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Pre-Holiday Jitters.

Okay I am getting the pre-holiday jitters finally. It’s already Thursday? And we are leaving for Gold Coast in like, less than 3 days time? I am not exaggerating here when I say we have not even packed our luggage for the trip. Some essentials that we will need for the trip, we have yet to buy too. And Tatek will be working today and tomorrow. This means I either have to try to do as much as I can during these two days, or just wait till Sunday, panic massively, and then do our very last minute packing.

Believe me, we are usually a very well-organized couple. We have our reasons for slacking a bit this time round, so hear me out now. The girls have been down with the stomach flu since last weekend, so it was just impossible for us to run errands or pack for the trip because all our time was spent on the girls, at home. For the past six days, Tatek and I have been taking turns to care for the girls. To date, we already made three trips to the pediatrician. Myreen and Mysha have sort of recovered from their stomach flu because there have been no bouts of loose bowels or vomiting this far. Fever is already gone too. So right now, our focus is on Sharleez because she is still having loose bowels, some vomiting though not as frequent already, and fever. So yeah, it has been a very exhausting week for us. We could think of nothing else because we just want the girls to be fully recovered for the trip.

Alhamdullilah, I have yet to get the bug despite my close contact with the girls. Not yet. Choyyyy! I really hope I will not get it eventually. Let me tell you, I have been especially obsessed with cleanliness ever since the stomach flu hit the girls. They say it is impossible to avoid getting it but there are ways to reduce our risk of catching the stomach flu in the first place – by making the home an unwelcome habitat for them digestive dangers/viruses/bacteria! And that’s what I have been doing – make my house as unwelcoming as possible. Haha! So what have I been busy with? Mopping the entire house with Dettol. Wipe furniture and all surfaces with Dettol. Spray sofas, beds and toilets with Dettol. Wash hands thoroughly with Dettol after every visit to the toilet alone or with girls. Keep the girls isolated in their room at least 80% of the time. Wear a face mask when handling girls’ vomit. No sharing of food or drinks.

And like what our pediatrician advised,

“Sorry to say but no hugging or kissing for the time being.”

Shan Ehan was supposed to come over on Monday but I whatsapp-ed Nurul to tell her about my girls’ condition. Although we would really love to have Shan over, I thought it was only right that I informed Nurul of the situation at home.

I even had to postpone my makeup class on Saturday because Sharleez is still sick as of now, and therefore the viruses can spread to my makeup students who will later go home and spread them to their kids. Can you see how these viruses spread easily? Urghh.

And I think that’s what you should all do too when you are suffering from a contagious illness – avoid contact with others. Be considerate enough to not visit friends or family if you are having the stomach flu, and you should also not allow your friends or family to visit you until the stomach flu is no longer contagious (this usually takes about a week or two). I was quite shocked when my family friend Sabariyah, came to visit the girls without telling us – she was putting herself at risk la this cheeky woman. Tsk tsk. Stomach flu is no joke, seriously. The virus can live for weeks on surfaces. That’s why I keep wiping the surfaces with Dettol, see? I do not mind spending all my money on Dettol, really.

Most importantly…

Be a clean freak.

Now let me go worry about the packing for my Gold Coast trip because everything else is more or less ready actually.


Thanks to ROAM of course! 🙂


Pray for our safety to and fro, okay? Insya’allah!

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