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Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR Advertorial

I am one especially happy mummy as I am typing this because of two big reasons. One- I have an Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR! Two- I have fulfilled my firstborn’s wish to go to the beach for a picnic and sandcastle building. You can never imagine the enthusiasm on Sharleez’s face when I told her that we were going to the beach. She hugged me and planted kisses all over my face. Only a very happy and grateful Sharleez would do that. And only now do I truly understand why mothers do not even need gifts from their children in order to feel over the top and appreciated – what Sharleez did to show her appreciation already made my day. In fact, it convinced me all the more that it is true indeed that my girls’ happiness is all that matters. We bought the sandcastle building sets for everyone because I intended to hold a sandcastle competition. It was about time everyone unleashed their creativity, anyway. Too much talk already on how creative they supposedly are. ;p

And so we went for the picnic. All of us sans the working hubby, East Coast Park. You owe us one, dear Tatek!




I brought along my Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR for the picnic because I wanted to try out all the functions of the camera are very suitable for outdoor photography and filming. Yes, you read me right. Filming. A DSLR with a video function, you ask me? Now I tell you.

Before Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR, I have been using my other DSLR which is very typical of any DSLR cameras – black in colour, big and bulky, no special effects that can be created straight away, and yes, with no video functions. I had no complains back then because I did not think any camera company would actually be able to come up with a DSLR that was totally the opposite- NOT black in colour, NOT big and bulky, HAS special effects that can be created straight away, and yes, WITH video functions. But Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR proved me wrong and for once, I was happy to be proven wrong.

 My Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR is not only not black in colour – it is PINK! You read me right again, PINK! Can you imagine a pink DSLR? Let me help you.


 Don’t like the colour pink? Worry not because the pink skin is optional and you can always choose other skins like white, black or purple, or just make do without the skin and stick to the original silver colour of the camera.

I was raring to show off my Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR to the rest of the gang because knowing the camera enthusiasts they all are, they would definitely impressed and amazed, and they would subsequently beg me to give them the camera. Dream on, guys. You can beg me for food, but you can never beg me for Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR. And my girls. And my husband. And my family too.

During the picnic, nobody was allowed to touch the camera at all. Thank goodness for the extremely good and kind weather! Call me a freak but trust me, you would turn into a freak too if you manage to get your hands on the Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR. So while I was behind the camera, capturing the moments of the entire picnic, the rest of them especially Sharleez, were truly enjoying themselves at their respective corners. I mean, how can an activity like sandcastle building not be enjoyable?





Sharleez was very quiet throughout the sand castle building competition because she was very focused on what she was doing. She did not even ask any of us for help – she was busy exploring the sand herself. That’s the beauty about sandcastle building – you explore, you learn, you create. In between my filming and photography, I managed to take the time off to build the sandcastle together with her, and demonstrated to her certain techniques like how to make a firm sand tower. I know that Sharleez was not exactly concerned about making a fanciful sandcastle. All she wanted to do was to enjoy the feel of the sand and being outdoors, and I respected that.


Building sandcastles is something that I would want my children to enjoy doing because sandcastle building helps to build up on so many useful skills in life.

When you build a sandcastle, you require the patience to mould the sand, the skill to ensure that the tower built does not collapse due to dryness of the sand, the imagination to create your very own admirable art castle, and the creativity to decorate and carve on your sand castle.








I was just glad that I was able to capture Sharleez’s moments in different art modes of my Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR. For people who either cannot be bothered to or do not know how to use Photoshop for their pictures, Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR is definitely a steal! There are six built-in art filters for me to choose from when taking pictures or videos – soft focus (my favourite!), pin hole (my favourite too!), pale & light, grainy film/black & white, pop art and light tone. Personally, I think pop art mode is great for capturing pictures of the little ones because the colour of the pictures will be so rich and vibrant. I like the soft focus art mode too because pictures turn out will be so soft and light. And a big shout out to all vain ladies out there, if you are easily worried about your complexion or how smooth your skin looks in pictures, the camera even has the E-Portrait function that immediately eliminates pimples from skin. You will end up looking flawless, no Photoshop needed at all!

What’s more, the six built-in art filters mentioned above can be applied within both the still and video imaging process. The effects are instantly viewable on the LCD when using the Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR in Live View or when reviewing images. In other words, you can choose from soft focus, pin hole, pale & light, grainy film, pop art and light tone when you are filming a video. In my case, I used all the six Art Filters interchangeably! Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR is really something – not only is it a DSLR with video mode, it also have different art filters which allows you to be more creative with the videos you film.



Mysha and Myreen on the other hand, did not want to have any contact at all with the sand because they hate the sand and finds it to be utterly disgusting till today. All efforts to try to get them to love the beach have failed thus far. Throughout the picnic, they were comfortably seated at the food section with their Nana and Dada who well, kept feeding them with food and packet drinks. They were definitely in cloud nine, what more with Nana’s scrumptious cooking! As usual, Mak could not stop herself from bringing the entire kitchen to the picnic.  She is always that worried that we would be starving.  🙂




sc21 copy



Sandcastle building is very much like the process of life – hot sun, salty air and the rhythmic waves. Don’t we all go through the same thing every day? And like life, we need the determination, perseverance, and patience too before we can build a decent sandcastle. The unpredictable waves may wash our sandcastles away, but we can always build another sandcastle again – maybe an even better one than the previous one built.


So parents, if you ever run out of ideas to go with your little ones, I suggest you try sandcastle building with them because both you and your children will learn so much from something that does not even require you to spend money on in the first place.

 And do you want to know of two more things that you can do too? One – watch my Sandcastle Building Video which I have filmed using the six built-in Art Filters of the Olympus EP1 DSLR, and be amused by my family.

Two– vote for the video that you just watched HERE. One of you lucky voters will stand to win the FE4030 camera just by voting for your favourite video! So click HERE, HERE or even HERE to vote & win!

Oh wait, if you are interested to catch me in person (hahahaha!) and have a mini guided tour by yours truly on how the Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR works as well as a photography session, do head down to Vivocity (in front of Forever 21) on 26th June 2010, Saturday, from 2 pm to 3.30 pm! I will be standing there, waiting for youuuuuu! 🙂

If you attend the event with me, all you need to do is to blog about the event and send your name, contact number, email address and blog URL to! Your blog post might just be the most exciting and you will stand to win an Olympus FE4030 Digital Camera. I am not kidding!



Really hope to see you all there! For now, don’t forget to vote for my video HERE! :))

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