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The twins’ homework book needed a plastic wrapper, and I had totally forgotten all about it.  So since it was already late and I was already too tired to go out again, I thought I should just ask my helper to go down to the nearby shop to buy the plastic wrapper. My sissy Ili immediately volunteered to buy the wrapper for the girls. She was like,

“Eh it’s okay, I will go and buy for them!”

Ili did not just go down to the nearby shop; she went all the way to Whitesands! 

And she not only went to Whitesands to get the wrapper, she even wrapped the books for them!


So yeah I was extremely touched, but of course I did not show it. Ego problem again, what’s new?

My girls are really fortunate to have super caring and loving aunties and uncles.


My parents and Ili especially do pamper my girls. Sometimes, I feel like they are over pampering the girls. Occasionally, I will get pretty agitated because I am just so worried about the spoiling part, if truth be told. LOL. But at the same time, I totally understand why aunties, uncles and grandparents love to pamper; they think that it is a way of showering love and affection. Most grandparents feel that since as parents they were already disciplinarians, they now want to give unconditional love to their grandchildren.

Fair enough.


Unmindful pampering on the part of grandparents can really spoil the kids, so I guess it is better to have a balance of love and discipline.

I am really thankful though, to my siblings, and especially to my parents. Now, we may not be perfect in every way, but if there’s one thing that my parents have taught us extremely well, then it has to be the part where they taught us, and still remind us time and time again to always love one another unconditionally, and to look out for each other no matter what. My siblings and I may not make it obvious most of the time, but I know that they care for me as much as I care for them. I think that as we mature, and as we find ourselves, we carry along all of the things that our parents have taught us along the way, with or without us realizing it.


I LOVE being an auntie and I truly enjoy the moments I have with my nephew Shan and niece Shaista. As an auntie to my nephew and niece, I know that I will definitely be there for them anytime they need me. I know that I will never reject them no matter how difficult the situation may be. I know that I will always lend them a listening ear and offer a solution should they need one when they are much bigger. Being an auntie or uncle is about being a good support to the parents.


Family love is unconditional. When we speak of unconditional love, it implies love without boundaries, limits or reasons. It is a love that will stay exactly the way it was yesterday, regardless of any upcoming circumstances or changes. It is a love which will remain strong, regardless of whether it’s returned or not. Your mum will always be your mum. Your dad will always be your dad. Your sister will always be your sister. And the list goes on; you know the drill. You may fight like cats and dogs or worse even, but that basic love and lasting bond can never change. Blood is after all, thicker than water.

As cliche as this saying may sound, I love it nonetheless because it holds so much truth:-

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten no matter what.

I am actually LIKING this entry. How about you? <3

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