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She banged! She banged!

Today was not quite my lucky day.

Or was it really, a blessing in disguise? 

Read on.

If you have been following my Facebook and/or Instagram updates, you would have noticed that it was my day out with my daughters today.

Everything looked so nice and perfect, huh?

Well, something else actually happened in between.



Continue reading first.

We were on our way to town. The CTE exit was, as usual, jam packed. Had to play with the brake like every second or so. However, there was one instance where I looked down for one second to check on something (not telling you what exactly it is) and the next second, I heard quite a loud THUD sound.


My girls were panicking already at the back.

“Mummy, are you okay?”

“Oh my god Mummy, what sound was that?”

“See lah you adik, who ask you to make so much noise when Mummy is driving?”

I was scratching my head like a “gong-gong”.

“WHAT THE HECK?!!!!” I thought to myself.

The driver of the van, he got down from his van, gave the back of his van a check, smiled at me warmly and gave me the thumbs up sign.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

And he drove off.



My car plate has no more hope already, by the way. Must go and make a new one tomorrow. LOL.

Anyway, let me continue with my story. It is about to get touchy. Well yeah okay, technically my car touched the van earlier.

I was too panic-stricken to really drive from there on. My knees were wobbly. Really they were! I called the hubby (who was sleeping as he just came back from his night shift) to tell him what happened. As usual, whenever something disastrous happens, he is always so calm and encouraging about it. He is never the kind to add on to my worries or make me feel worse.

“Are you okay? Are the kids okay? Just drive to Orchard slowly and do your shopping. It’s okay to feel like this, but it will go away.”

So I drove all the way till we reached our destination. After all, I could not possibly disappoint my girl, could I? I had promised them that I would bring them to My Little Pony showcase at Cathay Cineleisure.

Yes, I did manage to distress myself for an hour or so, but the butterflies in my tummy seemed to multiply. I could not stop the nauseating feeling. The thought of driving back home just made me want to vomit immediately.

I asked the hubby whether he could actually come down to Orchard to drive us back home.

Mind you, he was still sleeping before I called him. That was about 2 pm. And he had to leave for work at 5.30 pm for his night shift.

I felt bad minutes later for even making such a request. So I told him to just scrape the idea, and that I would drive home slowly.

The hubby got himself ready, took a train, and reached Orchard at 4 pm.

And he drove us back home safely.

He ended up late to work as a result.

Touched already?


I know the hubby will do anything for me. ANYTHING.

I do feel guilty at times for not giving him the much-needed attention that he hopes to get from me. Ever since the girls came along into our lives, my attention has been diverted almost 100% to them instead.


Being a work from home mummy means that I am usually very overworked and tired by the time evening comes every single day. I may not have the time or the energy to really communicate with the hubby on a daily basis.

I guess we have to really make time for our spouse no matter how busy we are with the kids or work. We need to set aside a large block of time at least once a week to be together, without the kids. Breakfast or lunch dates are more than good enough.

We have to keep reconnecting. Remember who we married and why. We did not get married to have children right from the start; we got married because we were in love with each other. And now that we are raising children, we need to keep reminding each other what it is that we love about each other.

Sure, some things change along the way.

Sometimes we do wonder whether our spouse is the same person we got married to.

Here’s the thing – people change along the way.

Sometimes, they change and forget to tell each other.

Our needs are changing by the day as we take on new responsibilities. That’s only natural.

Change is good.

Even moderate change can reap meaningful benefits.

Don’t ever let rigidity or fear stifle our growth.

At the end of the day, no matter what we do, our children need to grow with love.

That should pretty much settle everything.

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