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So you think they can dance?

I feel guilty sometimes for being too busy to even capture my girls’ growing up moments. It’s like I am there physically with them almost all the time, but I hardly make the extra effort to stop whatever I am doing or pause for a second even at that very instance to simply watch them grow.  “Don’t grow up too fast!” We are all guilty of this statement time and time again, aren’t we? So my question is this, if we do not want them to grow up too fast, then why aren’t we as parents making the effort to spend more quality time with them? Why let the moments just pass us by, day by day? We contradict ourselves, right? So yeah, I am forever guilty as charged.

Thankfully, I have been able to spend a lot of quality time with all my girls for the past few days. Just for this week, I purposely arranged for my makeup classes to start during the later part of the week. I am lucky I guess because since I work from home, I have the choice to decide when I want to work and when I do not. So we did what we would normally do before my working schedule was this tight – we painted, we danced, we talked, we laughed, we ate junk food (ooops!), we irritated each other, we kissed, we hugged. I wish I could do all these with them every single day, without having to worry about anything else you know, WORK. Quite impossible, isn’t it?

One thing you must know about my girls is this – they love dancing a lot! I love to destress and watch them dance. It just gives me this great feeling of satisfaction knowing that they can freely express themselves through the dance moves that they themselves come up with for every single dance. Maybe not so much on the inviduality as yet because the twins just love to imitate whatever their big sister is doing. But hey, I think that is perfectly alright too because they really look up to Sharleez as their role model. Everyone needs a role model, y’know?

And today, they conquered the dance floor with three songs back to back.

Wanna watch? Hehehe. Oh, prior to them dancing, Sharleez instructed Mysha and Myreen to stand BEHIND her. In other words, they were her backup dancers. Tsk!


So you think they can dance?

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