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Training To Be Soldiers.


 A father’s pride is to see his child grow up to be someone better than what he already is, and to achieve what he could not achieve in his life. In his child, he sees lots of potential. In his child, he believes. Even when his child disappoints him at times, he looks at things positively and keeps on believing that his child will make him proud at the end of the day. And that’s what my Daddy is like. He believes so much in all of us and what we can do. He is always proud of our achievements, no matter how small or big they are.

This picture of Daddy and Shafiq has been in Daddy’s wallet ever since Shafiq was this young. It holds such sentimental value to Daddy, I know. 


Look at Shafiq then, and how much he has already grown up!

The BMTC graduation Parade was supposed to start at 8 a.m but we were already seated by 6.50 a.m.  So yeah, it was actually pretty boring because we had to really wait for the time to pass by slowly and there was not much that we could do while waiting.  And because they kept playing the ‘Training to Be Soldiers’ song, I kept singing along to it and yup, I almost memorized the lyrics to the song. The song is quite catchy, actually.

Check out our faces. We were perspiring by the second. Not fun!







The Nadyas kept asking when “Papa Piq will (would) come out?”





Shanshan finally spotted something!  Is it a bird? Is it a plane?






Ahhh there he is! Oh but where?



Can see now?



This picture here says a thousand words because I know the hug that Mak gave Shafiq was full of pride, love, joy and HUGE RELIEF that his first ordeal was over. You know, when Shafiq was in BMTC, Mak was forever wondering what Shafiq was doing and how he was coping. She was just that worried for him. Shafiq’s call every night meant so much to her. She would actually try to keep her eyes open despite the early sleeper she normally is just so that she would be able to talk to Shafiq. It was not easy for not only Shafiq, but Mak also.


Two weeks before Shafiq’s BMT, she was already so keyed up. We all knew that she could not wait for his BMTC parade. She slept so early the night before, and was awake so early on the actual day. And the moment we reached Marina, she was the first to walk and reach the venue. She did not even wait for us! How could she? Never once did she even look behind. Jangan Pandang Belakang?!! For the first time ever, we were the ones who had to catch up with her! Hahahaha. And even though we were privileged enough to be seated at the front, it was not good enough for Mak. She ensured that we were seated as front as possible. Too bad the first three rows were reserved for the VIPs or Mak would have grabbed those seats. Nurul and I giggled non-stop while observing Mak’s antics.

But we don’t blame her. We were just as excited ourselves. Helloooo, it was no ordinary P.O.P – It was my baby brother’s P.O.P, and he had passed out of BMTC with flying colours jockey caps, you know?

A mother’s pride is to see her child excel in life. Nothing makes her sacrifices more worthwhile than to see her child appreciating her as a mother. And it’s as simple as that. A mother can do anything and everything for her children without even thinking twice, but it is not always vice versa. Sad but true, you think?  Mak is really such an amazing person. Oh yes, I am talking about the same person who not only gave birth to us, but also took care of all four of us singlehandedly when Daddy was at work. No such things as the maid during her time, so she did everything herself. Among all the stories she had told us about her struggles to bring us up, this one stays on top of the list – the moment she got home from the hospital after giving birth to Shafiq, she cooked for Hari Raya on the same day. So when Raya came that time, we still got to enjoy our Raya dishes as usual because she ensured that everything was as per normal for us. Never mind the fact that she had just given birth, and was supposed to be resting. She will do anything for us, even if it means sacrificing her own health and happiness.  That’s what my mother is like. That’s what most mothers are like.  

Shafiq is our pride and joy. I know, I know. I have mentioned this many times before, but I am just so proud of Shafiq.  I guess it’s already in him to do well in whatever he does since young – be it in school, sports, CCAs, and even National Service!  In primary school he was the Head Prefect. Hahaha and did you know he entered a Sajak interschool competition and he won first prize? Crazy boy! And the list goes on. I just hope he will continue to do well in whatever he does best. Insyaállah. I think blogging about this will also motivate all the youngsters reading my blog. I mean, if Shafiq can do it, YOU CAN TOO! No biggie, right?

What I especially admire about my brother Shafiq is how he is always well-liked by everyone who knows him. He is someone who is full of respect for others, no matter how old or young they are. He is never the kind to discriminate or judge. I can just scold him, tell him off, or nag at him even, but he will never retaliate or raise his voice at me.

So it was again not a surprise that he was he was so loved by everyone in his company during his BMT- the troublemakers and his officers included!

This very motivational piece here in fact was from Shafiq’s officer to him. 


We need more officers like this! I think Shafiq was driven to perform his best during BMT due to the wonderful officers that he had – they motivated him and believed in his capabilities from the start. And that outstanding performance made him ORION COMPANY’S BEST RECRUIT!






You know, I overheard Daddy telling my mum that he shed tears of joy when he saw Shafiq marching to receive his award.  Awww. Daddy could not control his emotions. Ssshh don’t tell him I told you that.

But who am I kidding? DADDY READS MY BLOG! *waves hello*

 I was especially entertained by the BMTC Roar! It was done with full gusto. No fair, how come there was no BMTC Roar during Tatek’s time, hah? His BMTC Graduation Parade was at Tekong, and it was very straight to the point. Guess what my other brother Ian did? He actually got up to find where Shafiq’s company was just so that he could capture close up shots of Shafiq in action. So all the close up shots of Shafiq in this entry were captured by Ian himself. And what’s more amazing is the fact that he managed to take an awesome video of Shafiq and his mates in action even! However did he do it? Well done Ian, proud to have a brother like you too. 😀








I am sure you will not have a hard time spotting Shafiq in this video because he was standing right in front! Hehehe. 


P.O.P already orhhhhhhh!


Out of BMTC and into OCS you go, Shafiq. What is OCS? It stands for Officer Cadet School, and that’s all I know but and according to Wikipedia’s definition,

“Officer Cadet School is the only commissioning route in the Singapore Armed Forces. Outstanding graduands from Basic Military Training and the Specialist Cadet School (Specialists are NCO-equivalents in the SAF) are sent to OCS to train to be officers. Regular Specialists may also attend OCS on application, recommendation, and selection. Trainees are known as Officer Cadets for Army and Air Force servicemen, and Midshipmen for Navy servicemen respectively.”

Thanks Wikipedia!

 The 38 weeks in OCS will not be an easy one for Shafiq but I am pretty sure he will pull through, like he always does. He is really such a blessed boy, this Shafiq. Blessed because we are always there lending him our support in whatever he does.


Especially when there is food, you can count on me and Nurul!


Hehehe. But seriously, we are always there. Errmm yes, literally too.


Can promote Studiofrost for a while? I was wearing Oritz maxi. Available in other colours too. Click HERE.  Hahahahahaa.





Well done Shafiq, my little brother. I have always been proud of him, and I will always be.  I hope he will keep on achieving…not for others but for HIMSELF. No matter how tough National Service is and how much tougher it can get, never ever give up hope. Like they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And this goes out to everyone out there who is serving National Service right now, or will be serving it soon.

And the sky’s always the limit, yeah?


Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah.  At the end of the day, nothing will be possible without him.


Uhuh.  That’s right, Shanshan. 🙂

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