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Cik Maz bakes!

I find absolute pleasure in recommending and blogging about good food because well, when something is really that good, the words will just come out naturally too.

Honestly speaking, I had to say no to quite a number of raya goodies this year. Want to know why? Well, the taste was not quite up to my expectations. How to recommend like that? By lying? In my blog?


Even though I am paid for advertorials, it does not mean that I will accept anything and everything from clients. I do choose carefully, and I will not hesitate to politely reject if I know I cannot blog earnestly for that particular product. Trust me, it’s really not just about the money.

Sorry I sidetracked a bit.


If you are thinking of adding on to your raya goodies collection, then may I please recommend to you …

Biskut Cornflakes


Biskut Badam


They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crunchy and soooooooooooooooo tasty that my girls and everyone in the household finished the entire bottle the moment I was done with the photoshoot for the goodies!  I even asked Mak to taste them and she immediately went, “Okay, very nice. You must promote these goodies.”

Oh, they even have macaroons!

I know you all like macaroons, riggggghhhht?


Even Daddy @Lanchiilicrab agreed. He was especially in love with the pastries.


Well, if you guys would like to order pastries like fruit tarts, cream puffs, and cheese tarts for any occasion at all, then I will strongly, strongly recommend these!

Fruit Tarts with the freshest of fruits!


Cream puff with generous custard filling!


Chocolate Eclairs with generous cocoa filling!


Cheese tarts which are just super addictive!


They are all homemade with love by Cik Maz Mohamed who enjoys baking so much. She used to just bake for her family members, but this year’s raya will be the first time she is opening for orders! I admit, when her niece Sabariyah (who is also a very dear my friend of mine) came over to my house with the samples, I was a bit skeptical. I thought the goodies would taste just normal. But the moment I popped each cookie/pastry into my mouth, I went “WAH SO NICE AH?!!!!!!!!!!!!” I asked my Nadyas to try a piece each, and they too fell in love immediately. In fact, they kept begging me for more but I told them they had to wait until I was done with the photoshoot for the raya goodies. The following day, they asked me again for the goodies. Again I said no. They kept asking me each and every day until I finally gave up and said yes. Mental torture, you know? Ask ask ask.

Therefore, I have already decided to order more of her Biskut Cornflakes, Biskut Badam and cream puffs!

Want to order too for Hari Raya this year?

Here’s the price list!


But do remember that since it is a home based business and Cik Maz is the only one doing the baking, she will close orders once her quota is met. 


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Sweet Retreats.

I really admire young entrepreneurial business owners. Yup, I am referring to youngsters who chose to start a business equipped with innovative ideas and passion, and are actually good at it. Awesome, man!

So for the upcoming Hari Raya, may I recommend to you SWEET RETREATS, a home business set up by a young entrepreneur, Nur Syida? Nur Syida loves baking so much that she decided to turn it from a hobby into a source of income for her. Nur Syida bakes all sorts of desserts and sweet treats for all kinds of events, from parties to weddings to Hari Raya, or even if it’s just to satisfy any customer’s craving.


So the other day, Nur Syida personally delivered to my house some goodies from Sweet Retreats on Mother’s Day!

She surprised me with these gorgeous cupcakes! I was really so touched, okay? Mother’s Day this year was extra memorable, thanks to Sweet Retreats. <3


Boyfriends and husbands, you can even surprise your girlfriend or wife with these for your anniversary or her birthday!

And oh my goodness, the cupcakes from Sweet Retreats are so soft, moist, yummy and tasty. The frosting is not too sweet too. My girls and even Tatek enjoyed the cupcakes. There were six cupcakes in total, right? Well, each of us took one and finished it, so there was only one cupcake left as a result. Not sure who ate the last one.

Another favourite of mine and my mum has got to be their Paddlepop Suji! Let me assure you that they taste as good as they look! You know what they say about cookies that break a bit on top, right? So yup, you should try these out for Hari Raya and drive all the kids crazy. They taste like the normal suji except that they are made of beautiful pastel colours.


Sweet Retreats, can I please order these Paddlepop Suji for Hari Raya? Reserve a slot for me, okay? :)

Besides the Paddlepop Suji, Sweet Retreats bake other kinds of goodies for Hari Raya too.


So yup, do not forget to have Sweet Retreats in mind for the upcoming Hari Raya.

Go look for them quick before they stop taking orders.

Sweet Retreats are in FB. Click HERE.

Sweet Retreats are also in Instragram. Click HERE.

Alternatively, email them at

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Time to Bubble.

Tomorrow will be our second time watching Fan Yang!

Yes, we are going to The Bubble Legendary Show!

Last year,  we went for Fan Yang’s Gazillion Bubble Show, and we left the theatre flabbergasted. Throughout the show, I don’t think my girls took their eyes off the stage, not even once. Want to know how amazing Fan Yang is? We are talking about the man who creates his own bubble formulae here.

Just look at the following video if you are still clueless about Fan Yang and his bubbles.

Fan Yang is the World’s Greatest Bubble Artist holder of 18 Guinness World Records! This new 90 minutes long stage production will bring you into a mesmerizing and beautiful bubble world!

Trust me, his show will entertain kids and adults alike. It will be money worth spent. Besides, it is the June holidays, so going to The Bubble Legendary Show by Fan Yang will be one good way to spend quality time with your family, especially your kids. I mean, which kid does not like bubbles?

So hurry, there is still time for you to purchase tickets for today or tomorrow! Tomorrow is the last day, people!

Showtimes are as follows:

8 June 2013: 3.30 pm & 7.30 pm

9 June 2013: 11.30 am & 3.30 pm

Where is it at?

Resorts World® Sentosa – Festive Grand™ Theatre

After the show, can spend the rest of the day at RWS. Sounds like a perfect plan. :)

To book your tickets, click HERE right away!


Thanks Resorts World Sentosa for the invite. I am sure we are going to enjoy ourselves for the second time round! :)

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Feel Your Boobies.

Breast cancer has always been a taboo subject.

Women do not feel comfortable talking about it in the open because it is something that they wish they could avoid getting.

It’s like,

“Choiiiiii! Do not talk about breast cancer because talking about it can bring me bad luck and make me get it too, ley!”

But the actual fact is being female and having breasts is the highest risk factor.




So is this the reason why Angelina Jolie had both her breasts removed?



Picture Credit:

In case you did not/forgot to/never read the news, Jolie underwent a preventive double mastectomy recently after she found out that she that she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. A mastectomy is an operation that removes all or part of the breast. Weeks after Jolie had a mastectomy, she underwent reconstruction of the breasts with an implant.


Will Angelina Jolie’s decision to have both breasts removed influence other women to have (unnecessary) double mastectomies? Or will it make other women more aware of their options? What choices are available to women who do not have the means to go for extended medical procedure like a mastectomy, for instance? The issue of affordability was not even an issue in the case of Jolie’s mastectomy. But in reality, it is always an issue. The media was just raving about her decision to undergo mastectomy, really. 

I have to applaud Angelina Jolie regardless. She did not even have breast cancer in the first place; she had a high risk of it. So the mastectomy that she underwent was not to treat an existing disease or condition. It was simply a preventive action. Now, how many of us would actually have the courage to make the same choice like Jolie? Not me, for sure.

You know, breast cancer is curable if detected early. And if detected early, you can save a lot on the medical costs too.

There are many ways to protect ourselves against breast cancer.

How to?

  1. Be physically active by exercising 3 to 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. Now, this is something that I have stopped doing on a regular basis of late. So once I am done with this post, I am going to head down to the gym and resume my exercise regime.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that eating a diet high in fat will increase the risk of breast cancer. The more obese you are, the higher the risk. And there’s one way for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while lending your support to all breast cancer survivors out there! Oh yes, I am talking about the Pink Ribbon Walk 2013. Want to register? Click HERE.
  3. Breastfeed our babies instead of formula feeding them, if possible.
  4. Be aware of breast cancer and the symptoms
  5. Screen ourselves for breast cancer regularly


Early detection offers more treatment options and a better chance of survival and recovery. We should detect changes in our breast through:

  1. Breast Self Examination
  2. Clinical Breast Examination  
  3. Mammography 


At this point, I know exactly what you are feeling. You are afraid to get mammograms because you are just so worried the results might dictate your future. Am I right? I know, I feel the same way too actually. It’s like I would rather live in the dark then to face the truth.



Being able to live a cancer-free life with your loved ones, and being able to look at the future with no fears is more precious than anything else.

Knowing that you do not have breast cancer versus the time and effort required for an examination, or any discomfort you may feel, which would you prefer? Only through breast screening can you detect very small cancers (if any) before the lump can be felt in the breast(s). If breast cancer is caught and treated while it is still confined to the breast ducts, then the cure rate is close to 100 percent!

So do not fall into the booby trap, pun intended.

Some myths and facts about breast cancer!



For a start, let’s do a Breast Self Examination (BSE) at least once a month!

The best time to do a BSE is 7-10 days after the start of menses because that’s when the breasts are least tender!




So how do we do a BSE? 3 steps:

  • Looking for changes at the mirror
  • Feeling for changes lying down
  • Feeling for changes while in the shower


While doing a BSE, look for:

  • A lump that persists
  • A change in the size or shape of one breast
  • A dimpling or puckering of the skin (like orange peel)
  • A retraction (pulling in) of the nipple
  • A discharge (clear or bloody) from the nipple


If any of these changes are felt or seen, consult a doctor immediately my dear babes.

“To all those fighting some kind of a battle, know that you are never alone. If that battle happens to be breast cancer, let BCF help you through your healing journey. Find out more at

And do not forget to visit the Breast Cancer Foundation in FB right HERE.

To end it off,

“If only women paid as much attention to their breast as men do.”




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Fun With Tees!

It can get pretty frustrating sometimes when I just cannot seem to shop for the perfect tee for my girls. It will get even more frustrating when I am looking for a tee in a particular colour but the wordings on it just have to spoil it all.

Enough already with tees that say “Mummy’s girl” or “Daddy’s heartbreaker.”



Or better still, let me just come up with the wordings!



I mean, like seriously, you can just put anything you want on the tee! Anything at all!

For instance, if you want the whole world to know your name, you can customize your tees like these! Thanks LITTLE BHUBU BY CHICELLE for these cute looking tees!


Customized tees are especially useful if you have twins or worse still, three kids who look identical! Think of how much they can help you especially when strangers keep asking you who is who. HAHAHA!

So mummies, daddies, aunties or uncles, if you would like your little kiddos to wear something fun or unique, then you might be interested to customize their tees too for an upcoming birthday party, for instance. Or just customize for the pure sake of fun!

LITTLE BHUBU BY CHICELLE offers a wide range of tees & rompers in various designs and colours for little boys and girls!

Just look at these!

For the little babies!


For the boys!


For the girls!


Go customize now!

You can either email LITTLE BHUBU BY CHICELLE at or visit them in FB HERE. Don’t forget to click LIKE!


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