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Studiofrost Exclusive Hari Raya Collection

I guess you can pretty much call me and Nurul fashion designers already – we design what we think is in fashion for our buyers. So technically, doesn’t that make us fashion designers?

For Hari Raya this year, you ladies are really in luck because basically you can wear whatever we both will be wearing for Raya too! Honestly speaking, we have had enough of emails asking us where we did our past Raya outfits or whether we could mass produce our Raya outfits for our buyers to buy as well. So we decided to design what we would wear for Raya this year, and mass produce each design in several popular as well as unique colours for you ladies to choose and go crazy over.  How nice of us. Don’t forget to thank us, okay? ;p

And you are in luck because Nurul is pregnant. Why, a pregnant lady needs ample space for her tummy and other areas like the hips, chest, and also the err. butt. So since the pregnant one still wants to look fashionably good for Hari Raya with her super huge tummy, we figured we should design outfits that can be worn by ladies of all sizes and shapes. How so, you ask?

Let me now elaborate because you see, I am a fashion designer. Haha!

First up, our chiffon maxis/long dresses.

So what if the chiffon is not stretchable in the first place? The waist area has a stretchable band. So the bigger you are, the more it will stretch. And to complete the look, you tie a black sash which is included, around it!



And one thing I really love about our designs is how much space there is at the tummy area. Thinking of eating two plates of Lontong but quite concerned about the size of the tummy after those two plates? Dont worry, our maxis will do the hiding job, so you can eat as many plates of Lontong you desire. Not convinced? Just look at the 7+ months pregnant Nurul wearing it. She does not look like she is suffocating, right? Enough said.



 In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret – both Nurul and I have sent some of our chiffon maxis for beading because we just want to look very va-va-voom for Raya! In fact, the gorgeous chiffon maxi that Nurul wore for Sinar Lebaran is from Studiofrost too, and it was originally plain, can you believe it? What Nurul did was to send the chiffon maxi for a bit of beadwork and voila! You can do it too, and it does not necessarily have to be extensive beadwork. You can even DIY using sew ons or iron ons! 🙂 Be creative!


My dear ladies, if you are not quite a fan of chiffon, how about stretchable lace? After all, you can never go wrong with lace. I especially love how lace accentuates one’s figure without revealing your errr, fats.


Don’t like it long? How about getting a short one instead? You can wear match it with your favourite pants or your own inner lining!


Don’t have your own inner lining dress? How about getting this entire set then, with the lining dress included? And for this particular design, the sash is attached to the lace, so all you need to do is to tie back the sash according to the width of your body. No need to even worry about your sash moving up, down, left or right.



So basically, what I am trying to say is this – all of our designs can be mixed, matched, and even revamped according to your own taste and creativity. The best thing is, you can even use your own inner lining for all our exclusive designed outfits. For Hijab wearers, wear a long sleeved inner lining, and you can look just as good! Whoever said we don’t have you Hijab wearers in mind? Aren’t we such geniuses? ;p

With that, I present Studiofrost Exclusive Hari Raya Collection.



Woahh, didn’t know we designed that many! Now, now which one to wear for Hari Raya?

Why get something that is selling for $199 or more at the local boutique when you can get something exclusively designed by Studiofrost for less than $100?

Think about it.

Don’t take that long to think it over because each design and colour comes in limited quantities – we want to retain the exclusitivity of all our designs, remember?

And remember, our exclusive Hari Raya collection can also be worn for special occasions like that d&d, wedding dinners or even a hot date with that special someone! How convenient!

So we will see you HERE?

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