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Sorry Sorry Strawberry.

Nearly everyone has been hurt at least once by the actions or words of another.

And that act that hurt or offended us might always remain a part of our lives. So do we forgive or not?

That is often the question.

When we forgive, we decide that we will let go of the resentment and any thoughts of revenge. We will also get that much needed peace that will help us get on with life.

But forgiveness comes from within, and therefore it is not something that can easily be forced. Sure, we can always force our children to forgive each other whenever they have their fights or arguments, but that’s just us showing our authority as parents doing our job as parents and teaching them one of the important values in life; the art of forgiving. When they get bigger and are more able to think for themselves, they have the right actually to decide whether or not someone is deserving of an apology from them. And that’s when the values that we have taught them since young will come in handy! Oh goody, goody.

In life, it is not always about proving who is right and who is wrong. Consequently, while being older may equate to increased wisdom, it does not necessarily mean that old people are necessarily always wise and ALWAYS RIGHT. Everyone cannot run from making mistakes, regardless of age.

So I really loathe it when people say stuff like,

“Just give in. He is much older. You need to respect him.”

Excuse me? I am sorry but I believe I am old enough to decide who I should respect. If your actions and behaviour turn me off, then I am sorry but you do not deserve the respect at all. I believe it takes one respectful person to respect another.

“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.” 

For a start, the reason why someone came to you for advice was because that someone truly respected you as an elderly, and that someone believed that you could lend a listening ear, at the very least. But since you decided to shun that someone almost immediately instead of giving him the much needed advice in return, do you think you still deserve the respect? Do you somehow think that someone should still come to you to ask for your forgiveness?

Disappointment will best describe the above situation, if I were in that someone’s shoes. 

Well, I am just saying. 😀

Oh, I am not referring to my parents, my parents-in-law, or even my family members here because they are all awesome, and I adore them the same. <3

Some of us like to assume during our free time, so it’s best that I clarify first.

In any case, thank you for reading. I just had to get my thoughts out, pardon me.

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