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Meet The Satay Boy.

Do you know why I love family celebrations? It gives me and the rest of my family members the excitement to keep making it through days that seem pretty mundane and purposeless at times. We need things to look forward to because majority of our days are spent doing trivial tasks.

And I also know my parents love to use celebrations as an excuse to gather with their children and grandchildren, the people who mean the most to them.

We have gone through so many types of ridiculous theme parties at home, so we decided to take the plunge, break the routine, and have an outdoor BBQ party by the beach instead for Nurul’s 28th birthday celebration.

If truth be told, we have always put aside the idea of an outdoor birthday celebration because we thought it would be such a tedious process altogether, what with the things to prepare to bring and set up, and the unpredictable weather. What we didn’t know was how easy an outdoor celebration could be if we keep things simple and well-organized. Keep it as simple as we would for our normal indoor birthday celebrations, and we can never go wrong.








 We would have booked a chalet if we could for Nurul’s birthday celebration, but since the chalets were fully booked (what’s new?), it was just a BBQ pit at Pasir Ris Park and yes, the beach party. Theme for the party was, ‘Beach Party’.  I am sorry that our theme this time round is very predictable. Well, you cannot possibly expect us to look ridiculous even in public? Spare us! Public image is very important these days, you know? ;p 

Thank god for my cousin Boboy for the on-site BBQ services called ‘Satay Boy’ which he just started! For once, Mak did not have to think about the food for the party. Okay maybe not. Mak could not stop herself actually from preparing some food, and ended up contributing two big containers of bee hoon goreng. 



The rest of the food for the party, we ordered from Satay Boy! Yes, yes, we ordered. Cannot expect everything in life to be free, right? Personally, I feel family and relatives are the ones who are supposed to give the fullest support by buying and contributing to each other’s business, and not expect this and that to be free or at discounted rates all the time. That’s not how it works.

Satay boy provides all types of BBQ food ready to be grilled like satay, stingray sambal, sambal prawns and Satay Boy’s homemade BBQ chicken wings.

Let me fill you in a bit about Satay Boy’s satay now. Have you heard of Rex Satay (Rasa Sentosa)? Well, the owner, Haji Misri, is Satay Boy’s father! By far, Rex Satay is the best satay I have ever tasted. I am not saying this just because Haji Misri is my uncle, Boboy is my cousin, and therefore I am obliged to say only the nice things. Don’t worry, when it comes to food, I say nothing but the absolute truth. There’s just something unique and special about the satay- I like how the charred fat complements the overall flavour of the satay. The satay meat is really tender and juicy- not dry and springy. And what’s a good satay without a good bowl of peanut sauce? I believe I have said enough about Satay Boy’s good ol’ satay! To believe it, you have got to try it out yourself.



Another hot pick during the BBQ party was Satay Boy’s homemade marinated BBQ chicken wings. I seriously do not know how to begin describing the taste other than the finger-licking part. It has a good mix of soy sauce, honey, pepper, herbs, ketchup, and whathaveyous. I could not get enough of the chicken wings! So Boboy, please come over soon and prepare more of your Satay Boy’s homemade BBQ chicken wings for us!


Besides the satay and chicken wings, almost everyone else was fighting over the stingray sambal and prawn sambal which Satay Boy provided. Both the stingray and prawns were generously covered with Satay Boy’s homemade sambal! Super syiok! Powerkedemak! Pardon me for all these food vulgarities.



Trust me, there were many fingers-licking moments during the party.

Want a hassle-free BBQ? Don’t like doing the grilling yourself? How about personalized On-Site BBQ Services with Satay Boy? This super friendly and easygoing dude is contactable at +65-96904269.




Price list, as follows:


Do show him your support. He is already an entrepreneur at such a young age. So proud of him and his determination! You go all the way, Satay Boy!

 And to my dearest Nurul, hope you enjoyed the BBQ party. It was very humid throughout the party and everyone could not stop perspiring. But humidity aside, we hope it was a good time for you relax and unwind now that you are already in your third and final trimester of your pregnancy. The final trimester is going to be pretty tumultuous, but you will get through it just fine.


Happy turning 28 my friend, sister, and oh yeah, business partner! ;p




And now, its time to vote for the Best Dressed duo/team!

The birthday woman with her man.



Daddy with oh my god, MAK!!! Her first time participating, you all!



Shafiq and Sofia!



Us with the Nadyas! Sharleez was not in the mood for a picture, hence only 60% of the head could be seen here.


VOTE NOW, just for the fun of it!  🙂

Make a big deal out of any of your family members’ birthdays, or anniversaries today.




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