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Red Cloaks.

No matter how many birthdays come & go for Mysha and Myreen, I will always be reminded of THIS ENTRY. After all, just three years back, at about 2 am in the morning, I gave birth to them.  I think I did very well during the delivery process despite well, using the epidural and all. WHAT? Using epidural does not make you any less of a mummy, okay. Cannot endure the pain, just be smart, use it, & focus more on how to get the baby out fast. And I did just that lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I think I was stronger during my pregnancy with them. I believed in the almost impossible, and I like to think  it was all because of the strength they both gave me. Like giving birth naturally to both of them. Like giving birth to them at full term – 39 weeks. Like giving birth to two 3 kg babies. Tsk tsk tsk. What I thought was impossible to achieve initially became possible. But what am I saying? Giving birth itself is already a battle between life and death, so to be able to go through it (with or without epidural) *IS* a life achievement for every mummy. Well done mummies! We run the world, uh huh.

And now they are THREE YEARS OLD. At this age, they may think that they know it all, but what they don’t know is the fact life’s just warming up for them. Hehehe.

They wanted a Red Riding Hood party for their birthday but since they already had their very big bash last year, this year’s celebration would just be a simple family affair. Simplicity is the best at times. But simplicity does not mean they would not get their Red Riding Hood party. Of course I would make it come true by hook or by crook.

They had a mini celebration with their classmates and Teacher Aida in school.








 And then, they had a mini outing with us in the evening with a mission – to find their birthday gifts.



Finally, it was PARTY TIME! Time to bring out the cloak!










Hahaha the Big Bad Wolf would be confused to see them. Which one to deceive, which one to eat, ?

Might as well eat up the spread which Mak and Daddy prepared, Big Bad Wolf. 



The highlight had to be the chilli crab, served with mantou buns!



Food, glorious food!

Thank you Nana & Dada for the big spread you prepared especially for Mysha & Myreen, and also for the Anthony Browne storybooks you got them. Big love!

And thank you also to Aan, Papa Ian, Shan Ehan, Mama E, Uncle Bert, Estee and Nenti for the wonderful gifts you got them, and for your undying love towards them. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.




Mysha and Myreen are indeed so fortunate to have so many people around them who love and adore them. Like what my Daddy once said, “They are your lucky stars. They will keep bringing you luck.” Insya’allah Daddy, I think they will too.

To Mysha & Myreen,

Dream big. Dream colourful. Dream magic. Reach for the stars. Reach for the moon. Reach for the highest. Everything big always starts small. So you got to leap high and go for it. At the end of the day, when nobody seems to believe in you and what you can do, you believe in yourselves. There are definitely quite a number of big bad wolves even in the real world but don’t worry, the good always win! Again, tested and proven. 😀

And hey, Mummy, Daddy and Kakak Sharleez will always be here and there for you for as long as we live.


 I believe I have said it all in the card which I made especially for you.


 And of course your too-cute-to-eat birthday cakes which I ordered just for you, with lots of love. Hehehe.




Happy 3rd Birthday, Mysha Nadya and Myreen Nadya!


 Super sorry Shan Ehan if your silly cousins scared you with their Red Riding Hood getups yesterday. But it was such a cute sight to see you cry when put together with them.



“Oh Shan, what big tummy you have there.” 😀


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