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P for Pippa, Pink, Purple.

Encouraging our children to read is probably the best education we can give them as a parent.

But it can sometimes be an uphill struggle too, so do not worry too much if you are finding it hard to get your kids to enjoy reading, or if your kids are not able to read books on their own as yet.

Here’s the thing, when you enjoy something, there can never be the force factor. Younger children like nothing better than to snuggle up with their parents to share reading time! So just keep reading to them, and without you realizing it, you will find your children reading to you instead in no time!

My girls love reading so much that they can read anything and everything. Their most favourite moment will be when I show them new books for them to read. They always look forward to that part.


So the other day, I proudly showed them this really awesome book and said,

“Hey! Want to read this cool book that my friend wrote?”

The moment Sharleez saw the book, she grabbed it immediately and started reading. She was done with the book within ten minutes.


Book Title: P for Pippa, Pink, Purple.

What is it: A children’s book for up to 8 years old, also suitable for ESL learners.

Illustrated by: Ivan Earl Aguilar

Published by: Trafford Publishing

Facebook page: HERE! 


Let me tell you a bit about the wonderful book!

P for Pippa, Pink, Purple follows the tale of a little girl who travels around the world of colours and seasons.

What I especially like about the book is that it associates the different colours with the spelling of the colours. This is especially useful for beginning readers as this will help them to predict beforehand what the word is just by looking at the colour of the word.


The book is going to be a hit with kids and especially all the little girls out there due to the vibrant colours and the cute looking character herself, Pippa!

Good stories allow kids to explore other worlds and other lives but they are still familiar enough that they see themselves in the characters. I believe kids will be able to see themselves in Pippa, and even though they do not experience the different seasons in Singapore, it is still essential for them to know what their friends from all over the world experience.


I cannot express enough how proud I am of my childhood friend, Suhaila for the publication of her first ever children’s book! This is the same friend who went to the same primary school as me for six years. (I miss Tampines Primary School so much!) This is the same friend who went for prefect duties with me occasionally. (The fun part was leaving for recess earlier than my classmates, and to skip all the long queues during recess time at the same time.) This is the same friend who I envied for being taller than me at that point. (So what’s your height now, Suhaila? Mine is 1.71m! #CHEAPTHRILL #LOL)

Now, Suhaila has a strong interest in the area of children’s stories and literary journalistic pieces. Why, her dream is to live in a bookstore with lots of colourful papers and cool stationery! Please come and take me to live with you once that dream is achieved, buddy! 😀


Through her writing like P for Pippa, Pink, Purple, she hopes to be able to convey special little messages for all the children out there. Her book not only entertains but educates as well. Don’t we parents all love books that entertain and educate?


Want to know Sharleez’s review of the book?

Here goes!

“My friends should also read this book because it is so colorful and it tells you the different types of colours and seasons. I like the way she writes the story because it makes me want to read more and more until I reach the end. The book is quite easy to read and the drawings are so pretty. Kids like me will like to read it again and again. Thank you mummy’s friend for giving us this book!”

So yup, straight from the horse’s mouth herself.

Here’s Sharleez reading the first page to her sisters! 🙂

Click HERE to view the Keek video! (You have to sign up first before you can view the video and many other videos of the Nadyas!)

How to purchase P for Pippa, Pink, Purple?

Purchase direct from author herself at a promotional price of: $22 SGD which includes delivery. All you need to do is to email

Usual price is $25.95 SGD, with the option of a signed copy. 

Payment is via paypal or bank transfer.

And oh, you can also purchase it via Amazon!

Money spent on a book for your children is never money wasted because that’s how you can create a literacy-rich environment at home.



For a start, have a set “Reading Time” with your kids everyday without fail. The best time is usually right before bedtime. Put on some soft background music if you want, but please refuse to answer the phone or check your Instagram/FB/Twitter for at least half an hour.

And this one, I strongly believe in. If you want your kids to be readers, never get them hooked to TV, videos, or games. Even educational TV or games will only serve to limit your kids’ innate imagination. So yeah, I used to allow my girls to watch lots and lots of educational TV, but I have since stopped doing so, and allow them to watch TV only occasionally nowadays. They use that time to do lots of writing, drawing or reading instead. I do not mind stocking up on the drawing paper just for them to doodle  draw and scribble write. The last time they played with their iPad was like, errr… 1.5 years ago? And even their Daddy is only allowed to play games when they are asleep or not at home. #LOL

So yup.

No money/time for shopping or a new bag? That’s nothing. No money/time for your kids’ education? Do something about it.

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