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Ramadan & Nadyas.



How have your Ramadan been thus far?

The Nadyas have not been fasting this Ramadan and I will keep it that way until they are old enough to really understand the need to fast. They are just too young for now to even endure their hunger and thirst. They are not too young however, to notice and slowly learn to appreciate why everyone around them fasts, and why we perform solat five times daily.

As we all know, kids learn by observing and imitating. Its just that simple to teach them these sweet innocent beings. No need to push them even to do something. Each time it is time to break our fast, our family routine is to have a korma and a glass of plain water first before our Jemaah prayers. And guess what, the Nadyas will do likewise too. When it is time to perform our Jemaah prayers, the Nadyas will eagerly put on their respective pink telekong and follow suit. Sharleez has been doing great so far, following us throughout our prayers. Don’t mind if Mysha and Myreen cannot focus throughout the entire session -it is really good enough that they are very interested to join us and follow us for the first few rakaats. Once they get bored following, they would usually start to do their usual stunts. Want to know some of the stunts they have performed so far?

  • Sit on my head when I am at the sujud position.
  • Piggy-back Yani when she is at the sujud position.
  • Pinch Yani’s cheeks continuously.
  • Lie down flat on the sejadah.
  • Chant ‘AMINNN’ continuously.
  • Sit down on the sejadah and stare hard at us.
  • Sit down on the sejadah while eating korma.

My goodness. And we had to stop ourselves from laughing all the time. Give up, I tell you! ;p

Of course, for all the times that they tried to be funny, they would be reprimanded by Tatek. Fathers will always be fathers. However, kids will always be kids too. We cannot ban them from joining us in future just because they misbehaved- that is not the way to encourage them, isnt it? :S


I kept reminding Tatek to give them time because they really do not know what’s expected of them yet during prayers. But I’m sure they will do just fine soon enough.

Sharleez did ask me the other day about the fasting month and what it really means. I paused for a minute and tried to think of the simplest way to answer her. My reply to her was, “Big boys and girls cannot eat from morning till dinner time because we want to remember all our poor friends with no food to eat.” I was expecting her to ask me the same question again but surprisingly, she did not. Instead, she replied, “Because they have no money? Mummy, can we give them some money and food?”

She was not done with the thinking process just as yet.

A few hours later, she came to me and said, “Mummy, when will I be a big girl? I want to fast too.”

Ahh. So my daughter is now big enough to ponder over our daily conversations. And very soon, she will be big enough to fast and endure her pangs of hunger. But for now, she and her sisters can continue to be my little babies. Let them just celebrate Hari Raya for now, shall we?

Have a good Ramadan, you all. Insya’allah.

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