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Sharleez, School & The Number 3

The things parents would do for their children – besides having two separate birthday celebrations at home, we decided to have a simple cake cutting session with Sharleez’s teacher and friends in school. It was really impromptu, honestly.  The story is this- the cake which I ordered for Sharleez’s theme party turned out bigger than expected- the cake was HUGE! Of course we could not finish the entire cake by ourselves no matter how many servings we each had. So rather than to let the cake go to waste, I figured it would be sweet to share the cake with Sharleez’s classmates. After all, she SHOULD  have a celebration in school too. Shame on me for forgetting all about having a celebration in school. It took me quite some time actually to get used to the fact that my girl is ALREADY in school.

So yes, we asked her Teacher Huda the next day whether we could have a simple celebration for Sharleez during their tea break. Teacher Huda was more than happy to allow the celebration to take place despite the last minute notice. We came back later with the cake, and the cake cutting session took place. Sharleez was so excited, she actually asked her classmates to clap for her. “Come on everybody, clap your hands now!” And her classmates obeyed. Such a cute sight!




Mysha and Myreen were really keyed up when they went inside Sharleez’s classroom. They were smiling and giggling at Sharleez’s friends, and made themselves at home. Look at where Myreen’s leg were positioned and you will know what I mean. 🙂



Once again, thank you Teacher Huda for allowing Sharleez to share her special day with you and her friends.




I am sure it meant a lot to Sharleez! 🙂

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