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Party like a rockstar!

So it was Nurul’s 29th Birthday and as usual, we celebrated it at home, with Mak’s awesome powsome cooking, lots of laughter…AND A THEME PARTY! The birthday girl herself came up with the themefew days before so we had no choice but to oblige. What made the entire celebration even more special was the fact that everyone was around this time round, and everyone (except for Mak of course) participated in the theme party. It’s just so hard to get everyone eating at the same dining table nowadays.

Home parties are always the best to go because it’s all about quality time with the family. Mak especially always looks forward to every birthday celebration because that’s her chance to cook for everyone of us. I think I have mentioned before that whenever Mak cooks for a celebration, she will ensure that she cooks the favourite dish of every single one of us. I guess it’s her way of showing her love towards us. Maybe that’s why she just finds so much pleasure in cooking for the family no matter how long it takes for her to cook. I know how happy she is whenever she sees all of us eating and enjoying her cooking. And every time during the actual celebration, Mak would not eat – she would just sit with us, and watch us eat.

Did you know, Mak had actually started preparing for Nurul’s birthday celebration a day before? Daddy and Mak in fact, already had the menu for the celebration planned like a few days before, and they had decided on Nasi Padang!  Just look at what she cooked!

















The complete menu. And the food presentation, oh my goodness!




One thing I truly admire about my parents is how they will really give their all for us. There’s no holding back or hesitation at all whenever it comes to the family. Whatever they give to me and my siblings, they will give to Tatek, Nurul, and their grandchildren too. So this actually explains why Tatek, Nurul, my girls, and Shan are EXTREMELY attached to my parents.  So sweet right? 🙂

I am still working towards becoming an excellent parent like my parents. Insya’allah.

(Dang! I need to start learning to cook like my mum!)

What’s even sweeter for Nurul’s birthday this year is…she gets to celebrate her birthday with Shan! Have you gotten this month’s issue of Mother & Baby magazine, by the way? Nurul and Shan are on the cover, you know? You should grab a copy and find out more about what motherhood is like to Nurul. She is truly blessed to have Shan because hw is really such an easy baby.  He is almost forever laughing, and giggling! 🙂


So since Shan is such a happy baby, we made him participate in the theme party this time round! So sorry Shan, but that’s how it is when you are in this family. 😀

What was the theme for the party? Lu relek ah, the theme was…..ROCK!

So yeah, everyone of us had to be rock stars. Quite a challenge actually because how different can one rock star look from the other, honestly? Messy hair, dark eyes and lips, black outfit & metal chain. But because my family is just so ON when it comes to theme parties, the ROCK theme ended up to be a very funny theme, just like the rest of our past themes. We could not stop laughing just by looking at each other’s get up, poses, and antics. The more ridiculous we look, the better. Nobody is allowed to look good for every theme party of ours, by right. Hehehe how absurd. Post the bizarre pictures in my blog for thousands of people to see? We must be out of our minds!

Ready to judge us, the future rock stars?


Who has the cut to be a rock star? Or who just tickles you?

Is it Sofian?



Or is it Daddy?



Nurul, maybe?






Or Sofia?



How about Shan, then?



Or me? Haha!



How about Tatek?



Or Ili?



Or Bertram?



Or Sharleez, Myreen and Mysha?



So who are you going to vote for? VOTE NOW!


Can you believe it? My Nadyas actually insisted on participating in the theme party because they too wanted to look like rockstars. With that amount of hairwax and makeup, they were left with no choice but to bathe after the party was over. And they didn’t even complain despite it already being so late. Really heart these three girls of mine!



And to Nurul Aini a.k.a An, hope you enjoyed your 29th celebration with us, the mat and minah rockers.




May you continue to be the awesome person you already are! You know you are loved so much by every single one of us, especially your husband.  And yes, of course Shan too! And us too. So yeah, by all of us. You get what I mean?



29  is just a number. Being 30 years old like me is THE real deal.


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