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Something called FAITH.

I believe most parents want the best for their children. (There are some who just couldn’t care less too.)

And sometimes, even if their children tend to disappoint them with the choices they make or the path they take, the parents will eventually be there for them. Eventually because well, parents need some time to digest and understand why things happen or why things do not go as what they have planned for their children. Major heartbreak, you know?

As humans, we often err . We forget that we can only plan or do so much. We forget that we cannot determine the future. As a result, many decisions in life are difficult to make, largely because the future itself is that hard to predict.

You know, when I was younger , I did not appreciate the discipline imposed by my parents, and often showed the ugly side of me to my parents to show my protest. I wanted freedom so badly as a teenager and I thought I was treated like a prisoner. HAHA! I had tight curfews, I could not use the phone at night, and I was not even allowed to talk to my male friends. There was once, my dad threw my pager for coming home thirty minutes late. My curfew was at 10 pm, but I ended up reaching home at 10.30 pm. Then, I was grounded for a few days. I blogged about this before, so you can read more about this HERE. 

I cried for so many days, and thought my parents did not understand me. I thought my parents were mean and ridiculously strict. I envied my friends who had the freedom to do whatever they wanted.

The rest is history because my parents somehow learnt to accept how I wanted things to be. They S L O O O W L Y learnt to let go, even though my curfews still remained even after I got engaged. Yeahh. And now, they are what I call, MY SUPER COOL PARENTS!

But hey, look at me today. I am no minister, magistrate or doctor (even though they wanted me to be one) but I believe I am someone that my parents can still be very proud of. And I think that matters to me more than anything else in this world; to be able to bring pride and joy with my hard work and achievements to my parents , my kids, my husband and in short, my family. It was only after I became a parent myself did I finally understand why my parents did what they did…

I am their firstborn, I am their daughter, and I was their hope and dreams.

I did not manage to fulfill some of their dreams and hopes, and for that, I used to wish I could turn back time and make amends. I regret some of my past actions even until now but hey, I have also learnt to accept the fact that I am not perfect. I have learnt to accept my flaws and my imperfections. I have learnt to move on and let go.

And that’s what we should all do too; TO MOVE ON AND LEARN TO LET GO.

Life is too short to bear grudges. Life is too short to make enemies. Life is too short to be petty over every single thing.

True, sometimes life can hit you hard. Sometimes, you get knocked down and you don’t even see it coming. Some can hit you so hard and bring you down to your knees. When this happens, it’s not about how or where you got hit. It’s not about who exactly hit you. It’s about how hard you got hit, but still find the strength to get back up and move forward without looking back.

But then it all goes back to character. Your character is not defined by what happens to you, but rather by how you react to things. Sometimes, you have to fully accept that you yourself are responsible for the quality and condition of your life. My question is, how badly do you want something, and how badly will you fight for it? If you choose to do nothing about it because it is less painful that way, then the real pain is not gone but simply…deferred. And when that someone/something is really gone, what do you do? Will you regret because you gave up too soon or did not try hard enough? Or will you just wish for the best for that someone or something, and really mean it? How will you handle things, no matter how bad they can get?

 At the end of the day, faith is what keeps you going.

And if you let it, faith will somewhat deliver you to your destination in life one fine day, no matter how long it will take.

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

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