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Stuck On You.

Hey mummies & daddies!

Are you guys like ready for the first day of school?

OOPS. I mean, are YOUR KIDS ready for school?


While it is an exciting time, it can also be quite stressful for both your child and you, so removing first day jitters is a number one priority. (Sure, tell that to myself.)

Is everything pretty much in order? Is the school uniform already well ironed and looking crisp? Is the school bag packed? Have you labeled all your kid’s stationery and other belongings?


I kid you not.


All her books have her name on them! Her stationery too!

Oh her lunchbox has her name too!


Even her water bottle has her name!

See what I mean?

Stuck on You® actually customized the lunch box and water bottle for Sharleez!

Stuck on You® have labels for everything your child owns. Name labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, pencil labels, and sock labels are just a few products in their extensive range.


Stuck on You® Name Labels stick to just about everything from lunchboxes and drink bottles to books, school supplies, and sports equipment. I repeat, they can label almost EVERYTHING your child needs for school! And oh, the labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and are scratch-resistant!





See, there is nothing worse than purchasing brand new school kit for your kid, only to find it going missing the day after. Or what if your child comes back home with a different water bottle, pencil case, or even uniform?!


Kids are kids. Sometimes they too get confused especially when they see their friends using something similar to them.

So what is the solution?


And the best thing is, you can customize your labels! Yup, the labels can be personalized with many designs, colours, fonts and optional icons that stick and stay stuck in the dishwasher and microwave.

Avoid the last minute rush and get organized for Back to School now, simply order online at

More details bellow!

Contact person: Salee

Mobile: 9694 1180

Tel : 63483182


Frankly speaking, I am not too sure how I am going to react to Sharleez’s first day. One thing for sure, I know I am going to give her plenty of hugs and reassurance before slowly quickly letting go.

It is pretty hard to believe that our kids will be heading out to pastures anew each year. Here’s wishing Sharleez Nadya all the best for her primary one year. And to the other kids out there, all the best too for your first day of school!


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It’s about time.

I really love the December holidays because they are just meant to be spent with the family and my girls, in particular. And that’s what I have been doing for the past few days/weeks!



Yesterday, right after a birthday party, we decided to continue the outing with a visit to the airport. I just love how close a bond the girls have with their cousins, Shan and Shaista. Actually there was nothing much to do at the airport. Such an impromptu outing. Nurul suggested going to the huge Spongebob Squarepants Bouncy Playground at Terminal 3 so that the kids could tumble and bounce. I thought it was a great idea. The moment we reached there, we read that we have to spend a minimum of $20 just for one kid’s entry. So four kids is equivalent to $80 right? To play at that Bouncy Playground? For $80? Really? To make it worse, the queue was super duper long.


So we scraped the whole idea of paying to tumble and bounce.

And then the big fat lies came in.

Nurul told Shan the playground was only for big kids. Shan replied, “But I am a big boy.” I just had to LOL there and then. There was some truth in what he said actually. I mean, on other days, he is often praised for behaving like a big boy. And all of a sudden he was too small for the big bouncy playground? But luckily he was okay with it and then told us that he wanted to look for other places to have fun.

My girls asked me why they couldn’t play at the bouncy playground. My answer? “Oh you girls are wearing skirts. Later everyone can see your underwear. How can, right?”  Hey, that was the truth. Sort of. My girls nodded and lost interest in that bouncy playground almost immediately.

One days when you kids are bigger, you will understand the white lies us parents have to tell. You think it’s easy for us to lie? We have to crack our brains to lie, you know? And why are we doing all these for? We only have your best interests at heart.



So we went to the playground at the basement instead. Big boys and small boys all can play. Wear skirt also can still play.  Want to know why? It was free. LOL.

In all seriousness, the very fact that the kids had each other’s company made it so fun. And what could be better than to have their parents laughing along with them and spending time with them doing the things they love?

As parents, we all know the tug of feelings that go along with the real issue of spending quality and quantity time our children, don’t we?

When our children are little, the demands on our time, attention, and energy can feel pretty overwhelming. It’s like sometimes you just wish to have some peace and quiet, without the presence of your kids. But imagine what would happen in years to come when they are all grown-up? We might just be struggling to spend time with our teenager kids who prefer to shut us out and lock themselves in their room for hours. And then we would regret not spending more quality time with them when they were younger. We would crave for their hugs and kisses.

We should try to enter their world and give them the full attention they need. But as always, it is easier said than done. We might think that we are giving our kids heaps of attention because hey, we are spending lots of time together with them. But how much of ourselves are giving them for all the times we are with them? Our children are smarter than we think they are; they know when our mind is elsewhere.

I asked Sharleez yesterday as we were washing our hands at the ladies.

“So Sharleez, did you have fun today?”

Her ever so sweet reply gave me a huge deal of satisfaction.

“Yes Mummy. It was sooooo much fun! I enjoyed myself too much today! Thank you!”

We still have a couple of weeks left before she enters Primary 1. At this moment, I just want time to freeze so that I can take it as much memory as I possibly can with her and her sisters. I am so not ready to enter primary school with Sharleez.

I mean, do you still remember the last time I blogged about THIS? Her birth story? You mean almost seven years have passed?








(And I just realized minutes ago that I actually spent close to $100 at the airport yesterday! We could have bounced and tumbled at that bouncy playground!)


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TGIF 2013 – Thank Goodness it’s Fibre Contest

Nowadays it is all about the speed.

You have no choice but to keep up with technology.

Technology needs to keep up with your needs as a user.

My family, we are heavy internet users. My source of income depends on the internet. Hubby’s source of entertainment depends on the internet. My girls’ school research (and occasional source of entertainment) depends on the internet too. My dad uses the Internet to read news and post updates in his Instagram on a daily basis. It’s almost like the entire household uses the internet every single minute of the day.

I wonder what we would be doing instead if the internet was not present.


Needless to say, patience is not a virtue as far as using the internet is concerned. How to be patient for instance when we are rushing for a deadline but the internet speed is just too slow or the downloading of files seems to take forever?

The only thing left to do would be to throw the computer out of the window.


So it is not a surprise that more than 1 in 3 households in Singapore are now using fibre services like OpenNet 

There are just so many benefits of Fibre broadband.


For someone who is working from home like me, you will get to enjoy:

  • Speedy download of huge work files. (So you save more time & get to be more productive as a result too.)
  • Stability in video conferencing with clients. (So that you appear professional, especially during first online meetings. You wouldn’t want the video to with your mouth wide open.)
  • Multi-tasking. (So that you can switch between websites, work documents or applications easily. This especially applies to me because I will usually open up many windows when I am at work from home.)



For those who enjoy playing games like my husband, you will get to enjoy:

  • Low latency. (So that there is no delay or waiting that increases real or perceived response time beyond the response time desired. This is especially useful if you love playing Fifa 2013, for instance.)
  • Seamless connection  (So that it is easier to send and receive information constantly without any interruption. This is crucial when you are playing games online. Right, Tatek?)

Believe me, once the husband is playing games, I am not even allowed to talk to him or walk in front of him. He is that focused, I kid you not.

He did not even realize I was taking this shot of him at the back in fact. But who cares, as long as I look good enough for the camera minus that pimple on the chin. LOL.



And for someone who needs the internet for education purposes like my girls, you will get to enjoy:

  • Speedy download of files (So that you do not waste time waiting, and you can even get to do extensive research with the time that you have. Time is precious when you are rushing for a project or school work.)
  • Ease of accessing reference materials (So that you will not spend half the day downloading materials.)
  • Increased internet connection stability (My girls lack the patience when it comes to using the internet because they expect to watch their Youtube videos almost immediately the moment they click PLAY.)


So you see, Fibre can be used for anyone young (like me) and old (like you). Ooops there was a typo there. It should be the other way round. :D

Fibre is especially useful if you have multi-users at the same time like my family!

And Fibre can get you lucky too simply by participating in an online quiz.

How to? Click HERE!

Do not have a FB account? (Where have you been?)

Click HERE then to join the quiz!

Answer all questions correctly and you can stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of $17,000!


“A lot of things you want to do as part of daily life can now be done over the Internet.”

That said, you wouldn’t want to be living a very slow-paced life, would you? I mean, it is good to stop and pause to smell the flowers once in a while.

Let’s get real, we cannot possibly be smelling the flowers every single day.

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The Flash Sale!

Are you a self-professed makeup junkie like me?

LA DIAMONTE will be having their Flash Sale on 30 November 2013.


No, no, don’t get too excited. I don’t think they are going to flash themselves. You wish.

LA DIAMONTE will be bringing in 100% authentic makeup products from leading brands like Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon, NYC, Elf and many many more at highly discounted prices!  One brand you might want to check out during the Flash Sale will be La Femme, which according to LA DIAMONTE, is a highly raved brand by tons of makeup gurus on Youtube! La Femme is affordable and very suitable for women of colour due to its highly pigmented blush. Congrats to LA DIAMONTE for acquiring reseller rights for La Femme in Singapore!



Some of the products that will be sold on that day:-

- Revlon, Maybelline and covergirl foundations for as low as $12!

- Highly raved monistat face primer

- Real Technique Brush sets

- Sonia Kashuk Brush Sets

- La Femme blushes (Huge variety of shades with testers)

- Revlon, Maybelline, NYC, Wet n Wild nail polishes at 3 for $10

- Zpalettes for as low as $16!

- Maybelline Lipsticks and eyeshadows for $6 only!

- Face powders from various brands at $8

I tried out the Wet n Wild nail polish on my Nadyas, and I was impressed that the nail polish took so fast to dry! And the colour is really vibrant and nice too! Really suitable for little girls and big girls like me who simply do not have the patience to wait or stay still for more than five minutes.

And oh, flash the following coupon during the Flash Sale to receive a Maybelline Mascara FREE!



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What rules?

“Rules are meant to be broken.”

If I had to do it all over again as a parent, there would be many things that I would not mind doing with my girls. Sometimes, breaking the rules sounds like the best thing to do. I mean it would be nice if parenting came with a set of rules which would automatically produce nice, loving, obedient, intelligent and in short, perfect kids.


Unfortunately, the gig isn’t always that simple. Sure thing, there are those golden rules that are meant to be passed down from one generation to the other. These rules supposedly will produce good parents and good children.


But the fact is, that is not always the case. 

Okay so as you might have already known by now, I am quite the disciplinarian at home with my girls. I strongly believe kids need to abide by a set of rules. Far from squelching the spirit, rules are really essential for kids to flourish. But unlike Tatek, I am not that consistent or that faithful to the agreed set of rules at home. I do break the rules sometimes, especially when I am alone with my girls. Whoops?

Okay maybe consistent is not the word. Maybe I am just a bit more flexible. I tend to study the situation first before deciding whether or not to stick to the rules or to just break them. Sometimes they just need to have fun minus the rules. And that will really piss Tatek off at times. LOL.

But hey, what I am trying to say here is that sometimes you can break the rules and surprise surprise, the world will not stop turning!

Yesterday, for Tatek did something which pleasantly shocked the girls and I. Right after the girls’ Parent-Teacher Conference, we were driving past the beach when we saw the ice cream pushcart!

Tatek was like,

“Eh ice-cream la. The day is so hot, should we eat ice-cream?”

 My reply to him?

“Errrr. Okay, how to eat? Where to eat? So hot.”

He immediately parked the car and told us to get down.

“Come, let’s buy and eat ice-cream, girls!”

It all happened too suddenly. The expression on my girls’ face was priceless. I think my mouth formed the letter ‘O’ for a while there. We could not believe our luck. Firstly, my girls love ice-cream a lot (which kid doesnt?) and it’s not very often that they get to enjoy ice-cream. Secondly, because the weather was scorching hot yesterday, Tatek actually allowed us to enjoy their ice-cream in the car!

See, too hot until Myreen could not even open her eyes. LOL.


Now, this is something that we hardly get to do because Tatek just does not like the whole idea of eating inside the car. He is very particular about anyone messing up the car. He does not want to breed baby roaches in the car, he often says. FINE.

So imagine how the girls felt when he gave them the green light? I am so sure yesterday’s ice-cream experience was something that the girls would remember for a very long time. After all, kids remember better the fun and offbeat stuff that they get to do.


Want to know something really funny?

Tatek said this just as we all got in the car.

“Do not spill the ice-cream okay? If you do, I will take away your ice-cream.”

And guess who was the first to spill his ice-cream?



Shucks man! Pray tell me! No prize for correctly guessing this one.


(Hang loose, Tatek.)

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