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Advertorial: Pretty Sharp (Plasmacluster).

I am sure many of us can still remember how our parents would often tell us to play outside in order to get fresh air. How true is it? Have you ever thought about it?

Well, surprise, surprise!

It has been discovered that indoor air pollution is one of the environmental health risks that most families have to deal with.

Why so?

That’s because our home can be full of enough allergens and bacteria to make us fall sick easily and frequently. Sure, we change the bedsheets weekly, vacuum the carpets, and sweep/mop the floor.

But are we already doing enough to ensure that the air we breathe at home is really clean?

I am really glad to have discovered Sharp Plasmacluster, the world’s most advanced air purifying system.


My firstborn Sharleez, has a super sensitive nose. Her nose reacts easily to dust. Once she starts to sneeze continuously, her cough will follow suit. And when the cough starts, it will take her like about fifteen minutes before she is back to normal. So that is the reason why I always ensure that the house and her belongings are kept as clean as possible. I am super particular about this, and I hope my other family members do not think I am just a super paranoid mother. It’s just that when the little ones get sick, they will feel too miserable to do anything else. And when they cannot do anything else, mummy cannot do anything else too but tend to them till they are better. 😀 It’s worst if you have more than one kid, because usually when one of them gets sick, the others will tend to get sick eventually too. This is always the case for my twins, Mysha and Myreen. No matter how much I try to “isolate” the sick one, they will always end up together.

Too hard to separate them from each other.

It’s not helping either that it is traditionally the dry season right now, and that Singapore could is currently experiencing slight hazy conditions.


So how will an air purifying system like Sharp Plasmacluster come in handy at home? It helps break down and deactivate harmful airborne substances, such as pollen, dust, animal dander, bacteria and allergens, and reduce their effects. Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion technology creates a shower of positive and negatives ions, similar to those found in nature. Large concentrations of these Plasmacluster Ions are released to every corner of a room helping to clean and refresh the air! The efficient and powerful air flow and circulation devices present in the Sharp Plasmacluster will help to remove the dust quickly within 15 minutes!

When allergens and viruses such as influenza are broken down and deactivated, you will not end up getting sick that often too. Now, when you have kids at home, you will understand how much an air purifying system like Sharp PlasmaCluster can really help you.

Since the girls, Tatek and I all sleep with the aircon (and not fresh air) every night, it is really important to keep the air as clean as possible too and free from the allergens and bacteria. What’s best about Sharp Plasmacluster is that it comes with humidifying functions too. So on nights when it gets too cold, we can always humidify the surrounding air easily. The humidity level in the room will always be maintained at 60% to prevent nose and throat dryness, and limits virus activity.

Even with the haze hanging in the air right now, an air purifier at home can help to reduce the level of fine particles present to an acceptable level. I am very worried each time the air gets hazy because all of us at home have super sensitive nose. Therefore, we are especially sensitive to indoor pollutants.

And if you do heavy cooking at home almost daily like my mum, then food odour will be another problem. Food odors can permeate their air of your home and leave unpleasant odors for a long period of time. Especially during the Hari Raya period, Mak was forever cooking for her guests. It would be pretty embarrassing to have the house smelling of belachan. I do not want to welcome my guests to my home like that each time.

So why not just use an air freshener then, right? Problem solved…


Well, do you know that using air fresheners will simply make the air fresh nice temporarily? Air fresheners do not freshen the air, per se. What they do permanently is to chemically neutralize the odour and add on to the air pollution at home. Temporary solution versus permanent damage, which matters more at the end of the day?

It is so much safer to use an air purifying system instead because it will not only be able to reduce odour causing molecules, but can also help in your fight against unwanted odours within your home.

You get clean and fresh air, as a result.

Sharp PlasmaCluster is available at all Authorized Sharp Dealers

Model: Air Purifier with Humidifying Function KC-930E: $359

Do click HERE for more information pretty please?

Now, would you like to tell Sharp why you should win a Sharp Plasmacluster for yourself and your family, and how it will benefit your family?


Email to now with the following format:

Subject header: Sharp Plasmacluster | | Air Purifier with Humidifying Function KC-930E







Contest Closing Date: 30 September 2012.

The winners will be notified in early October 2012!





You have won yourself an Air Purifier with Humidifying Function KC-930E

Here are the collection details!

Venue: SHARP-ROXY SALES (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD 138 Robinson Road #21-00, The Corporate Office Singapore 068906

Collection Dates: 24th & 25th Oct ‘12 (Wed & Thu), 9am – 5.30pm ( Avoid lunch time 12pm – 1pm )

Please approach the reception and look for CED Marketing Dept & show them your NRIC for verification.


“This is something different, something completely new. It is a much needed breath of fresh air.”

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