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Repeat after me.

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” 
And I couldn’t agree more. Let’s own up now, how many of us parents get tired or even go to the extend of lamenting each time he/she asks you to read the same book again? I do, sometimes. My husband does, most of the time. Whenever he goes “What? This story again?” he would get that venomous stare from me almost immediately without fail.  Haha~
But hey, I think we need to take pride in reading to our kids.
Stifle your yawns each time you are asked to repeat the same story. You may think that your kid is  not learning anything new if you keep reading the same storybook to him/her all the time. That’s where you are wrong.  The only reason why your kid wants to listen to the same story over and over again is because he/she is thirsty to learn. The more you repeat, the sooner you will find out that your kid has actually memorized the lines and is more than eager to supply the key phrases himself/herself. Repeated reading activities also help them to facilitate comprehension. The tenth time you read the story to him/her will be just as interesting as the first time you read the same story to him/her, believe it or not.  These are signs of reading readiness, so please do not discourage him/her by saying “AGAIN?” or “Can we choose another story please?”
Find delight in your most trusted job as the storyteller. That’s a job that only parents do best!
When a blog reader emailed me the following sometime back, I told myself to find the time to blog about it no matter how late. It is really something that I would like to share with my other blog readers as well who did ask me for reading tips as well. I am not an expert truthfully, but if my readers find my personal experiences as a mother helpful or motivating in a way or another, then WHY NOT SHARE?



Thanks Elli for the email! This entire blog entry is for you especially! 🙂

Most parents tend to mistake their kids’ short attention span for boredom or lack of interest in reading. Fact of the matter is, the younger the kid is, the shorter the attention span. So it is really good enough if you are able to read to your babies or toddlers for at least 1o to 15 minutes a day. Do not be too ambitious. And since their attention span is short, use board books with big and colourful pictures and minimal words! Introduce paperbooks only when they are at least one year old.

Want more reading tips?

1. Create a reading routine: Reserve a special time everyday to read to your kid. Bed time is the best. Have your kid pick a book and read at the same place everyday. Remember, it has to be a routine. Routine means minimal changes.

2. Get your kid to participate. Do not get agitated when your kid interrupts to ask you questions. At most, your story would only finish about 5 minutes late. So let them interrupt. Let them ask. Let them connect. LET THEM LEARN, CAN?!
3. Visit the library as often as you can, and let your kid choose the storybooks himself/herself.
4. Let your kid sense your enthusiasm. No matter how tired you are, do not read in a monotonous tone. Be expressive and use different tones so that your kid knows that you enjoy reading as much as you enjoy reading to him/her.
5. Most importantly, have lots of fun as a family!
My formula when it comes to reading is 4R -ROUTINE, REPEAT, REMEMBER, READ.
How does the formula work? As simple as 123…4.
Have a ROUTINE as far as storytime is concerned.
Be prepared to REPEAT the story in order for your child to REMEMBER.
Sooner than later, your child will be able to READ back the same story to you.
Makes sense right? Hehe.

 To quote my favourite author/poet Maya Angelou,

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.”
Has your child already found THAT book?

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