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Shan Ehan: An oath

Dearest Shan Ehan,

Welcome to a whole new place called…the world.

Doesn’t the world seem bigger now that you are out of your mummy’s tummy? Indeed, my dear boy. But I am sure your big gorgeous eyes are there for a reason – to see what this big world has to offer someone as awesome as you.


Yes, you are awesome. Remember that by hard now.

For a start, you had two separate baby shower parties to well, shower you with love, gifts, kisses and hugs from everyone who had been so eager to welcome your long awaited arrival. Even I did not have that when I was a baby. But I get it – so many people wanted to see you, hence two parties for you. So let me tell you what actually happened during the baby shower party because you were well, asleep 99% of the time, and obviously oblivious to your surroundings.

For the 2nd baby shower party held over the weekend, we were really privileged to have the food sponsored by my blog clients who are now my friends – Sabariyah and Sharifah! Sabariyah sponsored the main menu – mee soto and mee rebus, while Sharifah sponsored three different types of pastries – brownies, fruit tarts and chocolate cream puffs. Sorry that you were not yet able to enjoy the luxurious food because the only food you know and want is your mummy’s milk. Boy, you are really such a heavy (milk) drinker! I spied with my eyes how often you wanted to nurse during the first few days. Don’t worry, I understand you completely – your cousins Sharleez, Mysha and Myreen loved my milk that much too. Enough about breast milk for now. I mean, why talk about that when we can talk about real, adult food? Sorry Shan, but it is a known fact that your auntie here is a glutton when it comes to food and anything close to it. So do bear with me for a while while I talk about the glory of food.

During the baby shower party, almost everyone was raving about the dessert corner for mainly three reasons – brownies, fruit tarts and chocolate cream puffs.


They say one has got to taste it to believe it. Well, I tasted the brownies, fruit tarts and chocolate cream puffs over and over again, and as usual, I was impressed by Sharifah’s chocolate hands. I have done an advertorial for her before. Remember the advertorial about her chocolate brownies, kek tapak kuda and her marble nutella cake? Ahh, this supermummy of a pair of twins can do more just as long as there is chocolate. Shan, when you are bigger, do not forget to call Auntie Sharifah at 91163964 to thank her for sponsoring the pastries for your 2nd baby shower party.

The beautiful lady in yellow is Auntie Sharifah. Look at her gorgeous family, Shan. Don’t mind the uncle in blue, though. You will come to realize that he will always be there for your family functions because he is such a good friend of your daddy. Someday you will understand the value of true friendship. And err, in case you forgot, your daddy is the one in white in the picture. But don’t try to be funny and pretend to not recognize your daddy because you know you look like a replica of your daddy. Blueek.


 Another person that you need to thank would be Auntie Sabariyah because not only did she sponsor the mee soto and mee rebus, but she also provided us with the cutleries, tables, and even dessert stands. If that was not enough, she even bought Mysha, Myreen and Sharleez a box of chocolate each after the event. I really adore this lady here because she has a heart of gold. I did an advertorial for her before too, and hers was to promote The Moncheros. My dear Shan, in the case of Auntie Sabariyah, you have two choices – either email her directly at or go directly to her stall Hj Waliti Hj Mazuki at Haig Road #01-18 to thank her personally. I saw so many guests having their second helpings of food. I guess that can only mean one thing – they enjoyed Auntie Sabariyah’s food! We enjoyed it too! Again, too bad for you that you could not eat the food. But I am sure your mummy’s milk tasted like mee soto that day, if its any consolation. Hehe.




Just for your reference, Auntie Sabariyah is the beautiful lady in blue. Remember her, Shan. And another lady that you need to always remember is the one in purple – she is the best aunt one could ever ask for. I sweaaaaaaar. ;p





 Wait. I am not done yet. There are still some more important people that you need to thank. Information overloaded already, Shan? Just get your mummy to prepare you a thank you speech, will you?

Now Shan, before you start assuming that your party was not a biggie since the food was all sponsored anyway, let me now tell you something – it was not a fully sponsored party. Shan Ehan, I think now is the best time for you to get to know your Nana and Dada. First things first, your Nana and Dada are not the kind of people who like to solely depend on sponsorship especially when it comes to food. I know why and I will tell you why – they do not like people to think that they are not capable of preparing good food for their guests because fact of the matter is, they are MORE than capable of doing so. In fact, they both make such good cooks and host/hostess, everyone will definitely love them after meeting them for the first time. I am not lying because it is another known fact. Anyone who comes to my house is never EVER allowed to leave the house with an empty stomach. Ask your mummy and she will say the same thing. Your Nana just loves to feed anyone and everyone with her homecooked food. I saw how much effort both Nana and Dada put into your party to make sure that it was prim and proper. The day before the party, Nana was already preparing the food that she insisted on adding on to the buffet area. Yeah Shan, I tried to convince her not to cook anything at all because I thought she needed a break from cooking. But I failed, miserably. In fact, they had only an hour of sleep the night before because they were already up as early as 3 am to fry all the sardine puffs, banana fritters, samosa and vadei. Do you know what this means? This means that you and your parents mean so much to them.

Dada’s main priority when it comes to food is the presentation. So believe it or not Shan, the whole setup for the buffet area was arranged and carefully planned by your Dada. I guess you can pretty much call him a perfectionist. Don’t say I did not warn you beforehand Shan about your Dada! Always remember to comb your hair neatly before you come to visit him.  ;p



So besides the pastries provided by Sharifah, Nana also made several goodies to add on to the buffet area namely, banana fritters, her famous sardine puffs, popiah goreng, agar-agar gudil, agar-agar merah, and her also famous vadei. Oh, and let’s not forget the apple tea and fruit punch! Nana is somehow somewhat addicted to cooking for our family functions. It’s almost mandatory for her to cook, and nobody in the family can force her NOT to cook.




With the buffet area as full and colourful as this, we were more than happy to welcome the important guests for the party. On your behalf, let me just thank all the guests who graced your party the other day! I am sure their presence meant a lot to you and your parents. And yup, their presents too. Haha!











Don’t forget to say your big thanks to your cousins, aunties and uncles who helped to make your party a huge success too! Yes I know, you must be thinking right now “Thank my cousins? For interrupting my sleep?”  I am sorry they like to disturb you and play with your hands especially. But you cannot blame them entirely. Who asked you to be this cute in the first place? Not happy? Wake up then and give them a little punch with your little fist. ;p

It is such a pity that we do not have proper pictures of Mama Ili and Papa Piq for this entry because Mama Ili was too busy being the photographer for the party while Papa Piq was always not anywhere near the camera. 🙁 Oh before I forget, on behalf of Nana and Dada, a big thanks to Caci for just being there throughout the event. I know that it meant a lot to them to have her around. The ever so nice Nek Nah was kind enough to “sponsor” grapes for the party. She need not have done so, but she did it straight from her heart. Doesn’t it feel good to know that there are indeed real and nice people around who like to help others and not expect anything back in return?  🙂



And lastly but most importantly Shan, always remember to thank God for your parents because your parents have waited this long for you. Your mummy’s labour was not even easy to begin with, and I bet you would cry buckets one day if your mummy tells you the details of her labour story. Everyone teared when you were finally born. I know your parents will definitely do anything in the world at all, just for you. You are that precious to them, just like how you are to us too. So I hope you will never take them or life for granted.




But I trust you know better , you smart boy you! 🙂

And just for the record, your beautiful name Shan Ehan Muhamad Sofian, was given by your daddy.


Yup, that’s how he looks like when he is deep in thoughts. I suggest you do not come near him when you see him looking like that in the near future.

Okay Shan, can I like stop here?

I know I am the world’s greatest aunt and all, but I still cannot believe I typed this extremely long entry just to prove how great an aunt I am.

But honestly speaking Shan, I cannot wait to get to know you better, my most beloved newborn nephew. One thing for sure, I know you will be a wonderful person because you see, wonderful people are all around you (ehem ehem). Have fun growing up! 🙂

For the time being, you sleep all you want, and keep them eyebags away!


Lots of love,

Your number 1 aunt,


MAMA DEE? (!!!!!!)


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