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A BIG Thank You!

This is going to be a short one.


I just want to thank the Olympus team and of course, Nuffnang for the advertorial opportunity and invite. Believe it or not, I actually managed to promote quite a number of Olympus Pen EP1 cameras on that day, and all I can say is, I make quite a good sales promoter! Hah! It was definitely fun mingling with others and meeting the other blogger involved, Dweam. Such a sweet and nice person. If you think I am very tall, you should meet her. Dweam is super tall, it was quite surreal when I saw her. And after meeting her, I now think that I am kind of short. I am growing oooooold, I suppose.


When the photographer from Olympus kept snapping pictures of me with my family and readers, I  felt really weird. It was like standing on the red carpet with gazillions of eyes on me. It was like I was judged from head to toe all the time. Super awakward! But wait, how do I even know how it is like to stand on the red carpet? Like real only. :S



To my readers who came and said HI to me, thank you so much. 🙂 To those who missed me by a minute or errm, an hour, I am super sorry. Read your emails, and I am really touched that you actually made the effort to drop by on that day! There is always next time, insya’allah! And if you reeeeeally want to see me (another Like Real only! moment), you can always come down to Whitesands because I am there almost everyday – either at the library, McDees, KFC, Popular Bookstore or errrm, NTUC. It should not be difficult to spot me with my three stooges. ;p




Can’t wait to receive my Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR next week! 🙂

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