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Raya with the Roslans!

Yes! We finally had the much awaited Raya outing on Sunday. Man, I waited five super long days for this! Four cars, fourteen heads & countless laughter – again, it was just too bad Shafiq was not around. We started the outing only at 11 am, but by 8 pm we were all completely disquieted and obviously knackered. We had plans to go all the way till midnight initially. The nerve! What is it about Raya outings that make me so tired, anyway? Is it the heels? The weather? The makeup?  The food? The drinks? The endless photo taking? The kids? The bag? OR IS IT THE CORSET? 😀

We have yet to cover most of the important houses during that one outing because almost everyone was out too that day. This is the most grating part about Hari Raya falling on a weekday. Very pointless. By the time the weekend came, half of my Raya mood was already gone actually.

And since we started our outing in the morning, my girls had to miss their naptime. We kept prolonging their naptime until they finally surrendered and said “Mummy I want to sleep.”  So we planned. We went to the farthest away house possible from where we were at just so that the girls could nap a bit longer in the car. And we told everyone to drive slowly. Hahaha! They have to sleep for at least an hour on normal days so since our journey took about thirty minutes only, we spent another half an hour in the car waiting for them to wake up.

Okay, here are the pictures.  *wipes sweat*



Bertram actually bought this white Baju Melayu for Raya.  We are so touched, Bert!  🙂



What’s our Raya without kaftans right. After all, Studiofrost has been selling kaftans all along so it is a must to wear them. I love my kaftan and my girls’ kaftans too because we made do without the sash this time round. The kaftans were made to measure so they fit very nicely on us.  So the final outcome is a fine combination of  the baju kurung and kaftan.












Me and my partner in crime business. Studiofrost FTW!



Have you seen our screws lying around somewhere?  We lost them.



 Sharleez and her look-alike. Or is it Ili and her look-alike? Aiyah. Let’s just call them the LOOK-ALIKES.





My F1 driver for the day.



And to our most favourite couple besides ourselves, thank you for the invite and for treating us like First Class passengers visitors!


 Check out Mak’s super sleepy eyes! Hahaha!



And the kids.. what would Raya be without the kids?


Yup, they were pretty much bored after some time. Maybe they still do not quite understand the logic behind Raya visiting.  

Might as well sit down one corner and eat peanuts, right Myreen?



Let’s  just be completely honest and shove the songkok one side, right Shan?



Or maybe, just find something for self entertainment, like the fat cat underneath the bed?



But at the end of the day, Raya is all about making peace.



 Raya has been so much fun this far!




 Can’t wait for more outings with the family. Don’t know when the next one will take place, though.

And how’s your Raya this far? Inviting me & the Nadyas to your house or not?  😀

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