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That Batam Trip.

The last time I took the ferry was a few years back, to Tanjong Pinang. To sum it up, I had a nightmare which lasted for almost a day! Had nausea and sea sickness throughout the ride, and vomitted several times. I swear I saw the ferry bouncing off the waters! The horrible feeling lingered for almost half a day. By the time I was feeling almost normal, it was time to take the ferry back home again. Wah piang! Such agony. Total misery. I told myself never to take the ferry to anywhere anymore, not even if someone bribed me with one million dollars…or Pandora.

(Actually I might have reconsidered if it was Pandora. Did they already have Pandora back then?)

That said, you cannot exactly blame me for being super anxious for our Batam trip.

Yes, the whole lot of us (except for Ili and Shafiq) went to Batam for a 2D/1N trip over the weekend. 


Before I proceed even further, if you are looking for recommendations for your upcoming trip to Batam, sorry to disappoint but this blog post is not exactly for you. I mean, I will recommend the good stuff if they are really good. But do not expect to see too much of them here. So yeah. You can continue reading on if you need to find out the places you need to avoid going to.


And if you are reading for entertainment purposes, by all means read! Let’s go back in time for a bit here; my parents and Nurul had been bugging me to go Batam because I kept saying no for all the times they asked me. Frankly speaking, I did not want to go because I had the impression that it was just a place for dirty old men to seek pleasure. I also thought that it was something like JB – just dirt cheap shopping. But then I kept seeing pictures of online acquaintances going to Batam for the JCo donut and the A&W. Some friends keep coming back to Batam monthly for the spa. Some say the seafood there is really cheap and good!


So I figured that I had to just put aside my ego and just give Batam a chance, right? There were voices in my head telling me to just goooooooooooo and enjoyyyyyyyyyy myself at Batam. After all, how bad could it be, right?


But before that, a selfie with the husband.


And a photo of the ‘rombongan’ (read: tour group) to Batam. LOL.


If you follow me in FB, you would have read my ramblings and preparations for the Batam trip. I was behaving like a maniac, asking everyone for tips on how best to not suffer from nausea or sea sickness during the ferry ride.


And I have to really thank all my super awesome Facebook followers for their wonderful tips and help! If you are planning to take the ferry anytime soon, then you might want to refer to the following! :)


I read every single suggestion and tip given by my FB followers and prepared the stuff for the ferry ride!


Tatek thought I was mad. Nurul assured me that the ferry ride would be okay, just as long as I did not think too much. On the day of the trip, I was pretty cool about everything. Not so anxious. I somehow felt confident that I would be not vomit or feel sick. I set the alarm just to remind myself to take the Novomin pill half an hour before the ferry ride, though.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”


Our ferry ride was at 10.20 am. We arrived at Singapore Cruise Centre at 9 am to do the necessary – checking in, collection of boarding passes and whatnots. I then instructed all the kids to suck on the Kid Travel lollipops twenty minutes before the ferry ride too. Since the lollipop was red and looked really tempting.

Sharleez: “Mummy, it is not that nice actually la.”

Me: “It is not meant to be nice. It is meant to not give you a headache during the ferry ride.”

Minutes later.

Myreen: “Must we finish the lollipop?”

Sharleez: “Yes, remember what Mummy told us? It is not supposed to be nice.”

Mysha: “But it is nice, what!”

Apparently everything edible is nice to Mysha. :/


The moment we boarded the ferry, all eyes were practically on me. Nurul was like studying my expression throughout, just to check whether I was feeling okay.

She was like, “If you still vomit despite your ridiculous preparations, I will announce in Instagram sia!”

The pressure was on me, needless to say.

I asked Aton for my orange right away. Peeled it and started sniffing the orange skin like an addict. The ferry started to move.

Eh, nothing at all lah. No nausea. No sea sickness. No motion sickness. No headache. No  nothing.

I could take another selfie even! LOL.


I felt really normal, and I was able to look out to enjoy the view, just like a normal person.


But minutes later, I started to feel a bit sleepy. And then I slept all the way till we reached Batam forty-five minutes later!


And since my preparations did pay off, I can mention the following quote proudly. “Organize, don’t agonize.”

Some people just love to make so much noise without even making the effort to try to find a solution, or organizing everything beforehand. And then when things go wrong, they play the blaming game – blame everyone except themselves.

By the way, the Novomin pills can be purchased from any leading pharmacy like Guardian and Unity! They do have it in syrup form too so you can get that and share it with your little ones.

Alternatively, you can get the Kid Travel lollipops from Kiddy Palace!

The moment we reached Batam, I saw the weekend crowd there and I was like telling that same voice in my head,


So we took the cab to the hotel. Three cabs in call. My brother Sofian, was in charge of everything related to money. He is just so good and efficient when it comes to bargaining and getting the best deals for everything without being too demanding or annoying. And he will somehow always succeed in getting the best deal for us. So if you need to go on a vacation, you might want to bring Sofian along. LOL. You know how some people can bargain until the seller has to just give in to them without making much profit? Cannot like that lah, must be fair to the sellers too. They too are trying to earn a living. So yeah, Sofian was the one who settled the cab rides, hotel bookings, ferry bookings and basically everything else related to money. The Nadyas were already pretty sleepy and tired the moment we got into the taxi. They were so quiet throughout the cab ride.


They must be pretty anxious about what to expect in Batam too. They kept looking at their surroundings, hoping to see something nice and exciting like Disneyland, maybe. They fell asleep shortly after. Reached the hotel in about ten minutes. Where at?


Jalan Bunga Mawar, Riau Islands Province 29444 Indonesia We panicked for a bit because my parents’ cab was nowhere to be found when we reached the hotel. We waited for more than thirty minutes for them. We really thought they had lost their way. Finally their cab made its appearance. Mak excitedly showed us this.


She went shopping for her turtle eggs. And to think that we were so worried for her and Daddy. LOL. Just what is so nice about turtle eggs? It’s like you are sucking your own phlegm, no?

Anyway, back to the hotel.

The moment I got hold of the free wifi, I put up the following post. Of course must be a bit proud la since I did not vomit and all. BIG ACHIEVEMENT, OKAY.


We booked the 3 bedroom executive suite apartment, and got a free upgrade to the 3 + 1 bedroom suite apartment! The apartment was really clean and super spacious when we checked in! There are four rooms in all, two bathrooms, a living room, dining area, and a kitchen even! Perfect choice if you are traveling in a big group.

bt45   bt41   bt46   bt42   bt47   bt43 bt48

Want to know how much we paid?

SGD285 per night. 


So we kept our bags at the hotel before proceeding to lunch at the nearby mall, Batam City Square (‘BCS’), which is right next to the hotel.


We were initially told that there was A&W at BCS. I really could not wait to get to A&W because I had been dreaming of the Root Beer Float for so many nights prior to the trip. But once we were at Batam City Square, there was no sign of A&W. We double checked and true enough, there is no A&W at BCS. And since we were all already so hungry, we decided to have lunch at one of the restaurants there. At this point, I have to apologize for not taking note of the name of the restaurant. But then again, why bother? Read on to find out why. Tatek and I ordered Nasi Ayam Penyet because I wanted to see if it would taste better than the ones in Singapore. The moment our orders came, my eyes felt like they were about to pop out of my head.


Tatek and I were like complaining to each other like we had not eaten for a month!

“Are these chicken, chicks or birds?”

“Aiyoh why so tiny the chicken?”

“This chicken will be gone the moment it goes inside my mouth.”

No kidding. Really so small the chicken.  


We then ordered three bottles of The Sosro, or Teh Botol, as they call it.


Eh no. Let me count again.


We ordered six bottles in total. Why the bottle so small one? Just one sip, and the bottle was empty! Beggars cannot choose, they say. I dare not try the plain water or anything with ice over Batam because I was told that the tap water is not exactly that safe to drink. Hence, I decided to order anything chilled without any ice throughout my stay in Batam. But one thing for sure, food in Batam is really cheap. Like really really REALLY cheap. We paid SGD1.50 for one set of Nasi Ayam Penyet, mind you. After lunch, we went window shopping for a bit at BCS mall. Apparently, there was really nothing for the us or the kids, except for a lot of imitation goods. Want to cover your food with an ‘LV’? :S


I spotted someone sitting down and staring into space. He must be so bored.


His sister on the hand, was standing at one corner, and entertaining herself silly.


And since the kids were too bored, they even made a new friend. But the new friend just would not smile. :( (You do know that the friend is actually a mannequin, right?)


Forget about shopping! Really cannot make it.

Sofian booked the spa session for us instead at First Choice Spa , Massage and Reflexology. It was about five minutes walk from our hotel.


The kids went back to the hotel with my parents and the helpers to take their shower and rest for a bit while waiting for us. They were really so tired from all the walking and traveling. Now, let me tell you something about myself. I have never enjoyed massages or spas because I just do not like the idea of strangers touching me and exerting pressure on my body. Nurul however, convinced me to try it because according to her, it is just so relaxing and she will often fall asleep during the spa session.


Wah, must be that good, I thought to myself.


My god, they didn’t forewarn me that a really big sized masseuse would be stepping on me. Like really stand on top of my back and walk on my back while I lay flat on the mattress. Her entire body weight was on me. I felt it. My god, at that point of time, I really felt like the world was going to end. Tatek who was having his massage next to me, looked at me in disbelief. Save me lah, at the very least. LOL. The masseuse commented that my bones are not that strong because they kept making the “Krak Kruk” sound. I almost wanted to reply to her, “Ya and you almost broke them into pieces, woman.” So okay, other than that, the spa session was quite alright. I am not saying that I truly enjoyed it, but it was okay. I think I am just not that used to the whole idea of people performing karate chops on me and marinating me like BBQ chicken wings before walking on me like I am some kind of a London bridge. Right after the spa session was over, I told Nurul and Sofian about my experience and they were like, “But our masseuses were not big sized at all. It’s just your fat luck!” Nurul did fall asleep yet again. Nice. The Aromatherapy session lasted for about 1.5 hours, and we paid SGD19 per pax for that.


First Choice Spa , Massage and Reflexology 

Komplek Ruko Penuin Centre Blok OA No. 12 – 12A Batam Island – Indonesia +62 778 700 2012 +62 778 431 506 Right after spa, we went back to the hotel to fetch the folks and the kids.




Luckily I told them to bring their drawing materials and their Lego too to Batam.

We called for the cab and proceeded to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for dinner at A&W and some shopping. Apparently, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is a must visit if you visit Batam.


Saw A&W and we practically squealed in excitement. I quickly forced Sharleez to take a picture with the The Great Root Bear.

She was like, “Who is this, Mummy?”



But the first disappointment came when I saw the menu and I did not see any signs of Coney Dog or any other kinds of (hot)dogs. So okay, I ordered the chicken with the curly fries and the root beer float of course.



The moment of truth everyone because looks can deceive. (Didn’t your mummy tell you that?) I could not even begin to describe how utterly disappointed I was with everything that I ordered. The root beer float tasted weird, like it was preserved in a PVC pipe or something! The curly fries were not curly enough. The chicken tasted like it was coated with curry powder or something. The chili sauce was just too sour.


How come some Singaporeans can just keep coming back to Batam for that? I am sorry to say this to all the people and lovers of Batam, but the A&W in Batam really sucks big time! The whole lot of us could not even finish our drinks and food. Everything was barely touched.

Dinner was a major disappointment, simply put.

After dinner was done (or barely done), we walked around the entire shopping mall. Nagoya Hill really reminded me of Platinum Fashion Mall in BKK, except that Platinum Fashion Mall has more trendy clothes for everyone. Nagoya Hill has clothes with lots of blink blink, though.


Where are the safety measures, people? While we were window shopping, the entire shopping mall blacked out for about ten seconds. But lucky it was only for ten seconds. I did not even have the chance to open my mouth to scream. LOL. I could not find anything to shop for myself, so I ended up getting distracted by the names of the stores instead.


bt37   bt35   bt36   bt34

Funny how they use almost the same fonts and colours as well! We then went to this souvenir shop called ‘Put Name’ (what else could they possibly name their shop, right?) where you can personalize key chains because Sharleez wanted to get a little souvenir for her classmate. The girls ended up getting personalized keychains for themselves too.


Cost of keychain: SGD 1.50 each

The expression on the girls’ faces: Priceless

We saw JCo Donuts, and decided to take away some donuts for breakfast the following morning.


Again I was told that the donuts there are much nicer and cheaper than the ones in Singapore. There must be some truth in what I heard, judging from the long queue.


Anyway, let me talk to you about the straw issues I had in Batam.

First scenario:

Nurul and I decided to buy drinks at JCo Donuts, but we were not given straws for our drinks. We could not find any straw either. When we asked the donut guy for straws, he had to leave the counter and take the straws out from some locked drawer.


Second scenario:

Earlier on at the restaurant, I asked for three straws for my drinks. And I had to keep asking for about five times from five different waiters before I finally got hold of the straws.

Third scenario:

When we were at the supermarket and shopping for packet drinks for the kids, I noticed that all the packet drinks did not come with straws. I asked Aton and she explained that the straws would only be given to me once I pay for the packet drinks at the cashier.


Lesson learnt. Bring your own straws the next time you come to Batam.


By then, it was already close to 10 pm. You would have thought that we would call it a night and make our way back to the hotel right? We did not. Instead, we decided to take the cab to Golden Prawn Restaurant for supper.


Again, I  was told that Golden Prawn Restaurant is a must visit if you are a seafood lover.


The moment we reached Golden Prawn, I was actually looking for…a golden prawn. Sorry but I was just intrigued by the name. Found none, so we decided to find a table for all of us instead. Golden Prawn Restaurant is really huge, and surrounded by a pond. While waiting for the food to arrive, we were entertained (not!) by some random people with screeching voices karaoke-ing at the stage. They must be the appetizers, I thought. We ordered quite a number of dishes since the food there is so cheap anyway.

Are you ready for our verdict?

The coconut drink arrived first, but we were disappointed by how sour it tasted. The coconut must be really old.


The first dish to arrive was the scallops with pineapple sauce. The first thing I saw on the shells were the pineapple cubes. I had to dig and dig before I could finally find three scallops.


Now, I actually wanted to take pictures of all the dishes that we ordered, but after tasting the scallop pineapple cubes with pineapple sauce, I  decided to not take pictures of the rest of the dishes. I thought the taste was really mediocre. True enough, we were only further disappointed when the rest of the dishes arrived. Everything was pretty much tasteless and lacked the kick. Nothing to be wow about. Not even close to being tasty enough. We left the restaurant swearing and cursing like grumpy old uncles and aunties. LOL. If you were to ask my dad about his experience at Golden Prawn Restaurant, he would gladly give it 2 stars out of 10 stars. To quote him,

“This is the worst seafood I have ever tasted in my entire life.”

LOL. Don’t play play ok, this dad of mine takes his food seriously. So okay, it was back to the hotel right after the disappointing supper. We had our shower and we spent the rest of the night whatsapping each other at our family group chat, and laughing like hyenas. The best thing was, we were all at the living room! Why talk when we can whatsapp? Why waste our breath when we can save it for karaoke? Dang. We did not get to go for karaoke though. (I was really saving my voice for karaoke.) The next morning, it was breakfast at the hotel itself. Frankly speaking, I was not expecting much for the breakfast, after the series of disappointing food the day before.

True enough, the food at the hotel was just as bad. 

The mee rebus tasted like playdoh. The sausages tasted like rubber. The mee goreng tasted like I don’t know what. And my god, even the honey stars cereal tasted totally different!


Luckily the chicken porridge was not that bad. That was the only consolation for the lack of good food, I guess. Check out their bored faces.

BT5   bt6





Right after breakfast, it was hair spa time! I thought I just needed a good hair massage and at the same time, pamper my hair a bit. Hair spa is basically hair care treatment that provides moisture to dry and damaged hair. It protects your hair from split ends, dryness and dullness and also improves the texture, apparently. :/

bt33 bt8

I enjoyed the hair spa a lot. It was truly a relaxing experience for me. So I do not mind coming back to Batam during the fasting month (so that I do not have to eat) just for a hair spa session. LOL. We paid SGD 12 per pax for an hour of hair spa at Hair Perfect Salon.


Hair Perfect Salon

Batam City Square (BCS) Mall (Jalan Bunga Raya, Baloi) Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432

Look at us, right after our hair spa session! How? Do I look like an Indon tai tai? LOL.


Once hair spa was done, we went back to the hotel to check out, and then proceeded to Nagoya Business to buy some chips. Mak insisted on going to Nagoya Business. There are basically a lot of roadside stands at Nagoya business selling homemade chips. local fruits and preserved fruits.

This fruit below is my number one enemy. It always makes me cough each time I eat it.

BT1 bt27 bt22

In my mind, I was thinking, “What is the biggie about them chips? Singapore also have, what.”


SGD3 for half a kilo, and they were very generous with the testers too. The guy selling the chips gave me this big bag of chips, FOC!


And he kept asking me whether I wanted more. Of course I did not ask him for more. Cannot be so greedy. May Allah bless his kind heart, and may his chips business prosper even more. To Batam Centre we went thereafter for our ferry ride back to Singapore.


I couldn’t have been more happier to go home, despite the long queue of people that I had to endure and tolerate. There is really no queueing up system over there, so that pretty much explains the reason why the place is forever overcrowded with people. Tatek had a picture taken with our very nice cab driver, Mister Nur Cahaya!


What’s a ferry ride without a picture overlooking the sea, right?



And there you have it.

I have just blogged about our Batam trip.

And here is a little note for my fellow friends and acquaintances who are big lovers of Batam.

I am sorry that my family and I did not enjoy Batam as much as we wanted or tried to. I am sorry that I failed to see the reason(s) why we should make a return to Batam. I am sorry that I did not go to the better restaurants or spas. I am sorry I did not quite appreciate what Batam has to offer. But that should not stop you from continuing to enjoy or frequent Batam. To each, his own (merriment).

The purpose of this post is not to grumble or whine. It was never my intention to sound so ungrateful or rotten either.

But if there was one thing that I appreciated, then it was the opportunity to see the different side of the world where life is pretty much simpler (though more chaotic). The Batam trip was an eye opener for me and it made me realize how fortunate I really am to be living in Singapore. (And I hope my girls realized that too.) The living conditions/situations such as the ones we see in Singapore do pale in comparison to what most of the people in Batam live with every single day.

But they make do with what they have.


Thank goodness that I had good company in the form of my family throughout the trip. No matter the place, as long as there is good company, it will result in good time spent together, somehow. <3

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The Makcik who bullied us.

Hey hey hey. The recent video about the road bully reminded me that I should actually blog about a situation which my family and I encountered a few days back.

Not quite related to road bullies but still a bully nevertheless.

What kind of a bully?

Hawker centre bully lor.


It was a Sunday, and we all decided to head down to Changi Village for dinner. Queue at every stall was exceptionally long. Every seat was occupied. From the looks of it, we might not even be able to secure seats for ourselves. I mean, there were so many others scouring for empty tables and seats. Nurul and I were not confident at all, and we were definitely not in the mood to “chope” seats. We then suggested taking away our dinner instead. You know, eat at Changi Beach instead and enjoy the sea breeze.


(Whoops. Was the lady in pink scratching her bum?)

My mum however was more than confident that she would get a table for us all.

“Wait lah, the family over there will be done soon with their dinner.”

True enough, we managed to get ourselves one long table. A table full of used utensils and leftover food, that was. Nobody came to clear the table so we decided to just clear it ourselves. But that was not really the issue.  So what was the real issue then, you ask? We were short of two seats. We noticed at the same time that the family seated next to us was almost done with their food. So Daddy and Mak told all of us to sit down first while they went to order the food for us. We did just that.

About thirty minutes later, Mak and Daddy were done with the ordering of food, and were passing the plates of nasi lemak to us. Mak and Daddy still did not have seats for themselves. So I asked two of my girls to share a seat, while Nurul asked Shan to sit on her lap. A bit of a struggle for the poor kids, but we had no other choice. We noticed that the same family seated next to us was actually already done with their dinner like fifteen minutes ago. But they refused to barge from their seats despite seeing how we were struggling to eat with the kids barely having space to sit.

And then we overheard the makcik saying pretty loudly to the husband when he stood up to give up his seat to us. Sorry but must make this big and bold.

“Oi takpe, tak payah bangun cepat-cepat. Duduk aje!”

Read: “Oi, it’s okay, no need to rush. Just remain seated.”


My apologies. I just cannot fight the urge to type in this manner since the topic is about ugly behaviour at a hawker centre, anyway. So just let me feel the moment and talk like an auntie once in a while.

So what did the obedient husband do? He actually listened to his darling wife, and sat down almost immediately – which brings me to another point.

Just why are some husbands soooooo terrified of the wives? Do they wear the pants at home? I mean, it is good to listen to the wives once in a while. But when they have to decide between the right and wrong thing to do, shouldn’t they just listen to themselves instead of their wives?


I really do not understand why such people even exist, sometimes. It’s like, they only think about themselves, and cannot even spare a minute to empathize. Did the Makcik feel happy and satisfied doing that while depriving others of their seats?


I totally understand that. At least I do not chope seats with tissue, what.

But that does not give anyone the right to behave like morons and hog seats like they own the entire hawker centre.

I mean, why was that Makcik just so reluctant to give up her seat and table to us? I would totally understand if she was not done with eating. We did not rush her. We did not even show our discontentment when she did not give up the seats and table to us. But what irritated me and my family was the fact that she was just sitting there eating nothing, and turning her back at us. Didn’t she even see the many others who were waiting to get themselves a seat and table?

Wah, I really hope that the next time she goes to a hawker centre, she will have to wait forever before someone gives up the seat to her. LOL.

I am sorry, but do not expect me to say nice things like,

“Oh that’s alright Makcik, despite what you did to us, we will still forgive you.”

No way.

I can be a really nice person on normal days. But I cannot be nice to someone who has an attitude (and shawl) as ugly as the Makcik’s.



May the Makcik reflect on her actions and turn over a new leaf shawl.

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Friends Forever.

You know they often say that our kids can teach us a lot about life.

And it is true.

When I look at Sharleez’s friendship with her BFF ever since Nursery 1, Natasha Lim, I am convinced that true friendship does exist after all.


(Flashback 1: Look at how tiny they were back then. This was during Sharleez’s 4th!)

sn2(Flashback 2: This was when they were still in Kidz Meadow. Happy times! )


(Flashback 3: During National Day celebration in Kidz Meadow!)

It is just too beautiful, their friendship.

There are few things Sharleez and Natasha love more than hanging out with each other.  If it were up to them to decide, I know that they would never leave their each other’s side, even for a second. I know that they would want be together all the time. When we had to end our play date session yesterday at Natasha’s, I could see how upset both Natasha and Sharleez were. Such a heartbreaking sight, and I am not even exaggerating here.



(Flashback 4: During our playdate session at Natasha’s house yesterday!)

Kids being kids, admire, respect, and trust their friends unconditionally.  They look forward to their arrival, and they miss them when they are gone. Sure, life gets busier for both Sharleez and Natasha now that they are already in primary school, but they still manage to keep in touch with one another somehow, somewhat. Actually, that was the main reason why I got Sharleez a handphone; so that she can keep in touch with Natasha via Whatsapp at least once a week when she gets to use the phone. I only allow her to use the handphone on Saturdays, from 10 am to 8 pm, for your information. So each time she gets to use the handphone, the first thing she will do is to go to Whatsapp to message Natasha! LOL. (I am always so tempted to check their messages each time, but at the same time, I know that my daughter deserves that bit of privacy.)


(Flashback 5: They bumped into each other at Popular bookstore during the December holidays!) 

Kids are not complicated at all. They do not live their life trying to impress anyone or everyone around them. And when they develop a friendship, they are really genuine about it. One wonderful thing about kids is that they are extremely forgiving. One minute they can be fighting over a game or toy, and the next minute they will be hugging as if nothing ever happened. It is a scenario that every mother who has ever been on a playdate with her children can attest to, but it is that attitude of forgiveness that we adults often don’t practise ourselves in our everyday life. Kids do not hate. Kids do not bear grudges. Kids do not hold back. Adults do, most of the time.

So who is the real grown up here? 


(Flashback 6: Lunch date after school.)

SN8 (Flashback 7: During Natasha’s 6th birthday celebration in school.)

Fine, their displays of anger or sadness might be very pretty dramatic at times. They are really great at letting out those waterworks too. But shouldn’t we give them credit for allowing themselves to feel what they feel? Shouldn’t we give them credit for acknowledging their emotions?

If only we could possess the same qualities as children. If only we could just make life less complicated. If only we could just express ourselves as openly without the other party bearing any grudges towards us. The truth about the truth is that that most of us could use a little more of it in our daily lives. But instead of doing so, we bottle up our feelings, conceal them from others, or we shove them away. When someone upsets us, we choose to express our feeling of discontentment to someone else instead. And then we will also expect them to know what we are feeling.


(Flashback 8: During their K2 Graduation Ceremony.)

What we do not realize is that expressing ourselves more will actually allow us to accept our feelings as being perfectly valid. Openly expressing our feelings will make communication easier and maintain sincerity in our life.

And sincerity is one key factor in any healthy friendship.

In return, a healthy friendship is one of the keys to happiness.  No matter how busy, we should never let our busy schedules keep us from the people we care about most.

But of course, there is no crystal ball to predict whether a particular friend will turn out to be reliable or trustworthy. Some friends may disappoint from the start, and some friends may change suddenly because of what’s going on in their lives or because of changes in their personality. And sometimes, some friends just cannot afford to give us that one key thing called sincerity.

Some friends are just beyond my understanding. Everything also they want to compete. Everything also they want to be better than the rest. But when their friends are better than them, they pretend not to know. Being genuinely happy or congratulating their friends in return is definitely not in their dictionary. #justsaying

“As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have more friends, and more important to have real ones.”

So what if things somehow go awry in the friendship?


At the end of the day, the fact remains that we adults cannot handle friendship as well as them kids.



May this beautiful friendship last and stay as beautiful as you girls! :)

“True friendship is not being inseparable. It’s being separated and nothing changes.”

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Ageless Love.

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you could turn back the hands of time? Would you have done certain things differently? Would things be a far cry from the life you live today?

Most of us feel that time moved very slowly when we were children, and is gradually speeding up as we grow older.

Don’t we just wish that our kids would never grow up, and still stay as they were yesterday?

Don’t we wish that we could relive our childhood once again, and say ‘I love you’ more often to our parents?

Don’t we wish that we had listened to our parents more?

Don’t we wish that we had hugged them more?


We will never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s the present moment that matters the most.

If only for a moment we could freeze time so that we could look over and savour our loved ones, wouldn’t it be awesome?

But what’s left today?

Memories…and possibly some regrets too.

My parents used to be really protective of us. Back then when me and my siblings were still small, we would go everywhere with my parents. E V E R Y W H E R E .

I love this picture of me and Sofian so much. Missing those good old days where we were just so young and carefree.

Dress too short?


Slanted fringe?



As you can see, I started young. The funny faces I make when taking photos, I mean.


The following picture was taken a day after my mum came back from the hospital. She just gave birth to Ili at that point of time. I remember not wanting to go to school on that day because I wanted to stay at home and babysit Ili. Ili, if you are reading this, you should be touched.


This picture below was taken during Hari Raya. Just look at the smirk on my face, and my super thin (and ewwwww) eyebrows. At this point of time, I was at my rebellious stage, forever waiting to say no to my parents for anything and everything. LOL.


But let us not just focus on me. Look at everyone else. Look at how innocent Shafiq and Ili looked! Nice sling bag, Ili! Eh I forgot something. Sofian too was at his playful stage at this point. LOL.

And that was my late grandmother. I miss her so much. I used to be so so soooooooo attached to her. Al-fateha. :(

Who would have thought that this beautiful couple would be my parents?



I am not too sure whether my parents had already planned to have four kids at this point of time.

But this was my mum pregnant with me!


And who would have thought that my dad (with his ‘smashing’ outfit as seen in the picture) would be making the Super Shiok sambal at the later part of his life? LOL.

This picture was taken during my first birthday bash. Check out my helmet hair.



Hmm. I just realized that my right eye is smaller than my left eye.


From an only child to the big sister to three younger siblings.


HAHA! Ili has to stop cracking me up. Check out her pouch! And check out our leggings. So colourful!


And over time, we had more addition to the family.

The family is even bigger now.

The following picture was taken when I was still dating Tatek! He was serving NS at that point of time, hence the super ‘fair’ skin. The little boy Tatek was carrying is Aqil, his nephew.


Good old days, except that everyone was so young, not old.

And look at us now.

Married, and no longer that young.


But at least we have three cute daughters.


So not being able to stay as young has its perks after all.

There was never a time where my parents would leave us alone at home just so that they could go out on dates or whatsoever. It was always the six of us, together everywhere. My mum has been devoting her life to us from the day we were born till now in fact. She learnt to slowly let go the older we got. And I really meant s l o w l y. She was just too used to having us with her all the time, so to suddenly not see us as often as she wanted to was not an easy feat. To suddenly not know our whereabouts was very tormenting for her. To suddenly not have us reporting to her was like us casting her aside.

I can quite relate to her definitely because I am a mummy too myself. Right now, my girls are breathing the same air as me almost all the time, so things are still okay for me. I do not really feel the pinch as yet. Frankly speaking, I cannot really imagine what my mum had to go through or how she felt when she had to let go of us, one by one. When my girls start to slowly distant themselves from me in search of freedom, that’s when I would truly put myself in my mum’s shoes and empathize totally with her.

Giving our kids the space to learn and grow is perhaps one of the scariest things we can ever do as a parent.

Of course we would want to protect them from any possible harm for as long as live. Of course we would want to warn them about the many big bad wolves out there who are just waiting to devour them and bring them down.

But we cannot possibly be doing that forever. We got to start treating our kids in a way that is appropriate for their age. I mean, if they are 5 years old, treat them like one. And if they are 25, do not treat them like they are still 5!

Your kids change, whether you like it or not. Of course it was simpler before, because their choices were more limited. But the more they go through life, the more they will learn. Adulthood will change some of their views in life, no matter how much you might have brainwashed them when they were still small. Marriage will also make them wiser. So how is it possible that you expect them to remain the same forever still? And if they do change, who’s to blame?


They are responsible for the choices they make in life.

And even if they decide to that path less travelled by others, let them be.

It’s their life, at the end of the day.

Let them search for their own happiness. Your definition of happiness might not be the same as theirs, and that is perfectly fine.

TOUGH LIFE. But that’s how things work.

One thing will never change though; the bond of a family.

“Blood is thicker than water.”

Why worry about the rest?

Sometimes, we just need to stop thinking about the what ifs and whatnots in life. After all, we will not be here to stay forever. Everything in life is pretty much temporary, so to speak. So shouldn’t we just stop worrying so much about everything, and find what makes us the happiest instead?

“You can’t have real roses, so you buy plastic ones. You can’t think sweet thoughts, so you gobble down sugar. You can’t figure out how to be happy, so you make other people laugh. There’s nothing wrong with what you do, but that’s not real happiness.”

What’s real happiness?
I beg of you, never ever let anyone else decide this one for you.

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Let’s get married!

Brides and grooms to be! Sourcing for a wedding caterer but spoilt for choices? What are the factors that you will consider before you make your decision?




Oh that happens to be the 3A mission of  Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Service! Such coincidence.

See, nowadays everything is not really that cheap. Getting married is not cheap anymore too. However, if you play it smart, you will still be able to achieve that beautiful dream wedding. There is actually no need to go for something that is too over the top in terms of cost and setup because at the end of the day, it is simplicity that will win hearts over. (And you will get to save more money as a result!) Pray tell me you agree with me on this one!

At Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Service, they cater to almost everyone, and they offer really attractive wedding packages for brides and grooms to be too, most importantly.

They have done a lot of wedding decor setups for the past years.


These are my personal favourites due to their simplicity yet unique and elegant touch.





Oh they even do wedding tray decor!


And and, really pretty baby shower setups!


This one sure for twins! LOL.

So tell me, for every wedding that you attend, does the wedding menu play an important role? Wouldn’t it just spoil your day (and appetite obviously) if the food disappoints? Or how would you react if there was insufficient dishes? Or what if the dishes were not replenished? A bit paisey right to ask right? People would mistake you for a glutton.

All I’m trying to say is…


I think it will be more cost-saving if you can get a wedding package provider that will take care of the wedding decor setup and the food as well. That said, let me just reiterate on the importance of finding the right and reliable wedding package provider.

Just the other day, my entire big family had a feast, all thanks to Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Service!

What can I say? Our dinner was perfect, and our tummies were definitely full and happy!

Fluffy biryani rice.

The long grains of the aromatic rice are perfectly soft and light, and they don’t stick together.


Tender rendang daging which is explosively flavourful.


Dalcha is very generous with lamb and lentils.

The consistency is just right- not too runny or thick. We love it!


Sambal Goreng Pengantin is definitely rich with spices.

The ingredients are combined and coated well with the spice paste.


Udang Sambal is spicy, sweet and sour.

Prawns are fresh, juicy and tender.


Spicy Ayam Masak Merah cooked to perfection!

The gravy is spicy and sweet at the same time, and goes really well with the succulent chicken!


Everyone gave the thumbs up.

And then I saw the endless testimonials by happy customers when I visited the FB page of Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Service!

REALLY SO MANY HAPPY CUSTOMERS, YOU KNOW? Click HERE to view the rest of the reviews! 




Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Service has been in the wedding trade for many years already, so I am pretty sure they are consistent and will not disappoint their customers. Otherwise, their testimonials wouldn’t be that aplenty. Some customers even came back for their services for more than twice or thrice!

And oh, I found out that they were the caterer for the wedding of some local celebrities like Mayuni Omar and Nurul Huda (Fauzie Laily’s wife), just to name a few.


So if you are looking for a caterer for your event (no matter how big or small), do consider Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Service. 


Here are their contact details! 

FARAH DIANA Catering & Wedding Service


81895787 (FARAH)

91079792 (DIANA)


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