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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….?

Another long overdue post.

So the other day I went for my detailed scan. I had been eager and anxious for this one because I could not wait to find out the gender of the little fella inside, besides being assured that little fella is growing just fine.

Appointment was at 10.15 am. Reached KKH ADC at about 9.45 am. Half an hour early! So I figured I should go to the washroom first, just to make sure my hair was in place. LOL. But Tatek told me to register first so that my appointment would be on time. I did as I was told before proceeding to the ladies. When I was done, Tatek told me to go to the register counter because my name was already called out. SO FAST?

I was pleasantly gobsmacked.

The sonographer then led me to the room where the detailed scan would be carried out.

So it was the usual – sonographer did the scan and told us the various body parts and organs of the little fella.

Little fella could not keep still as usual. At one point, little fella was in the kneeling down position. The sonographer laughed before shaking my tummy continuously (and rather profusely too) to make little fella change position. However, little fella refused to barge. HAHA. So I had to turn my body to the left and right.

Still no luck.

“Your baby is very cheeky ley!” exclaimed the sonographer.

When she wanted to check on little fella’s heart, little fella covered the chest part with one hand. So again, the sonographer had to shake my tummy.

When she wanted to check on the facial features, little fella covered the entire face with both hands. What happened next? Yes, shake shake my tummy once again.


The moment the sonographer started showing us little fella’s thigh bones, I knew what was next!

“Do you want to know your baby’s gender?”









“There, do you see that thing sticking out in between the thighs? That’s the penis!”


I chuckled. Tatek was like repeatedly exclaiming “YES! YES! Beckham boy!”

We are expecting a baby boy. Insya’allah.

When we broke the news to our girls, they were like “Really Mummy? I knew it! YAY!”

Of course they were exhilarated to finally know the gender of their baby sibling. Prior to that, it had been an endless guessing game. Quite torturous for them. HAHA.

When I showed them the above photo of the ultrasound scan, Myreen squealed and said,

“Oh my god, so cute! The penis looks like a little cupcake!”

Seriously, Myreen? LOL.

My mum asked Sharleez whether she was happy and she said,

“It’s okay Nana. I am okay with either a baby brother or sister. It’s still a baby. I will still do my best to take care of the baby even though it will be tiring!”

So I can imagine how chaotic it would be once their baby brother is out, but I also know that my girls will be such great big sisters and helpers!

In fact, they have really started doing their part. Every week, we will go to the library to borrow new baby books for the girls to read to their baby brother every night before bedtime. Everyone will have a turn each night, and the storyteller will never fail to read with gusto.

“We want our baby brother to be entertained when we read the story, Mummy. If we do not put in effort to read, he will fall asleep.”

Such darlings. <3


I am just hoping for a smooth pregnancy, and that my little fella will continue to grow well. That’s all I want. Insya’allah.

Preparation wise?
How are we coping so far in this department?

Well, we went to look around for strollers after the detailed scan was done since we still had quite a bit of time to spare before fetching the girls from school. I saw a couple of strollers I liked but I told myself to refrain from being so impulsive. Unlike the previous pregnancies, I think I am more relaxed this time round. (Please stay that way, Diah.) So we will continue to look around some more before deciding on THE STROLLER.

But oh my god, I am just so in love with THE BUGABOO BEE3 STROLLER!bug1

And just look at the Diesel Rock edition! Arghhhhhhhh.


Let’s just hope it’s infatuation, and not love. Infatuation will come and go, right? LOL.




Along the way, we also saw some other cute strollers.

Like this MacLaren The Beatles Yellow Submarine stroller, just because “We all live in a yellow submarine.”



Unfortunately, the stroller is not suitable for newborn babies.


I also like this denim stroller, also by MacLaren. (Have always had a soft spot for MacLaren strollers.)


This Mini Cooper stroller is kind of cute too.



The shopping list is going to be pretty extensive, I suddenly realised. I do not have anything babyish (or boyish, even) at home. I have gotten rid of all their baby stuff like decades ago! Hellooooo? My girls are all already in primary school!

So yes, it is really like being a first time mummy because hey, I am expecting a baby BOY.

For now, I must get myself used to the idea of looking at everything blue instead of pink when we go shopping for baby stuff.

Must not look at those cute little dresses.

Must not look at fluffy tutus.

Must not look at colourful leggings.

Must not look at pretty headbands.

Must be allergic to the colour pink.



I am at my 23rd week right now. That’s almost 6 months of pregnancy, and about 4 more months to go.

Please, pray that everything will go smoothly for baby and me okay? <3


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Team Pink or Team Blue?

I should be blogging about my pregnancy, shouldn’t I?

Let me explain why I did not do so earlier.

For a start, the first few months were very challenging for me – both physically and emotionally. If you want the truth, I was not exactly excited about being pregnant again. I was not too keen about starting all over again with a newborn. I kept burying myself under the blanket. I could not smell almost everything which included my husband’s perfume, the bathroom, my mum’s cooking and in particular, the smell of garlic. So my bedroom door and toilet door had to be kept closed at all times. Anyone who broke the rule would have to face my naggings.


But wait, there’s more.

Kept feeling nauseous. Kept vomiting. Kept getting headaches. No appetite for anything. Could only take in sweet drinks. I was just too weak for everything. I hated checking my handphone for incoming messages. I hated replying to messages. I did not want to socialize with anyone including my family members. I hate crowded places. I hated talking. I even hated myself. Birthday celebrations were done so in my absence because I said so. And oh, the excess saliva is such a chore – I have to keep spitting it out like every minute or so.

Work wise?

Rejected almost every event that I was invited to.

Kept postponing meetings and appointments.

Went missing from social media for quite a bit.

Fast forward to my 5th month now.

(Can you see my saliva bag? LOL)



Things are starting to look better. Appetite is slowly coming back. (I can already drink my good ol’ plain water!) Vomitting has stopped. Nausea comes to visit once in a while.

The excess saliva is still ongoing, though. DANG IT. My mum asked me why I like to collect the saliva in my mouth. Haha. It’s not like I purposely collect it in my mouth, mother. My body just produces saliva in excess. It is beyond my control. Sometimes when I get too tired of spitting it out, I will just collect it inside my mouth till my mouth cannot contain anymore of the saliva. Then spit out. On days when I feel like I should not care at all about anything including something called hygiene, I will just gargle the saliva before spitting it out. What? Want to judge me? You can’t- I am pregnant. Hur hur. I So wherever I go, I will always bring a plastic bag for my saliva. Yeah, that’s a good enough reason for me to feel lousy all the time.

But whenever the bad feeling comes, the baby’s tiny hiccups, kicks or punches will always remind me that I have a mini me inside of me. That mini me depends on me entirely. That mini me is the one I bring along with me everywhere I go. That mini me is the one who accompanies me 24/7. So even on days or nights when I feel alone, the truth is – I am actually never alone.

The Nadyas have been really helpful- they take turns to give me tummy massages on a daily basis.

“Mummy, it’s Cocoa Butter time! Come, I massage you now.”

When my headache comes, either one of them or Tatek will give me a good head massage. I am never allowed to carry anything at all when we go grocery shopping – not even my own bag. I used to judge husbands who carry their wives’ handbags. But now my own husband is doing the same for me. LOL. Sharleez will always volunteer to carry the bags of groceries for me if the daddy is not around. I do pity her because the bags can be really heavy at times, and I will end up helping her. But she always insists that she can handle everything. If that is not sweet enough, then I don’t know what is. Meanwhile back at home, Mak is constantly checking to see if there is anything I am craving for or if there is anything she can cook for me.

So you see, everyone is trying their best to accommodate to me, just so that I feel slightly better, if not a lot better.

How could I even complain about feeling lousy in the first place?

(Errr because the lousiness can really get to me and is beyond my control? Duh!)

Something that I always look forward to will be a visit to the gynae because that is when I will get to see mini me jumping, bouncing or even waving at me every time the ultrasound is done. That few minutes is enough to make me all so teary. It does not even matter that everything is in black and white.

This coming Tuesday will be my detailed scan. I have been waiting forever for this day to come – to find out whether I am carrying a baby boy or girl.

Every expecting mother will always have the same copy and paste script –

“It does not matter whether it’s a boy or girl, just as long as the baby is healthy.”

It is true. Honestly, it can get pretty frustrating when people ever so confidently tell you what the gender of your baby SHOULD be. (Like I have any control over this?)

But what do you think?



Wait for my reveal on Tuesday! Insya’allah.

Do pray that everything goes well for me? <3

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Coz you’re hot then you’re cold : 3M Hot, Cold & Room Water Dispenser

Ever since I started using the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, I can never imagine drinking water straight from the tap anymore.

3 different temperatures of water dispensed from just one equipment!



I mean, it’s the most convenient thing to have at home, especially if you have kids!



Imagine having filtered hot, cold, or room temperature water on hand at all times!

Need to make a jug of fruit cordial for your guests? Just bring the jug to the water dispenser for your cold water, add the cordial and lots of ice!

Husband wants hot tea? No problem, just add the tea sachet, dispense the hot water, and his tea is ready! Instant hot water at the touch of a button. (He can even help himself and make his own drink, if need be.) HAHAHA.






Girls need to fill up their water bottle for school? Now is the time to teach them to be independent; they can just help themselves and choose between cold or room temperature water! LOL.



The extended 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser can fit water bottles up to 25cm in height!

Green means room temperature water.



Blue means cold water.



And red will of course mean, hot water!

The 3M water dispenser comes with a safety feature for the hot water dispenser, though. You will need to press a button before the hot water can be dispensed. This is especially useful for those of you with kids as it will help to prevent potential accidents or mishaps with the hot water.



  1. Fuss free
  2. Water tastes better than normal
  3. Better for your health
  4. Makes it easy to drink more water
  5. Saves you money
  6. Saves you space
  7. Instantly right for tea or coffee
  8. Boiling hot water just by pressing the button
  9. Chilled or ambient water at the touch of a button
  10. You won’t be able to live without it!


Thirsty? Just queue up and wait for your turn, girls. 😀



Benefits of the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser?

  1. Natural Hydration – No additional artificial additives are added to alter the water’s pH level.
  2. BPA free – for all parts that come into contact with water, hence ensuring that no plastic chemicals leach into the water that you drink. Same feature to look out for when buying water bottles and milk bottles.
  3. UV light – to sterilise water up to 99.9% and remove bacteria such as E-Coli. 3M filter removes slime, rust in pipes, asbestos by 99.9% and Protozoan cysts.


Now, having a water dispenser is especially useful if you or your kids have highly sensitive noses or are prone to coughs, like my husband, me and Sharleez. The Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser reduces lots of the chlorine, bacteria and other naughty contaminants that sneak in to your tap water. This helps to ensures that it’s much healthier to drink.

Having a water dispenser at home also means you save a lot of space, especially if you like to store bottles of water in the fridge! Plus, you can be sure that you only use what you need and there is no need to worry about running out of water…EVER.

Maintenance for the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is really easy and affordable too.

Only $120/cartridge, which you are advised to change every 6 months or for 4,000 litres of water used. That also means it costs only $0.03 per litre, if you want to do your math!

There is no need for you to worry about running out of water because the dispenser is always automatically topped up with water once any water has been dispensed.

And oh, most importantly, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is not bulky or hideous! They come in two colours -BLACK & WHITE!




I chose white because my kitchen is all white!

From now till 31 March 2016,

Get to enjoy the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser at only $1,488!

Usual Price: $1,888 so this also means you get to save $400 just like that!



  1. 1 filter cartridge (worth $120)
  2. Free Delivery
  3. Free Standard Installation.






I mean, why wouldn’t you want the extra $50 discount?

Also, if you place your order before end Feb 2016, you get to enjoy an additional $100 NTUC FairPrice voucher!

Upon signing up, friendly consultants from Jestac will get in touch with you shortly to share more about the product in detail.

If you would like to view the actual 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser or try a cup of 3M filtered water, you can visit 3M’s Authorized Distributor at:


No. 2 Kim Chuan Drive CSI Distribution Centre #02-06 Singapore 547080

Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm, Sat 8.30am to 2.30pm

Tel: 6288 8290



The 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is also available at all Selffix DIY outlets and selected Home-Fix DIY Stores, Popular bookstores, Spring Maternity, Parisilk Electronics and Best Denki outlets.


* Promo is only valid from now till end March 2016



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One design, many different looks: REE-KAST!

Everyone loves IKEA because of its huge inventory, endless choices and inexpensive furniture. Everyone buys something from IKEA at least once a year for Hari Raya or that big move, for instance.

But don’t you feel like sometimes the furniture is a bit too plain or common? It’s like, a plain brown drawer will not do much justice or add character to your otherwise well-thought out room furnishings. Don’t you wish you could do something to it? Personalise it maybe, and make it match your house concept even more?





At Ree-Kast!, you can personalise your IKEA furniture and add more live, colours and character to your home space.

And best of all, their sticker designs are really easy to fix and remove without leaving any residue. Their products are made from good quality stickers, easy to peel, and makes your DIY home projects so easy.


Should you want to change the concept or remove the stickers totally, you can do so at any point.


One classic example will be reusing the same furniture for your upcoming baby. Say, you used them before for your son but you are now expecting a girl, you can make the furnishings totally girly just by changing the Ree-Kast! stickers!


Don’t believe me?




The sticker designs at Ree-Kast! cater to all age group: kids, teens and matured groups





I especially love the Kids Edition square table stickers! So cute, so fun and oh, so educational too!




Okay, let’s not get too excited now. I know you are already itching to start shopping at but please allow me to share with you the special discounts for all my readers, at the very least?


Do not forget to key in ETRANGLE upon check out!

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I’ve been watching you: Netgear Arlo

On normal days, I am generally very busy. There are times where I have to leave my girls at home with my parents and/or the helper due to events, meetings or running of errands. So when both my husband and I are not at home, I will constantly be worried about my kid’s well-being and safety at home.

I have been checking out several home monitoring systems but Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera caught my attention!


Want to know what is so special about Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera?




What does this mean? It means that I do not have to attach it to wall. It means that it does not have one fixed position. It means that I can place it wherever I want without needing to find a power outlet. With its 100% wireless configuration, weatherproof design and night-vision functionality you will be able to place the cameras anywhere at home, be it indoors or outdoors. Each set comes with two cameras, so you can have two different views!





Some of us may install home monitoring systems at home to monitor the helper who is at home with our kids.

When you leave your kids at home with the helper or when the kids are alone at home alone, it is easy to track what is happening and that will give you a peace of mind. High chances are, the helpers will be more careful and alert knowing that their every movement is being monitored.

As much as I would love to trust the helper or no matter how nice the helper is, at the end of the day, she is still an outsider. No matter what, the safety of our kids comes first. It is always better to be safe than sorry, agree?

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera measures at about 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Pretty small and can be easily hidden if your intention is to secretly spy on the kids or helper. LOL. But if you were to ask me, I seriously do not mind if the cameras are seen.


Some of us install CCTV to give us a high sense of security. In other words, we will know what exactly in taking place when we are not at home. Any theft activity can also be traced easily.




And come on, I want to be kept updated about the ongoings at home even if I cannot be home with the girls. It’s like being with the kids even though I am not physically there with them.


The above video was taken when the girls were having their class with their Ustazah. Even though I was not there with them, I was able to keep track of what they were doing and that made feel feel at ease.

And here’s another angle.

I could even take screenshots of the videos.


Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is battery powered that lasts up to 6 months.

One minute I can place it in the girls’ room to monitor what they are doing when I am not at home. Say, if they promise me that they will do their revision or work, then I can check to see if they will really do their work. Then if petty fights happen between them, I can always record, play the video and show it to them when I am back. Want to twist the story and push the blame to someone else? Fat chance, girls. LOL.

It has never been so easy to see what’s happening at home without really being there!


As soon as Arlo senses movement, video is being captured and I get the notification(s), like this!


That’s right, they will only start recording once motion is detected so that no battery power ever goes to waste.

The videos captured will also be stored to the cloud so that I can play it back within 7 days free of charge.

All I need to do is to log in to my Arlo app and view the videos live or later!


Or imagine this scenario, parents.

You are on a vacation with your spouse, without the kids. Mummy and daddy sometimes need that trip without the kids, right? You can synchronize the cameras and base station with a push of a button, download the Arlo app, and you are set for instantaneous real time video monitoring and recordings. But still, this does not mean you can keep leaving your kids behind. HAHA.

Wherever you are, you can now monitor the movements of your little ones simply through an app.

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera makes a day at work, a trip to the supermarket or even a vacation overseas less worrying for you!

With its 100% wireless configuration, weatherproof design and night-vision functionality you will be able to place the cameras anywhere at home, be it indoors or outdoors. Snap the camera onto the magnetic mount and you can easily adjust the camera to point to any direction.

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Kit with two cameras (VMS3230) is available at Harvey Norman and Challenger at $599.00.



Two cameras mean you can place the cameras at different parts of the house and monitor both areas at the same time!


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