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Let me teach you a lesson.

Welcome September holidays!

Teachers, you can more or less have a little break while I handle the kids for a week.

Now, to just stay at home and do nothing can be achingly boring. I can just foresee myself being so occupied with my work. My girls on the other hand, will just turn to TV once they run out of things to do. I am being realistic here.

“An empty mind is devil’s workshop.”



Besides, kids just love the word holiday because it just means play, freedom and fun.

Where to bring them during the September holidays, you ask me?

What to do with them?

I get it parents; we do have a love-hate relationship with holidays.

Sure, we do not have to wake up that early rush for school, or worry about their homework or exams. But we have to keep them entertained for one whole week from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to sleep! If we cannot find activities to keep the kids engaged, then there are better off at school, aren’t they? After all, if they are in school, we do not really have to worry about anything. Just drop them off, go for some self pampering session or running, and fetch them few hours later.


I was in the teaching line myself before. So I guess I can really empathize with my girls’ teachers.

Golden rule: Always be kind to them.

Be damn kind to them, in fact.

Respect them. Make your kids respect them.

Be understanding to them.

So what if they make a typographical error in that newsletter? Probably that was typed out at night on a school night when everybody else was snoring away, with tired eyes desperately trying to blink away the exhaustion.

No need to make it such a big deal.

No need to call the principal and complain.

No need to write an essay to the teacher to question her capabilities as a teacher.

Believe me, there ARE parents like that.


If you ask me, teachers do not really get to rest. (That was the reason why I left the service. I could not cope with being a teacher /admin assistant and a mother.)


They really think teachers come to school to just teach, and that’s all. Of course, if most parents were to try teaching for a couple of weeks, their perspectives might change. But the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

So since I was a teacher before I became a parent, let me tell you hor. 

In school, must teach and do markings. Must come to school early to do paper work. Must come to school early for meetings. Must set exam papers. Must plan for school events. Must go for training before or after school. At home, must plan for the following week’s lessons in advance. Must continue with the markings. Must attend to family at the same time if teacher has one. Must help with kid’s homework, if teacher has one.

We are already pulling our hair whenever our kids bring home their homework and ask us for help. Imagine what the teachers might be pulling every single day at home. LOL.


That’s your kid ley. You should know him/her better. Be realistic in your expectations. If your kid needs individual attention, that means he/she needs a little more help than what he/she is already getting at school. Help your kid yourself. Work alongside the teacher. If you do not have the energy to help your kid because you are just so tired after work everyday, do not expect the teacher to have the energy 24/7.

Do not send your kid to a good school with the one hope that your kid will be the top student in that school when your child does not even know how to read properly.

A good school does not determine good grades. And it does not mean that you do not have to do anything as a parent the moment you put your kid in a good school.

Family background and support are crucial in determining your child’s performance in school.


Why must you write a long letter to the teacher or worse still, the principal, to ask why your kid was reprimanded?


I get it, your kid is like an ornament for your ego. Your kid is a manifestation of your very being. Your kid reflects who you are.


So whose fault is it then if your child lacks discipline?

Cannot leave it to the teachers to turn your kid into the ideal person you want her or him to be. Teachers are also human beings. They are allowed to fall sick occasionally. They are entitled to take medical leave.


Do not ask the principal why the teacher is sick. Like duh?

What am I trying to say here?

Teaching is physically and emotionally taxing. They need a break too sometimes. Teachers are an extremely important facet of any society for a multitude of reasons. Teachers are not just teachers. They are also nurses, classroom interior designers, presenters, psychologists, recess monitors, social workers, counselors, secretaries, copy machine mechanics, and the list goes on.

Appreciate the good teachers.

Gifts are not exactly what they need. It’s more about being appreciated. It’s most about us parents being thankful.




The picture above was taken when I was still teaching and pregnant with Sharleez. This was my first form class, 1 Peace.

I guess I was really fortunate to be able to have such wonderful kids and parents! Truly miss every single one of them. :)


Teachers should also play their part and ensure that they are giving nothing but their best to their students through the teaching and the imparting of knowledge upon them in their most impressionable years. What kids learn from their teachers at a young age will most likely stay with them in some facet for the rest of their lives.  I am sure almost everyone of us who had a good teacher before can vouch for that.

Happy Teacher’s Day.





I sure do miss marking piles of books. :D

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Just us girlies.


Applaud or something, won’t you?

Just came back from a very short staycation with my girls, you know?


Yes, just us girls, without their daddy.

Mummy and daughters bonding time, you can call it.

“Girls’ day out,” as what my girls would call it.

No other relationship is quite as primal as the one between a mummy and her daughter. I mean, it’s the original relationship. It’s the real McCoy.

With the chaos of juggling my own schedule with my girls’ timetable, it’s pretty convenient for our quality time together to be limited to the daily car conversations and bedtime routine. I wear many hats and doing so is not always as easy peasy as you see it. Sure, my pictures or updates may give you the ideas that I have it easy. You think you know it all? But seriously, I hardly get to relax or take naps during the days even because I am just so busy running around trying to get things done for my blog advertorials, Instagram adverts, and the admin part for Studiofrost mainly. Just so that you know, okay? I do not just “shake leg” doing nothing all the time while my girls are in school. How I wish I could be a tai-tai.

Sometimes, I do feel guilty when I am too busy at home with my own work to really help my girls out with their work. But then again, it is not actually a bad thing after all and I should not be feeling guilty for teaching them to be self-reliant. Think of it this way; the more I do everything for them, the more I am not really helping them. The sense of accomplishment that comes with being independent is immensely important for any kid. They like to feel like they are grown ups. They like to be treated like grown ups.


Look at this Myreen for instance. Forever now taking a lot of selfies using my handphone. (Wonder where she learnt that from.)


She does look like a cute squirrel with cheek pouches, for? LOL.

Anyway, all I’m saying is this- I should not rob my kids of the opportunity to help themselves. Whatever they can do without me helping, they do.


And while they are trying so hard to act like adults, their mummy is trying so hard to relive her childhood by acting like a child once in a while.

Oh yes, I love to jump in big puddles of rain. I love to laugh so loud after cracking my own jokes.

Sometimes, I just forget about the typical “mom stuff”.

My girls really give me a wonderful opportunity to be a child all over again through the times we spend together, and to do things with them that I never thought of doing as a grown up.

Penciling in some quality time with them may require a little extra effort, but it always pays off in spades, I feel.


The special aspect of seemingly simple activities like lunching with them is timelessness. Realllllyyyyyyy.

I know my girls love staycations more than anything else in the world. Wait, I think they love me more than anything else in the world! Anyway, since I have been finding pretty difficult to rest and relax these days, I thought I should just forget about work for the weekend and spend it with my daughters. I did just that, made a phone booking for a 2D/1N stay at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, enabled the vacation responder for Studiofrost’s emails, revealed the surprise to my girls, they shrieked uncontrollably, and then they called me “The best mummy in the whole wide world!”

Can you believe it? I am the best mummy in the whole wide world, ley!

This statement alone beats even the most expensive gift in the whole wide world.

Funny how easy it is for them kids to please us mummies, huh? :D

My next aim is to bring my girls for one-on-one dates, but this will have to wait till they are okay with the idea of Mummy not bringing all of them along at the same time for her outings. Don’t want them to think that Mummy is being selective or practising favoritism, you know?

For now, I do feel rejuvenated though very, very tired. Mind you, I had to handle all three girls without any form of assistance from the husband or helper.


So now that the staycation is over and done with for now, I think I deserve a little rest.

Let me first figure out when exactly that can happen.

Oh look, it’s Monday tomorrow!


 Want me to blog some more?


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You may call me crazy or mad or insane or absurd or gila or siao or gong-gong for re-renovating my current abode. After all, I just moved in barely two years ago, and I just renovated the entire place barely two years ago too.

And then the speculations.

“Too much money ah?”

“Nothing better to do ah?”

“So fast you already bored of your house?”

None of the above actually lah, haiyah.

Anyhow only.

When I agreed to have my house renovated by Icon Interior Design, it was mainly because of one reason.


Okay lah, two reasons. The other reason?


Maybe there are three reasons after all. Sorry sorry. Third reason:-


A month later, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Of course I did make a lot of noise when Icon interior suggested revamping my already revamped house because hey, being a stay-in customer is not even close to easy to begin with.

So many reasons why I hesitated initially.

Want to know why? Let me tell you why and no, I am not going to sugar coat my words.

I would be inside a house full of dust and noise. Like it or not, I would be practically breathing on the contractors’ neck every single working day. I would have the tendency of finding fault with the renovation works because I would be constantly monitoring what they do.

But of course, I was sold the minute I thought about having my whole house more organized.

To save me from the headache, dust and noise, I decided to stay out during the daytime as much as possible when the reno works were ongoing. My dad was actually pretty pissed with me because I was never home to monitor. And Daddy being the perfectionist that he is, spot-checked every single work done every single day.

Pros and cons.

I appreciate the fact that my dad was around every day to monitor the reno works for me. Thank you Daddy!

But sometimes as homeowners, we need to also give the contractors a bit of space for them to work. I mean, imagine yourself constantly being checked on. Would you really feel comfortable doing what you do? Or would it make you more tensed, resulting in more errors made? The latter applies to me, definitely.

However, I am not saying that we should leave it entirely in the hands of the project manager or interior designer handling our house to monitor the progress. It can get petty complicated also if we as homeowners, do not even bother to monitor anything and then suddenly when the reno works are done, we do not even remember deciding on that particular design or material. Worse still, we would demand that the project manager redo everything just because we do not like how the final product looks like.

Some possible scenarios from homeowners?

“Just hack and redo again la. Ask your men to come tomorrow. What’s so difficult?”

“Can I change the tile? Now that I see the outcome, I think I prefer the other tile.”

“Can ask your men to collect all the rubbish tomorrow and throw?”

My darlings, perhaps you should also know the following:

For every hacking, a fee is involved.

For every debris collection, a fee is involved.

Everything comes with a fee.


And if they cannot come down, you cannot hack the stuff yourself, you know? LOL. So anyway, I was just saying.

Are you ready for the revelation?

After months and months of torturous waiting, let me finally present to you…


*throws confetti*



My living room looked like this. Nice, you think?




Why choose nice only when it can be very nice?

My living room now looks so spacious and clean and white and everything nice! If you were to compare my living room before and now, you would be able to notice that my current living room is more well-designed. And since it is more well-designed, I do not even have to do much to decorate the area.

XF1Z5629 550px wide

 XF1Z5656 550px wide

XF1Z6308 550px wide


My walkway looked like this.



It looks like this!

XF1Z6303 550px wide


My dining area used to look like this. It was a pretty decent looking dining area, and I loved it.




But look at my dining area now!

I have fallen in love yet again. I can eat here all day and I will refuse to budge an inch even! LOL. And I am especially loving the chalkboard which Icon Interior Design has customized for me so that we can always update one another with what’s cooking, and what’s not.

And when nothing is cooking, we become philosophers and write quotes. LOL.

Dining with the family has never been more fun than this.

XF1Z5677 550px wide

See, we can even pass the dishes from the kitchen straight to the dining table! Again, another genius idea from Icon Interior Design, just because they know how much pride my mum takes in cooking, and how much we enjoy her cooking. 


XF1Z5995 550px wide



My kitchen looked like this. I thought using dark colours like black and brown would be nice, but I did not even consider the effect it would have on my kitchen in terms of the outlook. I really did  not know colours play an important part especially for small areas like the bathroom, kitchen and service yard.


before-kitchens1 before-kitchens34


Now, my kitchen looks like this! Oh my god, tell me you are not loving this because I am sooooooo loving my kitchen! Nowadays, kitchens are sooooo tiny and small. BTO flat owners, you will definitely agree with me on this one! So since we cannot change the size of the kitchen, we can change how it looks to create the big and spacious effect. One way of doing so is through the use of light colours like white. But it is not just any kind of white, you know? Will talk more about choosing the right kind of material for your kitchen cabinets.

XF1Z6217 550px wide

XF1Z6199 550px wide

Tell me the truth.

Doesn’t my kitchen look wayyyyyyyyy bigger?

I think so, you know? My mum is just more motivated to cook more dishes for us these days. It’s like the kitchen now is less congested too, all thanks to the storage system which we are using. What storage system? Will talk more about it shortly too. But in any case, you can interview my mum if you do not believe me!


My service yard looked like this. Didn’t even know what to look at so I ended up avoiding going to the service yard. Even if I had to throw rubbish, I would ask my helper to do it for me. Like oh, please save me the torture. LOL.




Now it looks like this! We have storage for almost everything, and it looks wayyyy neater than before! And I am always finding a reason to visit the service yard these days like to throw my piece of tissue into the rubbish chute. You know, that kind of thing.


XF1Z6024 550px wide


No no. I am not saying or even implying that I am an icon. I am just a blogger, as you all know it. By Icon, I mean Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd.

When the big boss of Icon and one of his partners S asked me what kind of concept I would like this time round, I immediately shouted SCANDINAVIAN!

Really, I did shout.

White bricks. Black borders. Clean and fresh look. Minimal design.

I want to keep it simple this time round.

I was also concerned about my very small kitchen. Apparently, using dark colours for a very small kitchen will only make it look all the more smaller.

They suggested using lighter colours like white to brighten up the kitchen, giving the illusion that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

Throughout discussions, the boss and S were forever nodding and saying yes to everything. Frankly speaking, I did wonder whether they really did note down every single one of my inputs. But their only concern was our lifestyle, and they told me that they would design something based on our daily lifestyle.

When the 3D was out,  I just stared at it for a good fifteen minutes. Whatever I wanted was in the 3D. The 3D was unlike any other 3D designs I have seen before. So much effort was put in to make the 3D look as real as possible. So when I looked at it, it was like looking at my actual newly renovated house.

Just show you one 3D drawing and you compare it with the actual one.


Icon Interior Design definitely delivered what they promised me, right from the start.

My feelings were not cheated at all.


Now I understand why Icon Interior was chosen to renovate the house of Asian’s top blogger too! You know, that cute pink-haired blogger. HEHE.

At this point, you must already be thinking.

“Alamak, design top blogger’s house, that means sure expensive one.”

That’s where you are wrong.


Icon Interior Design really places so much emphasis on design and concepts, unlike other typical renovation companies. The design of your house should be customized and well-designed according to your taste and living habits. Your house design should not be cut and pasted from one house to another, contractor style.  Most renovation companies tend to do the latter because it is just so convenient for them, and it does not involve a lot of thinking or planning.

And the best thing about Icon Interior Design is, they are not even charging a lot like some other renovation companies in the market. I was actually very pleased with their quotations throughout. It was cheaper than all the past quotations I have received for my home renovation.

Want to know what the Icon Interior Design thinks?


Again, I was sold. Definitely a renovation company which you would want to consider for your home renovation.


The boss’ partner, S, took over the running of my house renovation works completely. Not because the boss was too busy for me or anything like that but because the boss’ partner was also in charge of my previous home renovation, #ProjectFunHouse.


Yes yes, it’s him again.

Hahah. What a twisted life. It’s like you will go round and round and round, only to go back to square one.

Shafee was very patient throughout the entire renovation process. Frankly speaking, my temper was not that good throughout the entire renovation. To recall what I have already mentioned earlier in this post, staying in the house while renovation work is ongoing is definitely a very challenging thing to do for every homeowner. It requires a lot of patience from both sides. For instance, the customer will keep asking the project manager to fasten the process because customer’s tolerance level to the dust and mess is very low. The project manager will in return reassure the customer that everything is going as scheduled.

That customer was me actually.


Want to know why my renovation took longer this time round? So many reasons why.

Firstly, I was a stay-in customer. In fact, my parents and sister are staying under the same roof also.

Icon Interior Design could have fastened up the pace by renovating everything at one go. But by doing so, that would also mean that our movements and daily activities in the house would be very limited. So Shafee suggested that we do it phase by phase, area by area. Like for instance, they did up the living area first so that my mum could still carry on cooking in the kitchen as per normal.And then when it was time to do up the kitchen, the living room was pretty much done up by then.

Remember there was one period of time where we had to pause the sale of SuperShiok Sambal?




When Shafee was overseeing the renovation works for my house, he had other jobsites to attend to at the same time. So I do wonder sometimes how he manages to handle his projects while entertaining the different antics of his customers. And as customers, we too tend to get carried away and expect our project manager or ID to attend to our house and only our house 24/7. We need to let loose a bit and learn to share him with other customers who are renovating their house at the same time as well. They too need his attention all the same.

A bit difficult to do especially since we are spending big bucks on the renovation, I know.

But we can always try.

Whatever it is, I have to take my hats off Shafee for being so dedicated towards his work.

I guess that is why majority of my blog readers who go to him will always end up signing up a home renovation package with him on the spot. And I thank all my readers for the trust!

I actually have a lot of companies to thank for making #PROJECTRUMAHICON a success.


1. 99 Curtains for my living room curtains:

XF1Z5712 550px wide

Everything about them is so fuss-free. I just need to call them to book an appointment for measurements to be taken on-site (read: at my place) and that’s about it. Their consultant will drop by to have the measurements taken within minutes, show the various designs and colours they have for their curtains, advise you based on your preferences, and that’s about it.

My curtain took less than two weeks to be ready!

Thank you 99 Curtains! Always my number 1 choice for curtains and blinds.

Contact Details:

50 Ubi Ave 3, 01-20 Frontier Building, S408866 9199 3699

2. Crestar for my super cool and super cold matte black ceiling fan. 

Now, I took quite some time to source around for the ideal ceiling fan for my living room. Bearing into mind the fact that my entire family perspire easily, a very good ceiling fan is of utmost importance. Come on, we cannot possibly rely on just the aircon 24/7, can we? Previously we used Crestar for our ceiling fan, and everyone who came to our house would comment that the ceiling fan was really good. So this time round, I decided to stay faithful and use Crestar still. Frankly speaking, there were some designer fans which I sort of fell in love with.

But then again, I think that was just lust, not love.

What’s the point of having an expensive designer ceiling fan at home when it cannot even perform the very basic function of a fan that well? One thing I have learnt about choosing the correct ceiling fan is by looking at the blades. Fan blades determine the amount of air being circulated throughout the room. Want to know more about choosing the right ceiling fan?

Read HERE.

Contact details: Blk 164 Kallang Way #05-21/25

Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate

Singapore 349248



And if you are into sleek and state-of-the-art ceiling fan designs, you might want to also visit Spin!


Contact details:

994 Bendemeer Road #05-01

Singapore 339943

Tel: 6298 1038 6298 8948


For both Crestar and Spin, you can look for Jerald!

3. Sunyu Products & Services Pte Ltd for:

My high gloss acrylic kitchen and service yard cabinet doors

Here’s the thing – so many of us are in love with the colour white these days.


Well, I can finally stop dreaming because my kitchen is now white!



XF1Z6278 550px wide

Anything white will never fail to give the clean and spacious look but anything white can also be pretty difficult to maintain over time, especially if you are talking about kitchen cabinets. That was the reason why I did not use white for my kitchen the first time I renovated my house.

However, Eligere high gloss acrylic panels from Sunyu are totally different, and are very ideal as kitchen cabinet doors, even if the colour chosen is white.

Want to know why? They are:

  • Water resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Weather resistant


Even with our humid climate, the panels effectively repel moisture from the atmosphere so that they won’t warp, bloat or peel. A coat of UV protection also ensures that the panels don’t discolour over time. So whether or not you cook a lot at home, you can still have a white kitchen, all thanks to Eligere high gloss acrylic panels from Sunyu. And the best thing about Eligere high gloss acrylic panels from Sunyu is, the solid colour runs all the way through, and all you see is a flat, polished and lustrous surface. The panels are totally different from other laminates used for kitchen cabinets. Maintenance wise is really easy too – a microfibre cloth with mild soap and water is all it takes to clean it. Want to know more about Eligere high gloss acrylic panels from Sunyu?

LIKE them in FB now by clicking HERE, and find out more about their products!

Alternatively, you can get Shafee from Icon Interior Design to explain to you more when you meet up with him! 

4. IQuartz for my kitchen cabinet top and the sparkly vanity tops for my bathrooms.

So why use quartz for my table tops this time round?

  • Strength – It has four times the flexural strength of granite
  • Versatility – It can be used in virtually any indoor surfacing application
  • Scratch-Resistance – Quartz is naturally scratch-resistant
  • Stain-Resistance – Non-porous and highly resistant to stains
  • Scorch-Resistance – will withstand limited exposure to heat without burning or scorching
  • Maintenance-Free – Because it is non-porous, it does not need to be sealed
  • Colors and Edges – available in a wide array of colors and unlimited edge designs


And besides, iQuartz sparkles, almost like diamond! 


XF1Z5951 550px wide

XF1Z5969 550px wide

XF1Z5759 550px wide

5. Maicador for:

  • The Nadyas’ almost soundproof and super white bedroom door
  • The common toilet door

XF1Z5878 550px wide


  • The Door Lock system by Maicador which accommodates to everyone’s individual lifestyle with the variety of access methods like Fingerprint, Card , or PIN Access.


Do you want to know something? Ever since we had Door Lock system installed, we no longer need to bring the house keys everywhere we go. We choose the Fingerprint access method, so even my girls can unlock the door themselves using their cute little thumbs anytime they want. Super super convenient. We no longer have to wake up in the middle of night if someone forgets to bring the keys. The house door bell is hardly used these days too. And nobody gets locked out anymore, even on days when they misbehave. :D

This is Mysha using the Fingerprint access method.


XF1Z5920 550px wide

And this is Mysha using the Card access method.


XF1Z5922 550px wide

And finally, this is Mysha using the Pin Access method.


XF1Z5925 550px wide


Which access method will work best for you and your family, you think?

At Maicador, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the ideal doors for your house. They have almost everything!

Shafee from Icon Interior Design can tell you more about this too!


6. Craftstone for my CraftBricks!

XF1Z5639 550px wide

Just look at my CraftBricks! Don’t they look more real then actual bricks? They definitely make an eye-catching feature wall and background for my pictures.

Besides, they really complement the entire Scandinavian theme.

Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much Craftstone!

7. Sipario for my dining and living room lights, and also my bathroom accessories!

Now if you are all for convenience when it comes to shopping for accessories for your new home, then you might want to consider going to Sipario. They are like the one stop home accessories shop.

At Sipario, you can shop for the following all at the same time:

  • Lights
  • Kitchen accessories like kitchen tap and sink
  • Bathroom accessories like tap, wash basin, WC, and rain shower
  • Ceiling fans

So if you need to shop around for the above mentioned accessories, let Shafee know. Something can be arranged actually if you want your ID to shop around with you even.

7. TEKA for my hood and hob!

TEKA sells kitchen appliances and bathroom appliances mainly, and they are all straight from Europe.

When I dropped by the showroom the other day, I was impressed by how sleek and classy their items look. If you are the kind who is very particular about creating the first impression, then TEKA will definitely work for you.

Why did I choose my hood from Teka?


We use the kitchen almost everyday. My mum cooks almost all the time. Teka hoods are fingerprint-proof and made from stainless steel. In other words, the hood has high resistance to dirt and prevents grease particles from accumulating on the surface.

Another big reason why I chose the hood from Teka is because of the anti-odour filter.

When cooking food, moisture and odours escape into the atmosphere easily. The anti-odour filter helps to remove odors effectively whilst the hood is recirculating air around the kitchen. It does this by absorbing moisture, grease and smoke while you cook.

The double turbine motor prevents grease from entering and damaging the motor. Noise level reduced as a result, and a longer lifespan for your hood. Doesn’t this always mean less money spent on maintenance?


And since hood and hob will always come together like husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, I decided to get the hob from Teka as well! I really love how it does not occupy space yet give us more than enough space to cook more than just one dish at the same time.

XF1Z5868 550px wide

XF1Z5843 550px wide

And oh, thank you Teka for my super sleek kitchen sink plus tap too!

XF1Z6086 550px wide

To visit Teka at their showroom, details are as follows:

Address: 83 Clemenceau Avenue UE Square #01-33 Singapore 239920 General Enquiries: 6734 2415 Do not forget to look for cute Melisa from Teka! Hehe.

8. Nippon paint for painting my house beautiful with your Odor-less EasyWash paint.

What does Odor-less mean?

Well, it means no odour during and after painting. If you have sensitive nose like me and my girls, then this will definitely help a lot. And the best thing about this paint is, it is easy to wash should there be stains.

Let me just summarize to you in point forms why you should consider using Nippon Paint Odor-less EasyWash, especially for the upcoming Hari Raya!

  • Almost no odour
  • Teflon ™ surface protector
  • Superior Washability Anti-Stain Formula
  • 2x Easier to clean
  • Low Sheen Finish
  • Long-lasting colours
  • Washable
  • Covers hairline cracks
  • Anti bacterial
  • Resistance to fungus
  • Easy application
  • Easy touch-up
  • Less splattering
  • Excellent coverage and hiding power
  • Resistance to fading and chalking
  • Water-based paint
  • No Lead or Mercury added


Super good or what?! For more details about Nippon Paint, you can click HERE.


Icon Interior Design uses only Nippon Paint, if you must know.

9. Hong Liang Electrical for the black chiller to store our SuperShiok Sambal! 


XF1Z6024 550px wide

I usually shop at Hong Liang Electrical only for all my home/electrical appliances because believe it or not, their price is way cheaper than any other electrical shop around. don’t believe me? Visit them yourself and compare the price. And do not forget to let them know also that you are recommended by Diah/Etrangle. :D

Contact Details:

123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150123 James at 6278 3331

10. Fauzi Anuar from Zee & Marina Photograhy for all the lovely pictures of my newly renovated house. 

I can never thank this buddy of mine enough for his hard work, perfectionist nature, and the 101% effort he put in to bring out the best in all the photos. Everyone is in awe with his work. Thank you so much Fauzi!

Do check out Fauzi Anuar’s work and LIKE him in Facebook by clicking HERE.

11. BLUM for my urbanKitchen!


XF1Z6260 550px wide


Another dream of mine came true – to have my kitchen revamped into an urbanKITCHEN by Blum

Thank you so much Icon Interior Design for recommending Blum to me!


XF1Z5838 550px wide


Ok ok hang on, getting there. It all started when Icon Interior Design suggested using urbanKITCHEN by Blum for my kitchen.

He was like, “Diah, your kitchen is really tiny. Only Blum can save you and give you more storage space. Make your mum happy so that she can cook even more delicious food for you.”

That’s true. I still need good food from my mum.

So I made that trip down to Blum showroom one day with Shafee from Icon Interior Design to have a look at the urbanKITCHEN. urbanKITCHEN is a kitchen concept by Blum Singapore for the modern home to introduce excellently designed kitchen to Singapore homes and families. urbanKITCHEN promises quality while being extremely affordable.


Okay so can I go on? :D

The BLUM staff who were there really explained to me what urbanKITCHEN is all about, just so that I could have a better understanding. They then asked me about my family’s kitchen habits before offering the ideal storage solutions for my urbanKITCHEN.

Let me ask you something.

Whenever you are in the kitchen, how many times will both hands be full? In my case, both hands are always full of food. LOL. How then to reach for the spoon or fork or plate, right?

Say, how would you like the kitchen drawers to automatically open at a single touch, no matter how you touch it? I am not kidding – you can use your hip, knee or toe even! And how will the drawers close? With a single soft touch, that’s all they require.




This can only be possible with the SERVO-DRIVE by Blum!


XF1Z5807 550px wide


At just the press of a switch, the lift system will glide open. Want to close it? Press the switch again.


XF1Z5776 550px wide


The same goes to the rest of my kitchen drawers. All they need is a single touch on the handle-less fronts, and they will automatically open with the electric SERVO-DRIVE.


XF1Z6133 550px wide


A single touch on handle-less fronts or a light pull on handles suffices and drawers and high-fronted pull-outs open automatically with electric SERVO-DRIVE. I no longer have to worry about trapped fingers or hands when my girls are in the kitchen. urbanKITCHEN also ensures that no space is wasted in the kitchen. SPACE CORNER drawers bring items in your cabinets out to you – even the items in the very back corner. ORGA-LINE can also be used in SPACE CORNER drawers to keep all of the contents perfectly organized.


XF1Z6103 550px wide

See what I mean by no space is wasted?

At BLUM, they have a lot of storage solutions to match your needs and kitchen habits!

So it really is a case of mix and match, to suit your budget most importantly.

So prioritize your needs. Focus on the budget you have set aside. Only consider the wants once your budget permits.

Leave the rest to Icon Interior Design.

My question at that point was, “Okay if Blum does my kitchen, what then happens to Icon Interior Design?”

Icon Interior Design happens to be Blum’s certified partner. This also means the entire kitchen design, carpentry, and coordination will still be done by Icon Interior Design. They will then install the kitchen according to Blum/European standards.


With urbanKITCHEN, small spaces =  BIG storage.


Want to have a look at Blum products and read reviews from customers?


Go and LIKE Blum in Facebook too! Click HERE.

Next up, arrange with Icon Interior Design to drop by Blum showroom whenever you are free. Readers from my blog will get to enjoy special privileges from Blum, you know?

Want to know why I am telling you this?

Well, that’s because I do know of some readers who will read my blog, take in my suggestions, but refuse to reveal that they come from my blog.No need to be shy or egoistic, ley! I am really here to share with you, and I am giving you my all, you know?

So if you read my blog, make it known to Shafee from Icon Interior Design or the other companies mentioned here in order to enjoy the benefits like free gifts, discounts and all! :D

Contact Details: Blum Singapore 150

Ubi Avenue 4 #02-00 Ubi Biz-Hub

SINGAPORE 408825 Telephone: +65 6 547 1760

12. And lastly, ICON INTERIOR for making #ProjectRumahIcon possible!


I have to thank the bosses of Icon Interior Design plus Shafee for tolerating my nonsense throughout. Most importantly, thank you for making me realize that a small space can do wonders as far as storage is concerned. A fine example will be my service yard which looks wayyyy spacious now as compared to before. I did not think it would be possible, truthfully.

So Shafee and Icon Interior Design, thank you for rocking my house! You guys are just super amazing.

Let me just show you how good looking the boss is.

He told me not to mention his name at all, but he didn’t mention not to put up his picture right? So yeah.

That’s the boss in blue, with no name. LOL.



And the other guy who is always smiling is Shafee, who needs no further introduction.



These guys really worked so hard to please me and my entire family, if you must know.

Thank you guys for making me realize how a dream home should look like.

Thank you for presenting me with this dream home.

Thank you for making my dreams come true!

Now, your dream home can be your reality too.

Want to get your quotation done on the spot?

It’s possible if you make an appointment with Shafee from Icon Interior Design in advance.

For all BTO flat owners, if you sign up with a renovation package with Shafee from Icon Interior Design by 20th July 2014, you will be entitled to the following free gifts:

Gift A:

  1. 2 sets of Blum S3 Tandembox Drawer System
  2. EF Italian Inspiration Hood & Hob
  3. EF Oven (built-in)


Gift B:

  1. 1 set of Champs
  2. 25 litre Storage Heater
  3. 2 sets of one piece WC
  4. EF Italian Inspiration Hood & Hob
  5. 1 set of 3 way rain shower (just like mine below!)


XF1Z6171 550px wide

Super amazing gifts, I must say.

The gifts above are only limited to the first 100 sets, so you know you have to hurry. 

Contact details:

Shafee @ 9431 4921


No. 441 Macpherson Road Singapore 368152

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat 10.30am – 9pm

Sun & P/H 1pm – 8pm

If you are taking public transport, directions below! Icon Interior Design is located at the main road of Macpherson Road. The bus stop is directly right in front of their doorstep.

BY BUS Bus Services: 8, 62, 90, 151 Bus Stop No: 70121


Aljunied MRT: Board Bus 62 opposite train station and alight at the 6th stop.

Tai Seng MRT: Board Bus 62 opposite train station and alight at the 4th stop.

Toa Payoh MRT: Board Bus 8 or 90 at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and alight at the 9th stop.

Want to view the rest of Icon Interior Design’s portfolio?

Very impressive, okay?

Click HERE.

Do not forget to LIKE them in Facebook too to receive updates and more renovation ideas!

Okay phewwww. What a super long entry.


You may start congratulating me now.

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Raya Goodies Online.

So how’s Ramadan for you this far?


The weather is so hot and humid yeah? Such a challenge, really.

Like how to even do my raya shopping at ease?

I have been going to Geylang Bazaar for the past few days just to see see look look. But honestly, nothing quite appeals to me. Everything there looks the same. Everyone sells the same stuff. I don’t know about you, but it is a must for me to visit the bazaar at least once during the fasting month, just to get into the raya mood. And that’s basically it. Once I am there, I will be too irascible, tired and thirsty to really shop around.

So I guess that’s what most of us experience every time.

Say, how then to make raya shopping convenient?


Raya shopping is literally just a click away at, which also happens to be Singapore’s first raya-centric online store.

So what can you expect to find at

The family favourites of course!









I have personally tasted the Chocolate Roll, Tapak Kuda and Eclairs.


The Eclairs are really addictive.  So if you are intending to order some for your raya guests, let me suggest that you order more for your own consumption too. 

Oh oh oh, I have been told that the Lemang is their best seller too!

And what is Hari Raya at without the usual raya goodies?


More goodies available online at RAYAMART.SG

So, how about having your orders delivered right to your doorstep?

If  you order more than $45 worth of goodies from,

DELIVERY IS FREE! is taking orders till 21 July 2014, while stocks last. All orders will be delivered in the 3rd week (for kueh-kueh) and 4th week (for cakes, ketupat and lemang) of Ramadan.

And I am done.

My blog post is as simple as it is to shop at RAYAMART.SG

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Of donuts & stretch marks.

“Oh Diah, you do not look like a mother of 3 at all.”

 (How then is a mother of 3 supposed to look like?)

If only I could show these people my stretch marks. I mean, if they see my stretch marks, they will definitely be 100% convinced that I am a mother of three.

My take on this?

Stretchmarks define motherhood.

“Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes,” some say.

But of course, motherhood does not have to be an ugly journey. Sure stretch marks define motherhood, but stretch marks do not exactly have to be permanent residents on our skin either.

For starters, why do stretch marks happen?

The common reasons will be skin stretching due to pregnancy, obesity, and weight lifting.

And oh rapid weight loss too can worsen your stretch marks.

Three weeks ago, I have started using Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream, just to see if I could somehow reduce the size and colour of my stretch marks.


Honestly speaking, I am never a believer of stretch mark creams. The last time I used a stretch mark cream was when I was pregnant with Sharleez. Being the anxious first time mummy that I was, I did whatever I read in magazines or online portals. Must put cream. Must put on body butter. Must not scratch the stretch marks. Must not put on too much weight. Like, whatever. Along the way, I somehow could not resist the urge to errr…scratch the stretch marks because they were just so itchy. It was like, the itchy worsened the moment I put the cream on. It irritated the *&$# out of me. And you should know what happened next. The ripper stretch marks from my first pregnancy remained, and I ‘breeded’ some more during my second pregnancy with my twins, Mysha and Myreen. Such a happy family of stretch marks….not!

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream has several benefits, I read.

  1. Helps to improve skin colour
  2. Reduce size of stretch marks
  3. Formulated with Tri-Derm actives to rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity
  4. Clinically proven
  5. Preservative free
  6. Fragrance free


I have sensitive skin, and the stretch mark cream that I used before was definitely not fragrance free. It was no wonder my skin reacted so badly.

Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream does not irritate my skin whenever I apply it. In fact, it is non-sticky and it almost feels like I do not have any cream on. I often apply it right after shower, twice a day. Well, even if you shower only once a day (or do not shower at all), you still need to apply it twice a day. LOL.

My problem areas (after giving birth to my three lovely daughters) have always been my inner thigh, buttocks and oh, my abdomen. DUH!

And oh, I love my donuts too. LOL.

So what have I noticed over the three weeks of usage?

I have actually noticed that some of my stretch marks have started to fade.


Compare below my stretch marks on my inner thigh. Grrr.



Can you see? Hehehehehe.

It is only three weeks as of now, so I am not expecting magic to happen either. Let’s be realistic. But imagine how much more the stretch marks will fade if I continue using the Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream? All you need is perseverance

….and Gly Derm Stretch Mark cream of course.

How to purchase Gly Derm stretch mark cream?


The Gly Derm stretch mark cream is available at all major pharmacies in Singapore and retails at $14.90 and $23.90 for 60ml and 125ml respectively.

To discover more about Gly Derm stretch mark cream, please visit

At the end of the day, do not be too hard on ourselves for having stretch marks, mummies.

“Our stretch marks are proof that we brought life into this world.”

Take comfort in that.

(But still go and give Gly Derm stretch mark cream a try.)

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