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When Sharleez asked whether she could bring a camera to her zoo excursion, her Mama E immediately offered to lend Sharleez her digital camera.

That got not only Sharleez but me excited as well!

Like seriously? My girl is big enough to go to the zoo with her friends and teachers, and oh, handle the camera on her own. Without me around?!

My daughter is so cool!

It is a perfectly normal thing to have anxiety each time your child goes on a school trip, but I have also learnt that I cannot let my fear and anxiety rob my child of the joy and experience.

So yeah, I was actually very cool about the entire school trip and the bringing of camera to the trip. I was so tempted to follow the school bus from behind till they safely reach the zoo.

Okay, where was I again?

Yeah, I was very cool about it. 😀

Besides, photography is a good hobby for children, and it teaches them to think and look critically at their own images. Through photography, they can even learn to tell a story, convey their emotions, and much more! It is important to let kids know that they can take photographs of whatever they are interested in. And whatever they are interested in need not be something of your interest. Keep the hobby fun and enjoyable for them. There should not be any pressure to always capture a great photo. Even the best photographers take hundreds of photos before they can finally get that one great shot.

Ili gave Sharleez some basic photography lessons prior to her trip. Hehehe. I wonder whether Ili did teach Sharleez about the rule of thirds too.  😀

So are you ready to have a look at some of the shots my girl took? She went a bit hysterical actually when she found out that I was going to put up the pictures she took. She was like “Oh dear Mummy, you think my pictures are good enough for everyone to see? Will they laugh?” 

I am not a professional photographer or anything like that, but I actually think she did a pretty awesome job. And I told her just that. I mean, the pictures didn’t give me an eyesore or anything like that, so that should suffice, right? Besides, I could immediately figure out what the point of interest was for MOST of the shots she took.

Well done, Sharleez! Do not worry too much about what others think because that will only deter you from being you. But sometimes, we need constructive criticism too in order to learn and to improve ourselves. And sometimes, giving too much praise is just as damaging as not giving enough praise.

photography quote 1

So yeah.

Let me present to you, the wonderful shots by Sharleez! Some shots were taken by her teachers!

Hehe. Thank you Teacher Su & Teacher Huda for posing for Sharleez. So cute!


Teacher Su & Teacher Aida!


This is Hannah, one of Sharleez’s best friends in school! 🙂



And then of course, what is a visit to the zoo without pictures of the animals?

So she took pictures of…

The parrots!


The crocodile! She was super proud of this shot because “The crocodile is super huge, Mummy! Can you see or not?!!”


The monkey…somewhere in the picture. According to Sharleez, the monkey was really noisy, so she knew she had to snap a picture to show me! Errmm. Sure Sharleez, I now know what a noisy monkey looks like! 😀


The bats! Cannot spot them? I could not spot them earlier too. Rub your eyes and try to find them again. 😀


And oh my god, my daughter now knows how to take self shots of herself already! (Must learn how to angle your face next time, okay? :S)


These two girls just could not stop snapping pictures of each other! So vain!


I cannot imagine them taking this shot themselves! Like what did they say to each other prior to the shot? HEHE.


That’s Myreen with some of her classmates and Teacher Tuty! And oh, do you see that cute boy sitting next to Myreen? His name is Ghazie, and she finds him cute! So I will always tease her with him just to see her blush. Ssshh. It’s just a little crush. Do not tell her I told you this.


Can you spot Mysha? Poor Mysha, only a back shot of her. But still cute, nevertheless. :S



I am certainly looking forward to more school trips, more awesome shots, and more storytelling through the pictures.

Sometimes we just need less words and more pictures. 

Sometimes, less is more.

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