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Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

This is going to be a pretty quick entry because I am after all, a busy mother of the bride birthday princess. Excited mode on. Panic mode just on minutes ago too! The party is in two days! How time really flies. Where did time fly to? How come I did not see it fly past me? I think I have been planning for the party way ahead, like months ago. At this point, I know you must be thinking I am overdoing it because it is after all, JUST a party riiiiiiight? No need to take months to plan it riiiiight? How difficult can a party for a 4 year old be riiiiiiiight?

wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

My principle in life especially when it comes to my girls is really simple – either go all the way for them, or not do it at all. Since I have decided to do a party, I might as well do a good one, with God’s blessings of course. Besides, if I can make my firstborn really happy with this party, why not? She has been wishing for a princess party for the longest time. It is JUST a party that she is asking for; not a pot of gold, a castle, a purple pony, or even Barbie in life size! (THANK GOD!)

So to those who have been invited to the party, and have RSVP-ed your attendance promptly, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart because it really means a lot to us, and it sure means the world to the birthday princess. Thank you for already planning to take the time to attend Sharleez’s 4th Birthday Party, and help make it a memorable one for her. I am sure she will beaming continuously to see all of you!

To those who expressed their interest to attend Sharleez’s birthday party, I thank you so very much too because I am really touched to know that Sharleez is loved. Like what I have mentioned in my earlier tweets and FB wall posts, it is my honour to invite you. So you don’t heven need to feel shy about it at all!

And to those who have yet to RSVP, please do so to make it easier for my wonderful caterer to plan the amount of food needed for the party. Too much food, and it will be a waste. Too little food, and you will be starving. Which you prefer? So you know what to do, okay?

Insya’allah, the party will be a good one for Sharleez and all her invited guests. She really cannot wait to see all her friends, aunties and uncles in their royal costume! =) Meanwhile, I am really excited to see who will be the best dressed girl, boy, lady and gentleman! There will be prizes for you, if you win Best Dressed! And another thing that I am really excited about is the Lucky Draw! Be sure to get a number sticker when you arrive because that number sticker might just win you something during the Lucky Draw!

See you at The Royal Tea Party this Saturday! Oh, did I mention Sleeping Beauty will be there?





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