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A Touch of Pink.


Do you like what you see here?

I like it a lot because it is in my favorite colour.

Gosh! Finally, a much needed blog revamp. Well, I should have done this like eons ago but I did not. Let’s just say the main priority at that point of time was to give a fresh new look. So after we decided on the template and look/feel for the new Studiofrost, our assigned web designer got to work.

And what do you know? STUDIOFROST is looking really, really good. 🙂

Just a day ago, the same web designer started working on my blog. I knew I had to choose pink and white because of the studio pictures that I have been meaning to use. Oh yes, the beautiful pictures you see all over my blog here were captured by Pink Elephant Labs! You should really check them out. 🙂

So yes, back to my blog.

My blog means the world to me. For the first few years of its life, the blog I created was mostly read by strangers or ‘bloghoppers’, as you would call them. My parents did not know initially because I was too shy to let them read my thoughts and feelings. Subsequently, I introduced them to my blog but they just did not get it initially. They were not IT savvy yet. Today, they are IT experts and my faithful blog readers. And because I know they read my blog, I will dedicate my blog entries to them occasionally. Through my blog, I have learnt to express my feelings better. It has helped me find my inner voice. It has also helped me share my views, record my life story, practise my writing and photography, connect with other like-minded individuals, and yes, earn a living from it. Blogging has helped me in my transition from a daughter  to a friend to a wife to a mummy to an even better person on the overall. You know, there are certain things in life which I sometimes feel a bit reluctant or embarrassed to tell someone face to face.

Therefore, I blog.

When I first started blogging, I knew nuts about HTML codes, Java script or Adobe photoshop. For one minute there, I really thought I was illiterate. I wanted to blog so much but in order to do so, I needed a decent enough blog. I knew I had to learn and start somewhere. So again, the above mentioned web designer came to my rescue. She taught me how to set up a blog, design my own layouts, and yes, how to use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. 

It got to a stage where blog designing became so addictive that I was constantly changing my layouts. I felt like my blog layouts needed to speak a thousand words so that those visiting my blog at that point of time would be able to better understand me.

Don’t believe me? Hahaha! Just look at my layouts and thoughts then.

“Just married! Must fill blog layout with wedding pictures.”

“Okay I am pregnant. Must change layout & tell the whole wide world.”


“Second trimester is here. Must have a bigger tummy picture than the current one. Change layout.”

“Third trimester is here. Tummy is way bigger now. Time to change layout again.”

“Baby is out! Layout must be filled with baby’s pictures so that everyone knows! Change.”

“Baby just turned one. Must put up a picture of her blowing the candle. Change.” 

“What do you know? From 1 kid to 3 kids! Change layout.”

Of course there were MORE layouts in between but did you seriously expect me to keep track and put all of them here? :S

After all, I was on a must-change-the-blog-layout-every-week frenzy, you know?

So yes, I was always updating my blog with my daily ongoings in life AND new layouts. I got a bit lazy and more busier along the way, and stopped changing the blog layout that often. But I have to admit, my blog at that point of time did not exactly have a focal point. It lacked focus because I was blogging about anything and everything that came to mind. It was really more like an online diary rather than a blog that others could also benefit from reading. It was only after I got pregnant that I decided that I should concentrate more on parenting.

Therefore, I am a mummy blogger.

Blogging has been such a wonderful adventure for me this far. A lot of ups and downs as you can see, but I know I will always have the love from the people around me to lift me up whenever I need it. So thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog so far. Thank you to all the fans who love what I have been writing. Thank you so much for your support and faith in my blog.

And most importantly, thank you to the web designer that I have been mentioning all along in my entry. She is none other than my little sissy…

Ili Diyana Roslan.

She is the reason behind ETRANGLE and yes, STUDIOFROST too. None of these would happened if it had not been for her and her genius ideas, seriously. and I am not just talking about the blog and web designing –  I am talking about the start of my blog and Studiofrost! Yes yes, it’s all because of that girl named Ili. And because we believed, we are where we are today. Alhamdullilah. 🙂

So budding bloggers or entrepreneurs, if you are currently in the process of starting your own website and need someone to help you with it, look no further. I will strongly recommend you my sister and nobody else. Hehehe.

For all my blog readers only, sign up for a package right now & you will enjoy $100 off ! All you need to do is this:

Email Ili at & mention the magic word ‘ETRANGLE’!

And because she is just starting out this freelance work of hers, you can be rest assured that her rates are much lower than those in the market.

I know my sister. When she does something that she likes, she will do it firstly because of her passion, then the money. 🙂

So all the best! Most importantly, you have to believe in yourself in order to succeed. 🙂

Lastly, to celebrate the launch of my newly revamped blog and everything pink, I am going to offer a very, VERY, special price to those of you who take up an advertising package – be it advertorial or sidebar adverts.

Trust me, the promotions so far have never been this good.

So email me right now to enquire. Limited to the first 20 customers only.

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