of the sales section on that day, and for running to and fro to get the stocks for the customers despite wearing boots and still wanting to look chic. Ili, thank you for ensuring that there was music and thank you for snapping beautiful pictures of the brides and groom. Shafiq, thank you for still continuing to be the cashier despite it being a rough day for you. And to my dearest partner in crime Nurul, I am so proud of us for being able to go this far. We got here with hard work, and it will also be because of hard work before we can make the next step forward. Our journey will not always be smooth sailing, but let’s stay humble as always and keep the faith going because you know and I know that we will eventually make it. Insya’allah. Love you loads!



This is the customary family picture. I am just so proud of my family because we stand by each other through thick or thin, all the time.


So there you have it, the soft launch of Studioperfect Weddings.



Do feel free to enquire more about our engagement and wedding services by emailing us at or contacting us directly at 96177425 or 90676272. You can even arrange to book an appointment with us to view our portfolio and see our collection of bridal outfits. Right now, we are collaborating with a photography company and a decor company, and they will be included in our promotional wedding packages as well! Our promotional packages are definitely cheaper than the rest in the wedding industry because we are still new, and we feel strongly that seeing is believing.

Too much talk is cheap, sometimes.

 To view the rest of our portfolio, do feel free to add us in Facebook too. Email address to add will be

Congratulations to us on the successful launch.  Alhamdullilah.

Now it’s back to more work. 🙂


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